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Right-wing radio host Tim Burton jailed for 'vile Islamophobic' trolling of anti-racism campaigner

'It was pre-meditated, it was determined, it was deeply unpleasant, and it was part of a campaign by you and your associates to tar all Muslims as Islamists'

Greg Wilford Inner London Crown Court

Friday 28 April 2017 10:45 BST

A right-wing radio host who trolled an anti-hate crime campaigner with "Islamophobic" tweets and emails has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Timothy Burton, 64, branded Islam a "backwards, misogynistic, seventh-century" ideology in a series of emails to Tell Mama founder Fiyaz Mughal OBE between 4 April and 26 April 2016.

Burton also sent Mr Mughal links to far-right blogs containing "vile slurs" against Muslims including a petition called "renounce, reform, or get the hell out of my country".

The radio presenter for the anti-immigration group Liberty GB was convicted of one count of religiously aggravated harassment in March following a week-long trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Burton, who says he has resigned from the group following his conviction, had denied the charge and claimed he was exercising his right to free speech. 

He said he insulted Mr Mughal after reading articles suggesting Tell Mama had exaggerated figures about anti-Muslim incidents.

Mr Mughal said in a statement: "The defendant’s actions have led to endless nights of anxiety and fear and a sense of being targeted to my core." 

Judge Alex Gordon said Burton had been on a campaign to tar all Muslims as violent extremists as he jailed him for 12 weeks at Inner London Crown Court on Friday. 

He said: "The defendant was found guilty by jury following a trial in March of religiously aggravated harassment.

"He sent a series of grossly offensive emails to Tell Mama with the obvious intention that they would be, as they were, received by Mr Mughal.

"Not only were these emails offensive, they provided links to deeply offensive material involving a petition called ‘renounce, reform, of get the hell out of my country’.

Hate crime soared in run-up to EU referendum, new figures show

"He also linked to articles with vile slurs to Mr Mughal. 

"He was broadcasting the harassment to the world."

The judge said the emails "continued after the defendant was asked to stop sending them, and after it was threatened that he would be reported to the police". 

He continued: "It was obvious that these emails were designed, carefully designed to harass Mr Mughal by causing him distress.

"Your extreme antipathy towards Muslims is what led you to harass Mr Mughal.

"You are seemingly incapable of distinguishing between Muslims and violent Islamists. Your offending behaviour was obviously motivated by a religious hostility and aggravated the harassment.

"You were at the time, [though you have] apparently now resigned, a member of a group Liberty GB which promotes antipathy based on religious adherence.

"It was pre-meditated, it was determined, it was deeply unpleasant, and it was part of a campaign by you and your associates to tar all Muslims as Islamists."

Judge Gordon accepted that Burton had "expressed some limited remorse".

Burton was previously cleared of racially aggravated harassment in 2014 after calling Mr Mughal a "mendacious grievance-mongering taqqiya artist" and a "Muslim scumbag" on Twitter. 

He told him Liberty GB members "raised a glass in your honour, and toasted you with a bacon sandwich" in an email referencing the second anniversary of his acquittal on 26 April 2016.

Jurors were told the obscure theological term "taqqiya" provides persecuted Shia Muslims with an option to deny their faith "if their life is at stake". 

Mr Mughal said far-right extremists use the term to "blacken all Muslims".

He told the trial: "Within far-right circles they say don't trust Muslims because 'taqqiya' means they will lie – one to spread Islam, two to take over the state by insidious means, and three to promote Sharia." 

Judge Gordon jailed Burton for 12 weeks and imposed a restraining order barring him from contacting Fiyaz Mughal, Faith Matters, Tell Mama, or any employee of those groups.

He added: "A breach of that order is quite rightly taken by the courts as an extremely important matter and may well result in a custodial sentence.

What this judgement is saying is that you will not be allowed by law to defend your homeland and culture.

And that you are not allowed to treat Muslims in the same way that they treat us. Being a nationalist and a patriot is not to be allowed, but being a lying islamist intent on conquest is to be allowed.


'It was pre-meditated, it was determined, it was deeply unpleasant, and it was part of a campaign by you and your associates to tar all Muslims as Islamists’


Every muslim is an islamist they are all bound to engage in Jihad by every means and to spread islam by force and persuasion.


Timothy Burton, 64, branded Islam a "backwards, misogynistic, seventh-century" ideology…


Tim is simply telling the truth and stating fact. Islam discriminates women and treats them as second class citizens with less worth than a man. Islam rejects art, image-making and science and any culture that is not Muslim.


”vile slurs" against Muslims including a petition called "renounce, reform, or get the hell out of my country”.


Muslims should be required to reject and renounce Islam, as it teaches violence intolerance and hatred, and is the cause of much suffering and destruction.

Islam is being reformed into being radical and fanatical, into what it fundamentally is. As they refuse to integrate and have clearly stated their intention to turn Britain into an Islamic State, it is only reasonable that they should be invited to leave.

“Tell Mama had exaggerated figures about anti-Muslim incidents.”

Tell Mama does tell lies.

It is extremely unlikely that Mughal was afraid of Burton. The court is in reality defending Mughal’s right to propagate false information.

Not all Muslims are “violent extremists” but most violent extremists are Muslims.


"You are seemingly incapable of distinguishing between Muslims and violent Islamists. Your offending behaviour was obviously motivated by a religious hostility and aggravated the harassment.”


How can you tell whether a Muslim is a violent islamist or not? You cannot know until he turns violent, and as Mohammed incites to terror, every Muslim has to be regarded to be a potential terrorist.

Burton’s objection to Islam is it’s agressive political agenda. In Islam politics and religion are inseparable.

“Muslim” is not a racial description. It is a political and religious description.

It is a fact that Muslims use “taqqiya” as a excuse to lie and decieve when their lives are not in danger. It is an used to express contempt for everything that is not Muslim. Islam is at war with everything that has not yet been forced to be Muslim; and in war deceiving the enemy is a necessary strategy.

Mr Mughal said: …. "Within far-right circles they say don't trust Muslims because 'taqqiya' means they will lie – one to spread Islam, two to take over the state by insidious means, and three to promote Sharia." 

Stating the truth and fact in a mocking tone, so that it appears false is a pathetic but effective tactic.

Muslims do lie to spread Islam and to gain power and to achieve the objective of forcing everyone to submit to Sharia. That is a fact and the truth.

So Mr. Burton has been jailed and denied his right to have a political opinion, for simply telling the truth and stating fact.

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From his FaceBook page
Tim Burton
6 hrs · 

Thank you everyone, for all your kindness and generosity while I have been away sampling the delights of HMP Thameside. Who would have thought that in 2017, a concerned patriot - like any one of us - could be convicted and jailed simply for hurting the "religious feelings" of a mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya-artist, who by his own admission in court, was only a "secular Muslim" and therefore not even a Muslim at all. Please support the Appeal Fund at

4 July 2017

Dear All

I was speaking this week to one of my supporters, who correctly pointed out that when it comes to dealing with the problems of Islam, our primary target should not be individual Muslims, who are merely following the belief system they have been brought up with, which by the way, is not a religion - it doesn't follow the Golden Rule - but rather a political ideology concealed by a religious veneer, which is completely incompatible with Western freedoms and democracy, and which has no place in any civilised Western country.

Our primary target should be the authorities that have enabled Islam to take root in our societies. I may have had my personal differences with 'Fizzy' Mughal, as readers will know from my regular updates on the subject, but at the end of the day, Fizzy is just one government-sponsored goon among many, and he has been allocated his enormous public grant (despite serious accusations of fraudulent statistics gathering by his organisation, which have never been successfully refuted) to promote the myth of Muslims as victims of supposed racism, bigotry, right-wing extremism and Islamophobia. This suits our government very well, as they want to keep a lid on the rapidly rising outrage and disgust of concerned patriots like ourselves in the face of increasing numbers of atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of Islam.

You may have seen Fizzy’s half-hour prime-time appearance on the BBC on Sunday 1st May, where he was boasting of his influence on the Home Affairs Select Committee to shut down criticism of Islam on social media. (Not so coincidentally, perhaps, last month saw my Facebook account shut down, no doubt due to my highly illuminating and socially responsible 20-part series of postings on "How to Help Muslims Avoid Islamophobic Stereotypes".)

We are now starting to see censorship on a wide scale of any and all criticism of Islam. This is not going to end well, and if our government wants to see massive civil unrest and open public rebellion concerning the failed policies of political correctness and multiculturalism, not to mention the blatant appeasement and Islamo-pandering now apparent at every level in our society, then they are going the right way about it.

To see where this could end up, keep a close eye on the scenes of terror, violence and intimidation that are rapidly becoming the hallmark of everyday life in France, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia, due to the misguided social engineering of the EU when it comes to Islam. (You won't see these reports in the mainstream media, so I recommend a daily dose of Jihad WatchThe Geller ReportFahrenheit211The Religion of PeaceGatestone Institute and Gates of Vienna to start with.) It would not be unreasonable to describe these countries as the canaries in the coalmine, a prelude of what will happen in the UK and elsewhere in the West if Islam is allowed to continue to develop without the necessary checks, controls and restraints. (This misguided social engineering, in my view, is possibly the single best argument for our leaving the EU via Brexit.)

Now, to keep you updated on my personal circumstances - as you may know, I have retained a new barrister to replace Ms Chocolata Teapotolopoulos, the singularly useless defence counsel from my original trial in March of this year. My new barrister agrees with me that the justice system has been corrupted beyond measure by a small group of highly influential people who wield disproportionate power, and that my conviction was a result of a combination of poor defence practice that bordered on the criminally negligent, and a strong bias in the justice system towards Muslim complainants coupled with a strong bias against non-Muslim defendants. He is of the opinion that nothing short of a revolution combined with a root-and-branch overhaul of the justice system will achieve meaningful results, but how and when that might be accomplished is something that he considers to be beyond his current remit.

He is also of the opinion that if there was such a thing as a level playing field, and knowing what we do now concerning the evidence given in court at the original trial, we ought to have an excellent chance of prevailing at appeal. But he thinks that there has been a concerted effort behind the scenes to shut me down and that the appeal will either be disallowed or be scuppered in some other underhand way. Apparently, I have a reputation within the CPS of being "the worst Islamophobe ever" - quite a compliment! - and the primary goal of the CPS has been along the lines of "Right, let's nail the bastard" rather than to apply justice without fear or favour. This is something that I have long suspected, even since before the 2014 trial, where I overheard a CPS official tell the Custody Sergeant in the police station at the time of my arrest (and I quote verbatim), "Throw the book at him - there is far too much of this going around."

However, it’s not all bad news - and the good news this week is that several procedural irregularities have been uncovered, one of which concerns important information withheld by the Crown Prosecution Service witness (Dr Matthew Wilkinson) concerning a major conflict of interest: a highly placed official in the CPS is a patron of a charity organisation founded and run by Dr Wilkinson. This was not declared prior to the trial or indeed at the trial itself, a circumstance which could (in theory at least) potentially lead to contempt of court proceedings and a subsequent overturning of my original conviction.

A serious irregularity has also been highlighted in the judge's sentencing statement, where he found that I was - and also my associates were - seeking to tar all Muslims as "Islamists". Quite apart from the supposed distinction between Muslims and 'Islamists' - a spurious attempt to disassociate Islam from terrorism - this amounts to a de facto statement, or 'legal finding' by the judge that my associates, as well as myself, have been declared to be guilty of inciting racial / religious hatred, an offence for which we were not charged.

Just think of that: simply by virtue of being an associate of the convicted reprobate Tim Burton, you are guilty of inciting racial / religious hatred! (I hope you feel suitably chastened.) I assure you that I am not making this up - the comments are taken straight from the report from the Independent newspaper on the day following my sentence. Needless to say, this is a breach of Article 6 of the ECHR concerning the right of us all to a fair trial, and could (again, in theory at least) also lead to contempt of court proceedings and the subsequent overturning of my original conviction.

Anyway, at the moment I am pursuing all avenues open to me in order to restore my good name. There is also the broader legal argument concerning the validity of Islam in UK law, which we are continuing to endeavour to have heard in a UK court by means of a judicial review. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is being resisted by those in authority whose duty it is to progress the applications through the normal channels. However, we must remember that this is nothing less than a fight to preserve our hard-won freedoms in the face of mounting Islamic totalitarianism and supremacism, and it is a fight that we must win.

As I have said many times before, I have been greatly heartened by the kind and generous support from you and from others during the last few months in the face of what is turning out to have been an elaborate establishment stitch-up. Please continue to spread the word in the meantime - and please continue to support the cause if you able to do so - and I will ensure that you are kept up-to-date with all future developments.

Best regards, Tim (Timothy M. Burton)

Donations via the Big Blue Button at top-right of this page.

It does not matter whether you call islam a religion or a political ideology. the point is these fanatics believe that they are going to Paradise if they commit mass-murder and die in the process.

Muslims are the enemy, they are Islam. The politicians and journalists and activists that have betrayed us, and continue to do so, are also our enemy. These two enemies believe themselves to be in the right.

It is not certain that the masses will rise up in revolt. It is only in countries where far-right parties can be voted into power that there is a possibility of change. The political system in Britain does not allow small political parties power.

Our children have been indoctrinated for decades by the media and schools with diversity, political correctness and multiculturalism so do not expect massive support from your own; and street protests tend to fizzle out.

Had the Muslims been wise and stopped killing us, or if islamic terrorism was forced into decline, Islam would win because it would become difficult to muster opposition to the gradual Muslim takeover in the general population. Our only hope actually is that the terror continues or worsens.

Most people just don’t want no bover. And there is no viable alternative political movement or leadership at present.

The immigration situation in Britain is disheartening and numbing to any caring patriot.

Our only unlikely hope is to gain real political power. There will be no civil war, we will just slide into decline and hopelessness and acceptance.

When the police and courts are against you, your brand of justice becomes eclipsed, the SJWs win. If you go it alone in rage you get caged in with Muslim nasties.

We are being shut down piece by piece in the social media.

The only way Tim Burton could achieve any protection is if as a member of a legitimate political party he had been elected into Parliament. They will grind him down and destroy him and feel justified in doing so.

It is important to understand the severity of the polarization between our views and theirs. Nothing will change them and our only hope is to convince enough like-minded to join us.

-“A serious irregularity has also been highlighted in the judge's sentencing statement, where he found that I was - and also my associates were - seeking to tar all Muslims as "Islamists". Quite apart from the supposed distinction between Muslims and 'Islamists' - a spurious attempt to disassociate Islam from terrorism - this amounts to a de facto statement, or 'legal finding' by the judge that my associates, as well as myself, have been declared to be guilty of inciting racial / religious hatred, an offence for which we were not charged”-.

Their logic is not the same as ours.

I personally see no distinction between Muslims ans Islamists and tar all with the same brush.

Inciting to racial and religious hatred. That is the counter-argument used to condemn every freedom loving English patriot. You have no right to prefer your own kind and to want to preserve your own culture and nation, it has become a criminal act to do so. A member of a tribe in the Amazon jungle has more rights than an Englishman.

Can anyone find merit with the surrender and loss of kin, country and culture?


Here’s the latest from Tim Burton:

Further news concerning my political show trial earlier this year – I do hope that I am not overwhelming you with updates, but I do want to keep you up-to-date with all the relevant information.

We have encountered what might be best described as a certain amount of judicial stonewalling. That is to say, our regular telephone and email enquiries concerning the status of my appeal and the additional contempt of court application, which were politely received and acknowledged over the past few weeks, have reached a point where a judge should either a) allow the appeal and / or the contempt of court to be heard via a full judicial hearing, or b) issue a formal response to dismiss the appeal and / or to disallow the contempt of court application.

It appears that the relevant court staff have either gone on holiday or sick leave and failed to appoint someone to pick up the case where they left off, or there has been an instruction from further up the food chain – possibly from someone in the Crown Prosecution Service – to stall my appeal and / or the contempt of court application in the hope that I will just give up and cut my losses. Either way, our telephone calls are going unanswered, and our emails are not being responded to.

My barrister is of the opinion that there is some deliberate obstruction taking place. In his experience, the courts can move fast enough when they want to – witness the treatment of Tommy Robinson via Canterbury Crown Court not so long ago where a contempt of court application resulted in an arrest and a full court hearing within the space of two or three working days.

Needless to say, I will not be giving up this fight as long as there is breath in my body – however I have had to allocate a further sum of money to my barrister to retain his services, and although I know it is a lot to ask, I would be grateful for any further contribution to my Legal Defence Fund that you feel able to make at this time.

Ultimately, in the event that we continue to have no response, we do have recourse directly to the Court of Appeal, and from there to the European Court of Human Rights. However, I will continue to keep you updated with all relevant events - in the meantime please continue to spread the word to your friends, family, acquaintances and work colleagues through whatever medium you can, whether it be by E-mail, FaceBook, Twitter and / or other forms of social media. Thank you so much for your continued support – it means a great deal to me.

Best regards, Tim (Timothy M Burton, Liberty GB)

Donations via the Big Blue Button on the Liberty GB website –


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