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Posted by Joe

 In this interview with Lars Hedegaard the (presumably experienced) news interviewer asks Mr. Hedegaard "What is it, do you think, that makes you attack [your would-be assassin]... how could you react like that?"

How do we grasp that that is how a "journalist" responds to a fellow journalist who has just survived an assassination attempt?  She is clearly not on the side of the victim.  Her dhimmitude is so profound, she is surprised when any other dhimmi defends themself from a muslim murderer. 

Lars Hedegaard reacted as one would expect any sane person to react (or even any animal when threatened with violence).  In fact, he clearly has not grasped the contamination that islam has already wrought on modern european society.  He should have been anticipating assassination and taking steps, at the very least having CCTV installed, and demanding that any unknown caller presents ID. If I was LH, I would not be approaching my front door to an unknown caller without a lethal weapon behind my back.

What I find so astounding about this whole thing is not the assassination attempt, it is the dhimmitude of the journalists reporting on it.  This Danish journalist is astonished he would try to defend himself.  The BBC, The Guardian and AP portrayed Lars Hedegaard as the criminal, not the assassin.

They would never report on an attack by a kuffar like this.

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As I've said many times, my big regret about 4F is that I got the categorisation methodology wrong.
I've reposted your article in this Censorship Room.  It displays victim-hood in several categories at once, as most articles do.
However, the principle aspect would have to be the slowly tightening grip of censorship, including the method of elimination or intimidation of anyone attempting to preserve our freedom of speech.

I recognise that.  But it is the attitude of dhimmitude expressed by the journalist that made me initially put it in the "infiltration" category.  Dhimmitude shows that they have infiltrated our minds.  It is an example of a direct attempt by muslims of censorship based on murder and intimidation; but it is also an example of how the journalists have been so dhimmified they are shocked that another kuffar would resist the uber-mensch.

Too true. This article needs both tags, at least.  How I wish I'd got the categorisation right.  


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