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The Tundra Tabloids has followed the slow progression of the Finnish media in finally coming to terms with the reporting of Islamic honor killings correctly. This sad story may not be the first honor murder in Finland, but it's sure the first being reported as a suspected Islamic honor killing. KGS

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YLE: Those arrested in the murder in Lappeenranta are of Pakistani background. The victim murdered in Lappeenranta on Thursday was revealed to have came from Pakistan. Also the two men who are suspected of murdering the woman came from Pakistan. The police have them both in custody.

The police told of the background of both the victim and those arrested on Sunday. The police will bring the men arrested to the Lappeenranta District Court on Monday.

The killing occurred in a private residence in the city of Harapaista. The murdered woman was 34 years old and lived in Lappeenranta. The woman was killed with a knife.

Detective Chief Inspector Kari Hyyryläinen did not provide any information on the victim nor on the victim’s connection with those arrested nor on any details of the case. He wouldn’t comment on the possibility of it being the question of an honor murder, but said all options will be investigated.

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Immigrant women in Finland are increasingly the victims of violence perpetrated in the name of family honour. In Helsinki, twice as many immigrant women have sought protection this year from violence than in previous years.
Nasima Razmyar, who herself came to Finland as a refugee from Afghanistan, has been taking in growing numbers of immigrant women and girls at the Monika House shelter in Helsinki's Sörnäinen district. Some of these women have been forced into marriages, some beaten for disobedience or even threatened with death.
This year, within just six months more than 30 women have sought refuge from honour violence at the facility. That is as many as during the whole of last year. As the coordinator at Monika House, Nasima Razmyar has the impression that the rise can be explained by growing numbers of women of marriageable age.

"Second generation immigrants are at just the age, around twenty and marriageable, when the situation starts being strongly seen," says Razmyar.
Honour violence involves the subjugation of a woman within some ethnic groups carried out with the intent of controlling her sexual behaviour. It has been rumoured at Monika House that there have been honour killings in Finland, acts in which a family has decided to kill a disobedient daughter who, for example, has refused an arranged marriage.
Police have not confirmed the rumours, but according to Chief Inspector Veli Hukkanen of the Helsinki Police, threatening behaviour has indeed been on the rise. One problem is that the police do not keep statistics on honour violence.
"Statistics are not available for many reasons, some tactical. In order to secure an individual's situation and protect her, it may not be sensible to file a criminal report," explains Hukkanen.
However, police believe that only a small fraction, probably less that 5% of all honour violence incidents come to light. The seriousness of the phenomenon is not understood, even by the officials dealing with it.
"More familiarity by officials with other cultures is needed. Women and family members from certain cultures come to tell of these problems, of the violence or that they are being frightened and threatened. They should be met by with a different attitude," says Chief Inspector Veli Hukkanen.


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