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Henry Jackson Society forced to quit Westminster role after Spinwatch complaint - APPGs discontinued


As reported in The Guardian last week, a Spinwatch investigation into the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society (HJS) forced the think tank to pull its funding from two Westminster groups to avoid revealing the identities of its donors.

Now it has emerged that both All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) have ceased operating.

The HJS had provided since 2009 the secretariat for the APPG on Homeland Security, chaired by Tory Bernard Jenkin MP, and the APPG onTransatlantic and International Security, chaired by Labour's Gisela Stuart MP. Both politicians sit on the think tank's political council and two of its staff held parliamentary passes until late 2013.


So what about Spinwatch's funding?  Here it is for the last 10 years:

Spinwatch and are funded by donations, royalties and proceeds from book sales and other writing and research commissions as well as by grant funding.

Unlike the PR and lobbying industries, we will always be open about how much money we receive, and from whom.

Grants 2005 - 2015:

2015 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £31,000
2014-15 Foundation Open Society Institute/Open Society Initiative for Europe $25,000
2014-15 Network for Social Change £14,600
2014-15 Interpal £2000
2014-15 Friends of Al Aqsa £10,000
2014 Betterworld £5,000
2014 Cordoba Foundation £5,000
2013-14 Polden Puckham Foundation £10,000
2014 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £28,000
2013 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £30,000
2013 Lush £5,000
2013-15 Safe Food Institute, Australia £10,100
2012-13 Network for Social Change £16,000
2012 Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust £5,000
2012 European Commission £5,151
2012 Cordoba Foundation £5,000
2012-13 Middle East Monitor - MEMO £5,000
2012 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £30,000
2011-13 Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation £19,500
2011 Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust £5,000
2011 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £30,000
2011 Betterworld £10,000
2011 Scurrah Wainwright Charity £2,500
2010-11 Isvara Foundation £24,200
2010 Scurrah Wainwright Charity £3,200
2010 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £21,000
2010 Cordoba Foundation £5,000
2010 Network for Social Change £4,416
2009-10 The Roddick Foundation £7,328
2009 Scurrah Wainwright Charity
2009 Friends of the Earth Europe £1,762
2009 Isvara Foundation £21,000
2008-09 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust £30,000
2008 Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation £5,000
2008 Network for Social Change £4,462
2008 Isvara Foundation £19,220
2007 Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation £6,000
2007 Network for Social Change £4,462
2007 Greenpeace International £2,776
2006 Humanitarian Group for Social Development £12,761
2006 Network for Social Change £1,746
2006 Greenpeace UK £1,500
2006 JMG Foundation £2,280
2005 Network For Social Change £4,850
2005 Lipman Miliband Trust £1,000

For a breakdown of Spinwatch activities in the first 18 months of the organisation (from January 2005-June 2006) including financial information please see our first Annual Report.

So every year, around £30,000 comes from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.  What is that?

The information below provides a brief overview of JRCT’s five grants programmes.

Before you apply, please ensure that you have read the full details of the grants programme to which you are applying for funds. This information is available in the Funding priorities section of the website.

Peace and Security

As a Quaker Trust, we believe that peace and security are built on values of equality, human rights, justice and environmental sustainability.

JRCT wishes to prioritise support for charitable work on the following issues:

  1. Challenging militarism
  2. Scrutiny of counter-terrorism measures in the context of human rights and peacebuilding
  3. Building support for alternative approaches to defence and security

Read the full details of the programme.

Power and Accountability

Quakers have a strong commitment to equality. We want to support people to create a world in which power is more equally shared, and in which powerful institutions are responsive and accountable to wider society and aligned with the long-term public interest.  

JRCT wishes to prioritise support for charitable work on the following issues:

  1. Strengthening corporate accountability
  2. Strengthening democratic accountability
  3. Encouraging responsible media

Read the full details of the programme.

Rights and Justice

As part of the Quaker tradition, JRCT is committed to the creation of a world that guarantees equal treatment for all people.

JRCT wishes to prioritise support for charitable work on the following issues:

  1. Protection and promotion of equality and human rights and their enforcement
  2. Promoting rights and justice for minorities who face the most severe forms of racism and discrimination
  3. Promotion of rights and justice for refugees and other migrants by identifying and tackling root causes, structures and systems that may deny them their rights

Read the full details of the programme.

- See more at:

It seems that the JRCT is funding a kuffarphobic group which seeks to promote hate and protect terrorist actors.  If only the alleged 'growing right wing' had all the resources Hate not Hope say we had, one of our employees could target that funding source and hold the JRCT trustees accountable for mis-use of funds.

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I would also note the islamic sounding organisations such as Cordoba,InterPal etc !


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