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God help us.  This book was recommended to me.

Before I bought a copy, I wanted to find out if it was worthwhile.  Here's the bottom line:

Wiktorowicz interviewed hundreds of Islamists in the United Kingdom. After compiling his interviews he came to the conclusion that — contrary to popular belief — very religious Muslims were in fact the people who ended up being the most resistant to radicalization.

Fair, who has done a great deal of work on radicalization in Pakistan, said Wiktorowicz's work stayed with her forever. "It really was revelatory for me," she says.

Revelatory because, as it turns out, Wiktorowicz found that it was people who did not have a good grounding in the religion who were the most likely to be attracted by radical Islam.

So, some guy who knows nothing about islam goes to study in the UK, and gets the idea to interview Anjem Choudary and his unrepresentative bunch of monkeys.

From that, he concludes that (all over the world) those who are truly versed in islam are resistant to becoming terrorists.

How does that fit with the 22,000 islamically-inspired terrorist attacks across the world since 9/11?  Were they all novice converts to islam?  Was Bin Laden? Abu Hamza? Abu Qatada?  How does that fit with Anwal Al Awlaki, Sheikh Qaradawi, Mawdudi, Qutb, etc. ?

I can see what shred of evidence this "researcher" Wiktorowicz grasped onto.  He met those in British mosques who are acculturated as muslims.  It is blindingly obvious, that in their cultural tradition, they are not given to terrorism (if not, Britain would have seen its first muslim terrorists in the 1950s, when muslims began to arrive).

But after the events of 1979, islamic terrorism has spread out of the environs of Israel and across the world.  Obviously, those who have a cultural tradition in islam of not being terrorists are going to take some time for that culture to adapt.  But adapt it will.  Witness the way the burka from Riyadh has swept Bengali muslims in Britain; it's rarely seen in Bangladesh. Wahhabism and Bannaism are no doubt being exported across the world.  We have some kind of sociologist/political scientist living in an ahistorical bubble of the permanent now, this place is every place.

You can see from the above quotation, that Fair was desperate to believe this tosh.  She'd spent years studying "radicalisation" in Pakistan, and was surprised by these findings, but is gushing with enthusiasm.  Normally in academia, when someone proffers an account that goes against one's research, it results in a bitch-fight.

Clearly this was not what here research in Pakistan led her to conclude.  But she was delighted to be able to abandon that knowledge, so that she too could be granted entry into the Church of Political Correctness.

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500 Islamic clerics state that assassination is an act of piety in Islam.

As that shows, Islam is a political ideology of violence and fascism.  While student twits discuss removing the Rhodes statue and BDS against Israel, they remain silent over Pakistan and Turkey.  Pakistan should be treated as a pariah by the secular West and sanctioned until they stop endorsing and breeding Islamic terror.  At least we'd get the support of their arch-enemy India over that :-)


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

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