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Dear Friends, dear Britons, dear lovers of free speech.

I assume you all are lovers of free speech because you have come to Speakers’ Corner.

You might not understand all the fuss happening today around this speech. Honestly, I don’t understand it either.

My name is Martin Sellner. I am an Austrian patriot, and at the moment, I’m sitting in a detention cell in Colnbrook Bypass near Heathrow. My smartphone was taken and my girlfriend Brittany was separated from me. I currently don’t know where she is. We will be deported on Sunday.

Five minutes ago, they unlocked our cells and my fellow inmates are gathering in the prison wing. They are mostly illegals and eastern European criminals.

What brought me into this situation? What was my crime?

My crime was that I wanted to be here with you, to speak at Speakers’ Corner.

But let’s start with the beginning. I was invited by UKIP to present my movement at an event last Autumn. I represent Generation Identity — a patriotic European youth movement that is raising awareness about mass immigration and Islamisation.

Far-left people call us right-wing, people who want to shut free speech down call us ‘fascist’, and folks who hate their own culture call us ‘racist’.

In reality, we are just a group of young patriots fed up with the system, the mainstream press and lying politicians. We use peaceful activism to make our voices heard, and contrary to our friends on the radical left, who are probably swarming
you right now, we never wear masks.

From Paris to Rome, from Vienna to London, we fight peacefully but without compromise for our freedom, our homelands, and our identity!

This is what I wanted to speak about in Autumn. But the conference was cancelled due to threats from the radical left. The venue would not take the risk. So they rescheduled it for March, this time keeping the venue secret — but again the terror of the left prevailed, and the venue dropped out.

But this time I did not want to let them win! It was about principles! (Also, our flights
were already booked.)

My last refuge was Speakers’ Corner. I remembered my mother telling me about that special place when I was a child. It
seemed almost magical to me. A place where everyone, without exception, could just stand on a box and start to speak to those who wanted to listen. I have always loved this tradition of Speakers’ Corner, which seemed very British to me.

But I came only to see that this tradition — the tradition of freedom of speech in the United Kingdom — is dead.

Your Country is blocking you from challenging ideas from the outside. This is a disgrace to our democracy!

I should be speaking in neat, warm a conference room right now, and you should be sitting in comfortable chairs. Instead, I’m in my cell and you are on the street in a standoff with the enemies of freedom of speech.

And this is very telling! Today there is a war going on for our freedom of speech. This war is being fought on the streets,
by you!

Every man and woman showing her face today, standing shoulder to shoulder, is standing up against a new totalitarianism
that has been growing for far too long. You can be proud of yourself. You might not even agree with me on every point — you are simply giving a statement that I should have the right to speak my mind freely.

I would love to be among you now. They prevented me from it. They locked up the speaker, but I know that the speech will
find a way through the iron bars. It will find a way to you and you are going to hear what you government so desperately wants to protect you from.

Those words which they consider more harmful to you then rape gangs or terrorists who are let into your country again and

I’m going to tell you something nobody has told you before. It’s the biggest, most obvious secret of our media our politicians and our powerholders: People of Britain, you are being replaced.

There has always been immigration in your history. People coming in, assimilating. But what’s happening today is different:
You are being replaced by massive Muslim immigration.

You see it everywhere: in London, in Manchester, but also already in the little countryside towns. A big replacement is going

And let me tell you: your politicians have no plan, no vision and no idea how to deal with the problems that come along. Problems like you have seen in Telford, Rotherham, and on Westminster Bridge.

All across Europe, there is a shadow hanging over our heads. The French are whispering about in the Metro, the Germans murmuring about it when they feel unwatched, Italians look left and right, and if nobody is listening they tell you: “I don’t feel at home anymore in my street. We are becoming foreigners in our own country.”

And again and again I hear: “We are not allowed to talk about it.”

And that’s the bizarre drama of the ‘Strange death of Europe’. We are being replaced, conquered by radical Islam, and we are now allowed to talk about it!

Dear Britons, defenders of free speech. Out of my cell in Colnbrook, I want to ask you something. Be honest and raise your hands.

Who among of you has ever been in the following situation: You grab a beer after work, or you are visiting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or you meet other children’s parents at school — and suddenly the conversation moves to politics: radical Islam, immigration.

Who of you in this very moment was faced with the decision between speaking his mind and facing problems, or complying
and staying silent?

Raise your hands and be honest.

I will not be able to see the results, but every single hand is too much. This amount of fear should not exist in a society. Speech that has social costs and severe consequences is no longer free. It has a price — and our Government and the Antifa are working everyday to raise that price.

No freedom of speech means no democracy. In front of our very eyes this country is becoming a tyranny, shutting all debates
about immigration down, until demographics solves the issue by replacement.

People of the UK. I might be in a cell right now, but you all are in a cell. It’s the prison of fear and silence your governement and the PC tyranny has locked you in since the days of your childhood.

I ask you, I command you, break free!

Patriots of the UK: come out of the closet. Make your dissent visible by visible acts of resistance that inspire others. I know for certain that millions in the UK think like me. Those millions should be on the street now.

We need a coming out of the silent majority, or Britain is lost. We need a free, open and honest debate about immigration,
Islam and demographics, so we can sort these problems out together.

And I know that the force is still in you. With your Brexit vote you stunned the world! The will and the life of the British
nation is not broken.

Initially, I asked if freedom of speech is dead in the UK. You, every one of you who came today, is a living sign that the tradition of the UK is not dead! You are the livley tradition of your nation, saving its face before history.

People of the UK — remember who you are! Remember your glorious past, you are sons and daughters of knights, kings, explorers, philosophers and artists. Who is the sovereign in this country?

Is it big money?

The mainstream media?

The politicians?

It’s you — the people. You, the silent and invisible majority who said NO during Brexit. You can say NO again — no to Islamisation, no to mass immigration, and no to the great replacement.

And YES to your identity — yes to your security, yes to your heritage and the future for your children.

And all this is impossible without to freedom of speech.

I know, if these words will find their way to the UK and even to Speakers’ Corner, it will be victory for our cause.

If they did, and if you are hearing them now, I tell you: go further on that winning street. Don’t be afraid because we have an
ally that is unbeatable: Truth.

The battle, our battle for freedom of speech, has just begun, and Speakers’ Corner will become a symbolic place in that

When you go home know I want you to bring the spirit of Speakers’ Corner with you. Every single person who raised his hand because he could relate to this moment of fear, when he did not dare to speak his mind.

Promise me: Next time I will overcome my inner fear. Next time I will speak up!

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Speakers Corner Tommy Robinson Exclusive Speech

Tommy Robinson Finally Gets To Deliver The Long Awaited Government Banned Speech Of Martin Sellner. They Can Stop The Speaker But They Cannot Stop The Speech. The Atmosphere Was Truly Electric! This Was A Victory For Freedom Of Speech.

Posted on 03/18/2018 1:42 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 18 March 2018
Tommy Robinson speaks at Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, LondonTo London on a cold (0°C, snow, yes not as cold as Manitoba but parky for SE England) to see or hear Tommy Robinson at Speaker's Corner giving the speech which Martin Sellner of Generation Identity (Austria) intended to give last week, but he was forbidden entry to the UK. Lutz Bachmann, the founder of Pegida also hoped to attend from Dresden, but he was turned back at Stansted Airport in Essex this morning. According to Breitbart his luggage was searched, the text of his speech was found and this, with the admission that he is acquainted with Tommy Robinson was enough to bar him from the UK.  

Tommy was due to speak at 3pm; my husband and I arrived at half past 2 and there was quite a crowd. 

There were a few Muslims and a small number of people who had an appearance one associates with hard-line left-wing agitators. But no organised lines of antifa/UAF/Hope not Hate with their usual placards and chants.

A procession led by a flag-bearer carrying the Union Flag approached from Marble Arch. Back in the early 70s there was a band called Chicory Tip who had a song called Son of my Father. As a chart hit it was a minor one, but the riff was very catchy and quickly became a football chant, which it remains to this day. Today the words to that riff were "Tommy! Tommy! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Robinson. " 

With numbers swelled as they surged towards the waiting crowd the police moved into positions and the contingent that we had identified as 'the opposition' ran. They spent the rest of the meeting waiting at some distance, and later as Tommy finished they melted away. Meanwhile we awaited Tommy's arrival. There are limits on what is allowed at Speaker's Corner. Normally placards are not allowed but today the police were not being over-officious in having them removed.

We estimated about 2000 in attendance. I'm short; some people had come very well prepared.

Others were more agile and athletic

Members of Generation Identity UK handed out leaflets; personable young men with good manners. 

Then Tommy and his party arrived to a warm welcome, cheers and chants. There were flags of several nations, Austria, the Union Flag, England, Israel and the Stars and Stripes.

I couldn't hear Tommy and not everybody saw him but the text of the speech he delivered is here. 


The speech completed there were cheers and Tommy and his party and supporters processed away. While we were watching this had quietly set up behind us. Two Muslims who are frequently at Speakers Corner, who go by the names Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah, had been vocal during the week about what and how Tommy would be defeated.

I don't think this dawa merchant is either of them. However he was soon surrounded by a knowledgeable group before whom he was floundering in his efforts to explain what a proper paedophile is, and how his prophet Mohammed was not one such. 

As a young woman I was talking to, who had travelled from Hertfordshire north of London, said "It doesn't matter that we didn't actually see Tommy (bless him) what mattered was to be here to show how many we are." 

Today was a good show. 


Photographs Esmerelda Weatherwax and her husband. London March 2018

Comment by Philip Smeeton 1 hour ago

We have all lost friends or been punished for voicing an opinion about mass-immigration and Islam. We have all remained silent out of fear while those around us have condemned people exactly like ourselves. If the threat of violence or loss of income was the cause then that is understandable, but we can support those braver than ourselves and vote for any that will give us a voice and choice. Whatever you can do small or great do it because the alternative is the loss of everything that you hold dear, including your self. Those that disagree are not your friends and not your folk. They are the enemy that have betrayed everything that you believe in and The Nation.

To your own true self be true and know who your friends are by their courage, words and deeds.

Bravery and sacrifice is something we have to learn all over again, it came naturally to our ancestors and is at the core of our being. Your people and your nation and kin are not just empty concepts, those employing violence or enacting laws to silence patriots are traitors, that must be opposed, tried and condemned by our voices and actions. Stand proud once again. There are patriots that understand and support you, you are not alone. In other nations they rise in solidarity with us. We all understand the value of identity and the value of a nation that can defend its borders and integrity. All else is chaos and anarchy, violence, loss and death.

redpill phil
Published on Mar 18, 2018
After the speech I managed to get to great interviews with two attendees Eddie and Callum .. raising vital points .

There has to be no limit to freedom of speech, except direct incitement to violence. You have to be allowed to insult and offend anyone. Sticks and stones.... If islamists can demonstrate and speak then nazis also have to be allowed to, as long as they do not directly incite to violence or murder.

Wake up! Hijrah IS a fact!

Ann Corcoran does it again. Read this artcle to the end.
Martin Sellner, like many other patriots, is fighting for European culture and heritage. Middle Easterners might outnumber native citizens by mid-century. A very familiar historical pattern is taking place.
The entire West must be aware and informed

A speech heard round the world! Austrian: You are being replaced
Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 19, 2018
Thousands gathered in London’s Hyde Park, at the famed “Speakers Corner” to hear jailed Austrian patriot and freedom fighter, Martin Sellner’s speech read by Tommy Robinson.

Sellner was blocked from entry into the UK because of his political views.
Raheem Kassam reports here at Breitbart.

A reader suggested I post Sellner’s full speech, good idea!  Everyone who has any way of publishing something should do the same.

Show the British ruling elite that by attempting to silence Sellner they have only amplified his message!  (Emphasis is mine.)

[see above]
We are all praying that Europe will save itself before it is too late, but….
Never forget, Obama’s people were right up front about it—they said they were changing America by changing the people.  In America, we have a chance now to turn that around, make the most of it!  This is not the time to take a break just because Donald Trump is in the White House. They will be attempting to come back!

Original Post   Refugee Resettlement Watch

They are always going to be here these whining do-gooders with evil intent. Honesty and decency are  alien to them.


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