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The criticism of Pakistani council corruption = “racist”

The criticism of Islam = “racist”

The criticism of Muslims (as Muslims) = “racist”

The criticism of mass immigration = “racist”

The criticism of any aspect of a minority culture/behaviour = “racist”

The criticism of Muslim and African countries = “racist”

The criticism of the prophet Muhammad = “racist”

The criticism of Muslim sexual grooming = “racist”

The criticism of school visits to mosques/interfaith events = “racist”

The criticism of – or jokes about – black football players = “racist”

The criticism of Muslim drug-pushers = “racist”

The criticism of Roma criminality = “racist”

The criticism of Baroness Warsi = “racist”

The criticism of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) = “racist”

The criticism of 'Mo' Ansar = “racist”


Where does all this leave the British people? It leaves us in a dreadful state. A state in which any criticism of Islam, Muslims, mass immigration, Pakistani council corruption, etc. cannot even made made - let alone
acted upon. A state in which the British people have been effectively silenced on some of the most important and destructive issues of our day.

And yet the Left thinks that this large-scale criminalising of free speech – this Gulag without walls or bars - will somehow stop or end racism. It will make it worse!

In fact there is a substantial part of the Left that already knows this. They know that the silencing of the British people, etc. will help destabilise society. In a destabilised society it will be easier, they think, to create a revolutionary situation out of which, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new Leftist/progressive state and society can be created. That is, from chaos and inter-communal conflict a “better society” will somehow be formed.

Silencing the (non-Leftist) British people is a means to further radical political and social change. And fanatical and inquisitorial anti-racism is but one tool in that revolution.

Both racism and anti-racism are the absolute prerequisites which many Leftists/progressives require in order to bring about that “more equal” and more "anti-racist" (or non-racist) society. Fighting racism is one to help them bring about a Leftist state and a collectivist society in which the punishments for “racism”, “Islamophobia” and “fascism” will be even more severe than they are now (i.e., the Gulag).

Anti-racism, like racism itself, is another tool in the endless movement of radical/progressive political change which has been ongoing since the 1960s.

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We're in bigger trouble than we realise. Katy Perry dress's up as a geisha girl at an awards ceremony and gets accused of racism.

What do singers do when preforming? They often dress up. Well you can forget that, dressing up and entertaining is now

'Appropriating Culture'.  Whatever that means.  


The very reference, positive or negative, to another culture or ethnic group is now deemed 'racist'. Racism is quite simply being redefined - almost every day - by Leftist academics.

Two people in the article used the same academic neologism: 'race appropriation'. This is just like 'Israeli apartheid' and 'neo-liberalism'. Words, and even whole theories, are concocted by individual professors at various universities and these words are passed down to the people. Then they are often used without most people even knowing the (Leftist) theories behind them and the fact that they are nearly always based on theoretical Marxist bullshit.

Still, use a piece of political jargon, like 'race appropriation', and dimwits feel clever. That's all it takes, as with terms like 'Zionist'. They are often nothing more than soundbites in the end. All one needs to do is to mouth the words. No thought or critical judgement is required.

It's interesting that only non-Japanese have been critical. In fact the Katy Perry show actually includes Japanese actors or dancers.

As often happens, Leftists are discovering racism which even the 'victims' of that supposed racism didn't even register it. What falls under the concept [racism] seems to become wider and wider every day. Thus the words has lost its meaning and its power - which, you'd assume Leftists would think is a negative result.

Yes as you pointed out the full extent of Perry's racism was noticed (judging by the names in the comments) by 'non Japanese' viewers.

Its not often the Japanese are pulled into the racial dog fight, so the Left must have decided its time to get them involved. Once your in the cross hairs of the social engineers your culture won't have much of a future.  

Quite how dressing in the get up of another culture is racist I don't know. (surely stereo typing is a form of racism)  But I'm sure that's the point. But not seeing the link between cultural clothing and racism must make everyone a racist. All those white boyz walking around with dread locks and brightly coloured hats. What about all those African lads who walk around in suites and ties? Its time they got back into some grass skirts. And Black women with Bras on is an obviously tact to cause racial division in society.

Brits that go to Spain wearing sombrero's will have to stop. Anyone who goes to America and thinks they are going to don a Stetson and cowboy boots had better think again. And any non Arab who walks about in a burqa or niqab really should be arrested for their outrageous  crime of appropriating culture. F***ing  Racist's!

It can't be that choosing one aspect of a culture, Geishas, can even be a stereotype, let alone racist. For a start, Geishas existed and they still exist. Also, you have to select some aspect of a culture to feature - so why not Geishas? If you select any culture to portray, you will, by definition, only select an aspect or aspects. So if you choose, say, the Welsh/Wales, you may choose miners of Methodist chapels...

Unless Geishas are seen in strictly negative terms by these tin-pot race theorists. But that may be their racism that's to blame. Katy Perry obviously sees Geishas in a positive way and many Japanese do. So, as is often the case, the anti-racists featured in the article may actually be betraying their own racism. Just like the anti-sex Victorian moralists, and the 17 century puritans, who were themselves sex-obsessed, the anti-racists are often simply betraying their own racism and projecting it in the minds and words of those they class as 'racist'.

Back in the day we used to be able to call these 'anti-racist' Racist's what they were. Loonies!. But to use that term has now become a no no term. In case we upset loonies!

The bit about KP having a positive attitude to the Geisha girls is probably spot on, but will be lost on the Loonies,  gloriously righteous politically correct army of the dammed.  And I fully agree that it is they who are racist.

Eveything you or I say can and will be taken out of context and used against us. I would prefer a world where we all use sign language, because two fingers are so easy use.

Only white people can be racist.

Somalis living in South Africa prefer to return to "war torn Somalia" then put up with the "racism" from Black South Africans.

Somalis and Pakistanis, who’re able to tap their close-knit communities for capital to start businesses, dominate convenience stores known as spaza shops in townships and shantytowns on the outskirts of South Africa’s major cities.

Conspicuous by their distinctive languages and Muslim religion in a mainly Christian country, their business acumen has stoked jealousy among many citizens in South Africa, where one-in-four are unemployed.

What "business acumen" do you need to run a corner shop?  They never had corner shops anywhere in the world before muslims came along???  The truth is that muslims will help muslims, as the koran tells them to.  Muslims cannot go anywhere without coming into conflict with the rest of society.  It is demanded of muslims by the koran.

Somalis and Pakis are victims of black racism in South Africa, and Pakis and Somalis are also victims of racism in Saudi Arabia and in the whole Arab world. Yet, according to Leftist mythology, whites invented racism; and according to Marxist theory, only whites can be racist. Amazing stuff.


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