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Morsi issues threats to the very end.  The General speaks with authority and dignity.

Exposed: Final Conversation Between Morsi and Sisi

by Raymond Ibrahim on July 9, 2013 in From The Arab World

On July 5, El Watan (“the nation”), one of Egypt’s most popular newspapers, published the final dialogue between General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Dr. Muhammad Morsi, which took place on Tuesday July 2, a few hours before Morsi’s final speech to the Egyptian people. A reporter who was taken to an adjacent room was allowed to witness and transcribe their conversation from a TV screen. I translate the entire speech as it appears on El Watan below:

Exchange Between Morsi and Sisi

Morsi: What’s the military’s position concerning what’s going on? Is it just going to stand by watching? Shouldn’t it protect the legitimacy?

Sisi: What legitimacy? The entire army is with the will of the people, and the overwhelming majority of people, according to documented reports, don’t want you.

Morsi: My supporters are many and they won’t be silent.

Sisi: The army will not allow anyone to destroy the nation, no matter what happens.

Morsi: What if I don’t want to leave?

Sisi: The matter is settled and no longer up to you. Try to leave with your dignity and tell those whom you call supporters to go back to their homes in order to prevent bloodshed, instead of threatening the people through them.

Morsi: But this way it will be a military coup, and America won’t leave you alone.

Sisi: The people concern us, not America. And since you’ve started to talk this way, I’ll talk to you candidly. We have evidence to condemn you and to condemn many governmental officials of compromising Egypt’s national security. The judiciary will have its say and you will all be judged before the whole people.

Morsi: Okay, can you permit me to make a few phone calls and then afterwards I’ll decide on what to do?

Sisi: You are not permitted; but we can let you check up on your family only.

Morsi: Am I imprisoned or what?

Sisi: You are under arrest from this moment.

Morsi: Don’t think the Brotherhood is going to stand by if I leave office. They will set the world on fire.

Sisi: Just let them try something and you’ll see the reaction of the army. Whoever among them wants to live in peace, he’s more than welcome; otherwise, [if they try anything] we will not leave them alone. We will not single anyone out, and the Brotherhood is from the Egyptian people, so don’t try to use them as fuel for your disgusting war. If you truly love them, leave office and let them go to their homes.

Morsi: Anyway, I’m not going, and the people outside of Egypt are all with me, and my supporters are not going.

Sisi: Anyway, I’ve advised you.

Morsi: Okay, but take care—I’m the one who hired you as minister and can remove you.

Sisi: I became minister of defense due to the military’s will and not yours—and you know this very well. Moreover, you can’t remove me; that’s it—you no longer have any legitimacy.

Morsi: Okay, if I agree to be removed, will you allow me to travel abroad and promise not to imprison me?

Sisi: I can’t offer you any promises. It’s the justice [department] that will pass its verdict.

Morsi: Okay, if that’s the case, I’ll make it war, and we’ll see who will prevail in the end.

Sisi: Naturally the people will win.

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What an amazing conversation!  Morsi alternates between fake compliance and outright threat of violence.  He clearly doesn't care about what violence happens to Egypt and its people, as long as he can retain power.

We should give full respect to General Sisi, because he has done something remarkable here.  In Turkey, Erdogan moved swiftly to neutralise the army and put 300 officers in prison using the police and (presumably) taking them from their homes, before a military alert could be raised.

You may think that General Sisi acted too early and was unnecessarily harsh.  But if he had given Morsi time, he would have done the same as Erdogan.  Even if he had allowed Morsi to make a phone call, he would have tried to stoke an insurgency - such a plan may have already been in place with the MB and just waiting for activation!

An impressive performance from the whole army.

The JEWS done it.  Now it all makes sense.  The Muslim Brotherhood could of course build a prosperous, healthy, democratic society if it wasn’t for this Jew who is the leader of the Egytian military and has now taken over.


Al-Jazeera Commentator, Former MB Official, Gamal Nassar: Al-Sisi Is Jewish, Implementing Protocols of Elders of Zion in Egypt, MEMRI, 17 August 2013. 

Following are excerpts from a statement made by Gamal Nassar, former media secretary to the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on August 17, 2013. 
Gamal Nassar: I was trying to figure out Al-Sisi's origins. I wanted to know more about him. I was surprised to learn, from the Algerian Al-Watan newspaper, that Al-Sisi is of Jewish origin. His mother is called Mulaika Titani, and her brother was a member of the Jewish Haganah organization. Thus, we see that this man, by any standard, is implementing a Zionist plan to divide Egypt.[…] 

This man, who heads the armed forces today, is committing a crime, in the full sense of the word. Many massacres have taken place. In my opinion, if decisive measures are not taken, the massacres will continue. Al-Sisi has come to destroy everything.[…] 

Within the framework of his plot, he wants to ignite civil war, in order to portray himself as trying to protect state institutions, while he, in fact, is the one who is burning them down. He portrays himself as trying to defend national security, while he, in fact, is undermining it. In short, he wants to set the state of Egypt ablaze. 

This is a Zionist plot, and I am willing to be held responsible for what I say. Whoever reads The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the writings of [the Jews], including those who were writing in the U.S., realizes that this plot was premeditated. 

Kinana in response to your last posting:

Now we're finding out who is REALLY behind the Egyptian army crackdown on the miscreants known as "Muslim Brotherhood": THE JEWS! 

What's interesting is that both warring camps presently in Egypt are on the same page: whatever happens, it's the Jews' fault.

So naturally this revelation is coming at the time of massive murder and destruction against Coptic Christians. We're scratching our heads about this new/old libel and incitement against the worlds oldest Christian church in the Middle East. If the Jews are to blame, why mess with the Christians? 

Answer: if there were Martians that had recently landed in Cairo, they'd also be stoned/murdered. Since these Martians are not ready to accept sharia or introduce halal into their space ships, they must submit to Islam as kafirs and pay protection money while refueling in preparation for their return to Mars.

Those regular 4F readers are acutely aware of the head-in-the-sand attitude from the Jewish leadership vis-a-vis radical Islam. But what of the cowering, dhimi-like Christian leadership? Certainly there are many more Christians in Europe, why are Christians so ready to throw in the towel and sacrifice their culture, language, and liberty on the alter of bloodthirsty jihadists...? 

The present insanity is a result of 100 years of communist agitation and infiltration in the West...they have never stopped in their goal of transformation of the West. The Left needed a new poster boy after the Cold War, and decided that Islam was the new victim in their war on Christianity, Western culture, individual liberties. Their tenacious, unrelenting propaganda has born fruit. 

Hence, the victim can at the same time continue to murder, rape, and lay an ever growing foundation for the caliphate that will control us all.

I have said that the only force in Europe today that will take to the streets to stand up for middle class working folks' rights against this evil is the EDL. No less a figure than Pat Condell agrees with me. 

I think its high time Christian leaders are pressured to stand and deliver...or let them step aside and let a new, bold, visionary leadership arise that is not afraid of the truth.

Sincerely, Rabbi Shifren

With a few notable exceptions like yourself, Rabbi Shifren, most of us secularists have given up on all the religionists, whether Jew, Christian or Buddhist.  Not only will they not fight, they are actually as dangerous as the Islamists, because you allow them to come near you thinking they may be an ally, then they knife you in the back like former archibishoop Rowan Williams.  Given that, in the best of circumstances, they won't fight anyway, its best just to write them all off.  Its safer that way, and you don't lose anything.

I think its high time Christian leaders are pressured to stand and deliver...or let them step aside and let a new, bold, visionary leadership arise that is not afraid of the truth.

Western Christians (and Jews) will not even pressure or demonstrate against their own spineless leaders, never mind risk their precious necks demonstrating against Islamic Fascism.  Just forget it.

Yo Alan and Rabbi Shifren, if the Jews or Christians controlled the oil, then we would see a completely different story.

Perhaps.  One of my Muslim friends is desperate for the oil to run out in Iraq.  Then there wouldn't be so much worth fighting about any more, and it could return to a kind of normality.

The Egyptian army has tapes of Morsi taking instructions from Al Qaeda, including an order to execute all secularists.

For some reason that link is slow in opening, so here's the 3 separate reports.


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