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Whilst the bogus concept of "the arab spring" is meant to cover many countries, I will place this overview of those countries here.  Anyone with a better suggestion for a location, please chime up.

Why the Arab Spring Will Descend Into an Islamic Ice Age

The much vaunted and praised “Arab Spring,” which took the world by surprise in December 2010, is slowly but surely turning into an Arab winter, which will inexorably become an Arab Islamic Ice Age in the near future. Already, the icicles of pan-Islamism are beginning to form throughout the Maghreb (North Africa), and the West best come to terms with the reality that the mantra of “free and fair elections” does not translate into Arabic as Western-style democracy.


Ironically, it is the birthplace of the “Arab Spring”—Tunisia—which is already in the midst of turning from Arab secular tyranny, into Arab Islamist domination. The largest party in the Tunisian parliament is the “moderate” Islamist party known as Ennahda (Hizb an Nahda), meaning the “Renaissance Party.” When elections were held in October 2011, the party gained a plurality of 90 seats in the 217 member Constituent Assembly.

Ennahda was formed by Rashid Ghannouchi, who after 22 years in exile, returned to a hero’s welcome in January 2011, after the overthrow of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Mr. Ghannouchi, who has been described as a “moderate” by many political pundits, has already called for the“end of Israel.” He has compared his party with that of Turkey’s Islamist AKP (“Justice and Development Party”) led by the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has practically turned Turkey into a de facto Islamic republic and brought relations with Israel to the brink of severance. Alas, the much hailed (and perhaps failed) “Jasmine Revolution” might well have paved the way for the beginning of Arab “Islamocracies.” That is, Islamic republics replacing secular pan-Arab socialist regimes, via “free and fair elections.”


To the west of Tunisia is the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, which almost became the first Islamic republic in the Arab world back in 1991. At that time, theIslamic Salvation Front was on the verge of becoming the largest party in Parliament until the army stepped in, unleashing a savage and bloody nine year civil war that has still left the country in chaos. Elections are coming there in May, and there is a good chance that the troika of Islamist parties will do quite well - once again - through “free and fair elections.”


Then there is the Kingdom of Morocco. While currently led by the pro-Western moderate, King Mohammed VI, the Islamist phoenix has already risen. In the November 2011 elections, the Justice and Development Party won 107 seats in the 395 member Parliament. The new Prime Minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, is also the leader of the party. Of course, he too, is considered a “moderate.” But when onereads further, it becomes clear that the term “moderate Islamist” is nothing but an oxymoron.


Finally, there is Egypt and Libya. In Libya, the tyrannical forty-two year reign of the monstrous and murderous Muammar al-Qaddafi came to an ignoble and abrupt end with a bullet in his head in October 2011. Presently, Libya is governed by a coalition of various parties and tribes under the tutelage of the Libyan Interim National Council.On paper (or at least on the World Wide Web), it would appear that Libya is being run by a council of leaders who are looking forward to a democratic country with free elections. However, when one looks closer, the Council is led by a former Qaddafi crony, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who turned against his patron in February 2011. His academic background includes graduating from the University of Libya where he studied (what else?) Shari’a. While Jalil may not be an open Islamist, there are many on the Council who are, most notably Abdel Hakim Belhaj who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviets and led the now defunct Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Indeed, the Libyan Draft Constitution proposes enshrining Shari’a as the basis for state law. While only a draft at this point, it appears to be a bad start for a “democratic” Libya. However, lest anyone shed tears for the departed Colonel Qaddafi, it should be remembered that Islamic law was also enshrined in Qaddafi’sconstitution of 1969, and explicitly reaffirmed in the 1977 constitution.

Elections are scheduled to be held in June. But if the recent desecration of British graves of World War II veterans—and the tepid response of the National Council is a foreshadowing of things to come—Libya appears either headed towards civil war, or an Islamic state. Libya is plagued (or blessed, depending on one’s viewpoint) with numerous Islamist groups, including its first Muslim Brotherhood branch, also called the Justice and Development Party.


Finally, there is “the mother of the Arab world,” Egypt. It is in Egypt that the godfather of all Islamic supremacist groups—the Muslim Brotherhood—was spawned. The genesis of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun was formed in 1928 by Hassan al- Banna, and whose theology was refined by Sayid Qutb. However, if one looks for reality and clarity (unlike the current American administration which foolishly engages the Brotherhood and views it as “moderate”), it will be seen that the Brotherhood is a violent fascist movement that seeks global Islamic domination. Indeed, it is the phalanx and aegis for all Islamist groups that have emerged throughout the Muslim world. Bluntly put, it is nothing short of an Islamic hydra, and an implacable enemy of the West, Israel, and all non-Muslims.

When Egyptians overthrew Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, the politicians and political pundits throughout the world marveled and prognosticated on how democracy was coming to Egypt. Apparently, the Egyptian people had other plans in mind. In parliamentary elections held in January 2012, Islamist parties won over 71%of the vote. It was a triumph for Islamists throughout Egypt and an ominous sign of an Islamic resurrection of monumental proportions. The old adage “As Egypt goes, so goes the Arab world” appears to be a prophecy looming on the horizon.

The final triumph for an Islamic Egypt will be the presidential election that is to be held in late May. Now, in 2012, it appears that the dreams of al-Banna and Qutb turning Egypt into an Islamic state will come to fruition. As of this writing, two Islamists have been banned from running. These are the Salafi candidate, Hazem Abu-Ismail, who was the front runner, and the Brothers’ Khairat al-Shater of the “Freedom and Justice Party.” Both are appealing the verdict. The Brothers already have a backup candidate, Mohammed Mursi. Another former Brother, Abdel Moneim-Abul Fotouh is also running. Regardless, it seems a fait accompli that an Islamist will indeed win, thus solidifying and hermetically sealing Egypt’s fate as an Islamic state.

While this article does not cover the recrudescence of Islamist movements in the Mashriq (East), encompassing such blood soaked states as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain, Islamism is coming there too. The message is crystal clear and perfectly simple: The adherents of Muhammad will not soon exchange him in for Washington, Jefferson, or Madison. The West should be prepared—metaphorically speaking—to start stockpiling on heavy winter clothing. An Islamic ice age is about to descend upon us. Be prepared.

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The stupidity of this Telegraph reporting is staggering.
  Since The Telegraph would not dispute that it is a right-wing newspaper, that presumably means that The Telegraph also approves of sharia law.

Egypt’s Islamist politicians move to the Right ahead of presidential election

But before the country’s first free presidential election on Wednesday, the two main Islamist candidates have moved to the right, attacking western decadence, threatening the country’s alcohol industry and demanding closer implementation of Sharia law.

The Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, an American-educated professor of engineering, this weekend called for the release of Omar Abdulrahman, the Egyptian so-called “blind Sheikh” jailed for life in America for incitement to terrorism.

Wednesday’s election to replace Hosni Mubarak and the interim military government has gripped the country, with thousands enthusiastically attending rallies across the country.

It has also highlighted the paradox that, according to a recent opinion survey, most Egyptians both favour Turkish-style multiparty democracy and Saudi Arabia’s strict implementation of Sharia law.

Polls suggest that the election front-runners are two secular politicians with ties to the old regime – Amr Moussa, a former foreign minister, and Ahmed Shafiq, Mr Mubarak’s last prime minister – and two Islamists, Mr Morsi and Abdulmoneim Aboul Fotouh, an independent “liberal Islamist”.

Mr Aboul Fotouh says he wants a pluralist political system and that under Sharia no one can be forced to adopt a Muslim lifestyle, such as, for women, wearing the headscarf. His moderate stance and record of opposing Mr Mubarak has won the support of many liberals.

”He is someone who can be extremely powerful in bridging the divide between Islamists and non-Islamists,” said Hossam Bahgat, head of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, one of the country’s best-known activists.

But as the Brotherhood’s formidable grass-roots organisation has swung into gear, Mr Aboul Fotouh has changed his tone. At a rally in the Nile Delta, a lower-middle class Brotherhood heartland, he devoted much of his speech to conservative views of the role of women.

“Egyptian women teach the younger generation to kiss the heads of their fathers,” he said. “They devote themselves to their family.”

Western countries had “neglected” family life, he said. “They have opened up society to commit all sins – sex, drink, everything,” he said. “We are all soldiers in the project of Islam,” he went on to say.

Mr Aboul Fotouh’s shift began about the time he won the endorsement of the ultraconservative Salafi movement, which took more than 20 per cent of the vote in December’s parliamentary elections.

Last week, he said he would close down Egypt’s indigenous alcohol industry, which produces wine and beer. Although no candidate wants to ban alcohol outright, as in Saudi Arabia, Salafis have demanded its sale be stopped, allowing Christians to consume it only in their homes.

”Yes, I know that 8 per cent of the state budget comes from alcohol taxes, but we as Egyptians are in need of other industries such as technology and the needs of the army,” he told a television interviewer.

Mr Morsi is from the Brotherhood’s conservative wing, whose victory in an internal power struggle led to Mr Aboul Fotouh’s resignation last year. His campaign has promised to review Egypt’s liberal laws on the right of women to divorce, and he has taken up the slogan, “The Koran is our constitution”.

In an attempt to regain Salafi support, he called for the release of Mr Abdulrahman, whose imprisonment in the United States has become a common demand of radicals.

“We will raise injustice and oppression inside Egypt and outside Egypt, and especially the release of Sheikh Omar Abdulrahman,” he said on Friday.

The polls suggest that in the run-off after the first round of voting Mr Aboul Fotouh will face Mr Moussa, who is campaigning as a liberal nationalist, perhaps prompting him then to shift to the middle ground.

But a televised debate between Mr Aboul Fotouh and Mr Moussa rather showed them driving each other apart.

Mr Aboul Fotouh admitted he believed in “the rulings, not just the principles” of Sharia, and insisted that Israel was an “enemy”, not just an adversary, as described by Mr Moussa.

Emad Gad, a political scientist and one of eight Christian MPs, said Mr Aboul Fotouh never hid his Islamist roots. “He is one of them – he always says that frankly,” he said.

At the Nile Delta rally, Salafis were out in force, saying Mr Aboul Fotouh was the best interim candidate until Islamists could re-establish the universal Muslim Caliphate. “We have to compromise,” said Mahmoud Amin Gadallah, 31. “Sharia is not an illusion for us — it’s something we have tested before in history and we want to turn back to that model.”

Liberal-left journals turning against the Arab Spring.  Wait until 5 years from now, and they see just how awful those places are.  The union of the military & the clerical fascists will be in control (as if the Caliphate wouldn't need an army).  The Copts will be driven out of Egypt, the lot of women will be far, far worse.  The liberal-left will be saying then that Mubarak wasn't so bad...

Mob sets fire to headquarters of the candidate who opposes the Muslim Brotherhood.  Who'd a thunk it, after all, the Muslim Brotherhood is modelled on the Nazi party.

Egyptian Election & the Arab Spring - Stratfor -

It's almost not worthy of a comment.  Just as predicted, the Muslim Brotherhood has won the presidential election.  Let's not forget - the MB was created as a violent insurrectionary islamic group, modelled explicitly on the Nazi Party and the Russian Communist Party.  They have always been in alliance with salafists from the inception of the Brotherhood.

Egypt has taken a further step down the road to becoming the new Afghanistan.  The tourist industry will be destroyed.  The Copts will become even more persecuted.  Like Gaza, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., all the christians will be forced out of Egypt.  What is it about the modern left, that they cannot see?  The history of what has happened in other muslim countries is transparent - wherever muslims are in charge they have driven out the non-muslims.  Instead of focusing on modern-day Pakistan or Gaza, the apologists for islam will hark back to Andalusia, they only time in history where they can make any claim that islam permits co-existence.  It is exceptionalism - believing that the exceptional cases provide a general rule, when in fact the general rule shows that such things are exceptions.

In the Newspeak of the leftist-dominated media in the west, the Muslim Brotherhood are designated as "moderate".  I suppose those Nazis who believed in concentration camps but didn't believe in gas chambers would also be designated as "moderate" by the leftists (well, they would if they had brown skin).

Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi named Egypt's President

I tried to tell you. Will all the learned analysts who assured us back in January 2011 that the Brotherhood played no role in the Egyptian uprisings, and that a Western pluralistic republic would be created, now apologize or be considered discredited? Don't hold your breath. "Islamist Morsi Named Egypt’s President," from the Associated Press, June 24:

Mohammed Morsi was declared Egypt’s first Islamist president on Sunday, chosen in the freest elections in history that left the nation deeply polarized between supporters of an old regime figure and those eager for democratic change.

It was the culmination of the tumultuous first phase of a transition launched 16 months ago with the uprising that ousted autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak, who was replaced by a ruling military council headed by Mubarak’s defense minister of 20 years. It is the start of a new struggle with the military to restore the powers that the ruling generals stripped from the presidency even before the victor was declared.

And it was not the outcome desired by most of the liberal and secular youth groups that drove the uprising.

“The revolution passed an important test,” said Yasser Ali, a spokesman for Morsi’s campaign. “But the road is still long.”

Morsi now has to calm public fears that he will push to remake Egypt as an Islamist state and show that he will represent a broader swath of the public beyond his own fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. He will also have to try to urgently address the major problems facing Egypt, a sharp deterioration in security and a flailing economy....

Egyptian islamo-nazis want to hook up with Iranian holocaust deniers.

Quelle surprise.

A self-declared "optimistic" journalist from The Telegraph is now moving the goal-posts, saying that Egyptians themselves never called what was happening there "the Arab Spring", but rather "the Arab Awakening".

Well, we wouldn't really have expected them to call it "the Arab Spring", since that is a phrase that is a modification of "the Prague Spring", where people liberated their country from the yoke of communism, and decided to divide their country into national constituents.  Obviously, "the Arab Spring" was a concoction of the leftard journalists in the west.  No doubt "arab awakening" is a phrase resonant with koranic meanings. 

It seems that Robert Fisk has also been trying to move the terminology from "arab spring" to arab awakening".

Richard Spencer in The Telegraph doesn't hesitate to call "the arab spring" a revolution (see the url at the top of this post).  Yet he puzzles over how it can be that the generals have been left in control and there has been an islamic fascist voted in as president when everyone knows there's been a revolution.  But only an idiot would think that there had been any revolution in Egypt.  The military were never taken out of control, and one of Mubarak's own ministers was standing in the presidential race.  Let's transpose that: can you imagine anyone calling it a revolution if Castro had stood for election against Batista? 

Nothing has happened that wasn't in the islamo-nazi Muslim Brotherhood's playbook.  They had a cell-like structure at the time of their "abolition" in the 1940s.  Clearly, they never were abolished, just cut back to the point at which only a few cells survived.  But they now have the presidency, and after the next parliamentary elections they will probably have control (along with their bad-cop allies, the salafitsts).  And since totalitarians like the Brotherhood will need an army (just like Mubarak), they will be in alliance with the military.

It's only a matter of time before the Great Library at Alexandria is destroyed again.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood planning to impose Sharia and work toward restoration of caliphate

Underneath all the moderate rhetoric that Morsi and the Brotherhood are purveying these days, there is this. "Report: Brotherhood Has Egyptian Caliphate Plans," from IPT News, June 24:

Watch out Egypt: Now that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi has been declared the country's new president, Sharia punishments may be making their way to a public square near you.

And that's only the start of it.

According to an Arabic-language report last Tuesday of a closed-door senior-level Brotherhood confab, the Islamist group intends to get rid of film and "artistic heritage," replace police uniforms with "Islamic garb," and make memorization of Islam's holy book a pre-condition for advancement in school. These sweeping changes—dubbed the "Jazira Plan"—are to "be put into execution on the first day Dr. [Mohamed] Morsi assumes the presidency."

The first step in the plan is to "replace the national anthem with the so-called anthem of the Islamic Caliphate," soon after followed by "the abolition of the Ministry of Information and replacing it with an Islamic media organization" whose sole aim would be to "publish Islamic heritage only."

The plan speaks to the Brotherhood's deep-seated, and oft-referenced, "dream" of reinstating the Caliphate. Yet, when pressed to expound upon its goals by an unfriendly audience or in the West, the group instead turns ambiguous, speaking in terms of Western concepts of freedom, dignity, and justice....

You who so despised "fascist" Hosni Mubarak, you who supported the "Arab Spring", you who wanted "hope and change" in've created the next front against Israel. 


.....but hey, you know, he's a USC grad! March on fighing Trojans!!  Keep producing those "multicultural" PHd's that, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, seek to subjugate and destroy us.

"Jerusalem Shall be our Capital, Allah Willing." " Millions of Martyrs march toward Jerusalem."

These are the words of Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi,

See the report here:

British journalist sexually assaulted at Egyptian demo ;

The National Union of Journalists and the Feminists/Leftists are of course rioting in the streets over this...NOT !

Egypt: Muslims force Christians out of church during prayer, police advise priest to comply

According to a story in yesterday’s Mideast Christian News, Muslims in the village of Basra in Alexandria, Egypt, surrounded the local Coptic church, St. Lyons, during divine liturgy, “demanding that visiting Copts leave the church before the completion of prayers, and threatening to burn down the church if their demand was not met.” The priest, Father Severus, hurriedly contacted police by phone asking for aid only to be told to comply with their demands, "and do not let buses with visitors to come to the church anymore.” In face of such threats, Christian worshippers exited the church halfway through liturgy to jeers outside. As they drove away, Muslims hurled stones at their buses, and the priest was warned by “salafis and extremists” never again to allow visitors to the church, otherwise they would “destroy it.”

But... but... there's been a revolution there, and they were a part of it.  That's what the media keep telling us.  Why would they have to go into exile once they the good ol' muslim YMCA got into power?  Hasn't anyone told these stupid Egyptians that there has been an Arab Spring, where totalitarianism and rutheless state oppression was overturned, replace by liberalism, freedom and the respect for human rights?

Silly sausages -- they've mistaken the kindly Muslim Brotherhood for some kind of evil totalitarian system.

Heads for Abu Dhabi, ex-intelligence boss Soleiman also away

26 JUNE, 12:26

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, JUNE 26 - Ahmed Shafiq, the defeated candidate in Egypt's presidential elections and the last man to serve as Prime Minister under Hosni Mubarak, has left Egypt for Abu Dhabi along with his two daughters and three grandchildren, say sources from Cairo airport. The sources say that the Mubarak's former head of intelligence, Omar Soleiman, also left the country for the same destination with his family this morning.


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