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Innocent Blood Flows on the Streets of Paris

The EDL extends its heartfelt condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of the butchered journalists who have just paid the ultimate price for freedom of speech.

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was no stranger to attacks from Muslim radicals. At the beginning of November 2011, it survived having its Paris offices destroyed by a petrol bomb, a day after it named the Prophet Mohammed as its “editor-in-chief” for that week’s edition.

This time it’s the staff that have paid a heavy price for their bravery in speaking out against Islam. 12 people are now reported dead, with at least another 4 critically injured and the death toll is expected to rise.

The two attackers, apparently well trained in the use of the AK47 assault weapons they used in the attack, are reported to have shouted that their acts “restored the honour” of their prophet before escaping through the streets of Paris.

While French President Francois Hollande called the shooting a “terrorist attack without a doubt”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attack as “abominable”, European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker called it a “brutal and inhuman attack” and our own Prime Minister David Cameron called the attack “sickening”, the media are continuing their efforts to avoid admitting that this attack was inspired by Islam.

How many signs saying ‘Behead those who insult Mohammed’ have to be paraded on our streets before our politicians take notice? How many lone wolf attacks have to take place before the authorities admit that wolves attack in packs?

In the words of French politician Philip Cordery: “Not only France, the whole of Europe is in shock today because by doing this horrendous act, the terrorists are once again attacking one of the important symbols of freedom, which is freedom of the press...”.

Like a join-the-dots puzzle, with attacks in Australia, Mumbai, Baghdad, London, New York, Boston and now Paris, how many more need to take place before someone calls attention to the drawing – not of a cartoon – but the hideous face of Islam?

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Read the cowardice and hypocrisy of America's most famous "counter culture" cartoonist, and his respect for islam and his fear of being killed for drawing the arse of a friend of his called "Mohammed".

And he, living in some unknown village in France, has the nerve to say America has no journalists these days, just PR guys.  Well, guess what -- it appears your no longer any kind of radical, counter-culture cartoonist, man.

He even went to a "Je Suis Charlie" demo, but can still publish this cop-out.

I see Sugra Ahmed's statement as a nuanced attempt at the classic Muslim have-it-both-ways argument.  Look at these two statements:

1. Those Muslims who feel offended may have a right

2. the 'all is forgiven' sentiment is important and gracious

In other words, the Islamic Fascists want to be given the benefit of being accepted as one of us, because they have the same feelings (point 2), WITHOUT conceding that the act was wrong (point 1), and without conceeding that the Islamic Fascists have a right to do this again, should the dumb kuffar transgress the boundaries of "peace in the land", i.e. insult Islam again.

He isn't giving us anything, but the dumb Kuffar cattle will happily swallow it, and go back to munching grass again.  Anyone can express sympathy and say they understand the feelings, but it does not progress the issue unless you assert a clear point of policy.  Its like the kind of chat you get in psychotherapy: "I understand why you hate your father", "I understand why you are so angry that you hit her", etc.  

But we've just had 10 of our most important and irreplaceable freedom fighters wiped out: we need more than expressions of emotional sympathy.  We need this from the Islamic Fascists:

  • a statement that the right to free speech supersedes the right to be offended
  • a commitment that they will not do this again, under any circumstances
  • visible actions taken to locate anyone who approves of the enforcement of Islamic censorship on democratic society, and then ban them from all officially recognised mosques and Muslim organisations. (Of course, this presupposes a Government registry of all approved mosques, and the rest closed down and buildings levelled).

But of course, that will never happen.  The Islamic gangsters know what they are doing, while the Kuffar baby-men suck at the teat of their post modern fantasies.

'Don't react': Muslim Council of Britain tells worshippers to remain calm after release of new Charlie Hebdo

Hang on, David Cameron and Theresa May have assured us, over and over again, that "islam is the religion of peace".

Is the MCB expecting muslims to kill themselves, the way buddhists do as a protest.

Or does the MCB think that the followers of "the religion of peace" are more likely to kill others?

The fucking Quisling newspapers can't even be bothered to makes sure their lies make grammatical sense.  Here's The Telegraph's sub-title:

"Guidance, which appears on the Muslim Council of Britain's website, acknowledges that Muslims will 'inevitably' the depiction of Mohammed on the cover of Charlie Hebdo"

The Quisling Telegraph goes on to gush about the character of Mohammed.

  • The advice points out that the prophet "faced many great challenges but he exhibited impeccable beauty of character in his actions", adding: "He did not react inhumanely or violently. He was attacked verbally and physically in Taif but he forgave the people.

Why don't they "balance" this deceit from the MCB with a quote from Ibn Ishaq, say, the passage where Mohammed tortures Kinana with fire in order to make Kinana tell where his gold is hidden.

This morning I watched an interview with Marine Le Pen, followed by a response by Prof. Bernard Henri Levi.  The latter was gushing about how Le Pen was not at the march (she was not invited, when Abbas was).  Then the Prof went on to say how marvellous it was the the brother of the leader of Qatar was there "and this was noticed by the French people".  I'll bet 99% of French people have no idea what the leader of Qatar looks like, never mind his brother.

I thought: how odd that you, a jew, would gush about a representative of one of the principal states funding jihad.  What was so marvellous was that apparently Charlie Hebdo had mocked Qatar, but here they were showing forgiveness.  Then I thought: "hmm they mocked Marine Le Pen, so why wasn't she invited so she could show she put national unity above the abuse of herself."

Later I stumbled upon this, which shows just how Charlie Hebdo, like all leftwing groups, used the cant of "freedom of speech" when in fact they were fascistic.


What do you do if you belong to a tyrannical elite that has misgoverned an entire continent for decades, radically transforming its demography and outlawing free speech, when all the dire consequences your opponents warned about are fulfilled in two bloody massacres? No problem: you simply hijack the protests and pose as the champions of free speech.

The “I am Charlie” buffoonery sweeping France is an impressive demonstration of the establishment’s continuing ability to manipulate the public, with the assistance of the useful idiots in the Twittersphere and the organised Left. Invent an inane slogan and use it as a lightning conductor for public anger and fear. Having caused the crisis, the European elites have now assumed leadership of the potential backlash. It is beyond caricature.

The so-called “march for unity” in Paris was an affirmation by the European elite that, no matter how many people are murdered by jihadists, so far as the imposition of multiculturalism and immigration are concerned it is business as usual. We may be confident that throughout last week’s traumatic events the rubber stamps continued pounding on admission documents for legal immigrants and that more illegals penetrated porous frontiers. This was a march for a specific kind of unity: imams were invited, but not Marine Le Pen, leader of the largest political party in France.

By assembling more than 40 world “leaders” on the Paris streets, the European establishment handed the jihadists a massive propaganda victory. In Germany, Angela Merkel, with astonishing impudence even for a legacy politician, used the Paris atrocities to reaffirm multiculturalism and attempt to demonise the Pegida protesters whose concerns had been vindicated, while choosing to march with Muslims.

“Freedom of speech” has suddenly become the rallying cry of those who have suppressed free expression for years. The hypocrisy is epitomised by the adoption of Charlie Hebdo as an icon of free speech. The brutal murder of its journalists should not blind us to the true character of the magazine. Charlie Hebdo is a far-left publication promoting authoritarian repression of politically incorrect views. Just 18 months ago it published a petition to President Francois Hollande demanding the compulsory dissolution of the Front National. It had already run a similar petition in 1996.

“We ask you to dissolve the Front National, this league whose political aim is to bring about the end of the Republic,” said the Charlie Hebdo petition. So, a party that came first in the recent European elections in France, with 4.7 million votes and 24 seats in the European parliament, and whose leader received 6.4 million votes in the 2012 presidential election and is ahead of Francois Hollande in polls for the next contest, should be forcibly dissolved, in the view of freedom-loving Charlie Hebdo.

Its 24 MEPs and more than 2,000 councillors, elected by the public, should be expelled from their seats and millions of voters disfranchised because Charlie Hebdo disapproves of their policies. No wonder the European political establishment is keen to hold up that kind of “freedom” as a template.

The hypocrisy is not limited to France. This week Nick Clegg said on LBC radio: “At the end of the day, in a free society people have to be free to offend each other.” Qué? That is a new gurgle from Baby Clegg. The Liberal Democrats believe in the right to offend? Since when? The sole defeat suffered by those relentlessly extending “hate speech” laws to gag the British public was in 2009 when the House of Lords refused to withdraw the Waddington Amendment exempting verbal criticism of homosexuality from prosecution and the Commons had to give in, after four attempts to reverse it.

In the final division on 9 November 2009, when 342 of the swarming pathogens on the slime-green benches voted against freedom of speech, they included 50 of the 62 Liberal Democrat MPs then in Parliament. Will Clegg now move to repeal the notorious Thought Crime laws? Don’t hold your breath.

Dave is at it as well. While trying to exploit the Paris murders to push through totalitarian legislation empowering the government to monitor its citizens’ communications, he too is banging the Freedom of Speech drum. Hearken to the latest classic effusion of Daveguff: “I stand with the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression. It’s very important in our countries that we have a freedom – you are allowed to offend people.” Very good, Dave. So, you will be repealing the “hate speech” laws, will you? Uh-huh. Just checking.

If the liberal political establishment is not removed from power it will destroy us – is already half-way to doing so. The shamelessness with which it has hijacked the incipient backlash against the deadly consequences of its misrule shows the degree of dissimulation it will employ in attempting to cling to power. It will not succeed. For the moment, what is most important is to see through its blatant deception and reject all its hypocrisies. We are not the Charlies our rulers think we are.

Breitbart is becoming the place where I'm finding my views are being expressed in a political news medium.

A French Muslim coffee shop owner has received death threats after displaying a sign reading “Je suis Charlie” outside his London café. Adel Defilaux says a man stormed into his business, The Antishop, in Brick Lane, East London, at 9.30 yesterday morning, demanding he take the sign down.

However, Mr Defilaux remained defiant, at which point the man became aggressive and warned that anyone who supported the French magazine should die.

Mr Defilaux told the London Evening Standard: “He came in very aggressively and he told me to remove the sign. I asked him why and he said his community was offended by it and said if I didn’t remove it something bad was going to happen.

“I told him I was Muslim myself and I wanted to talk gently with him and I said people can’t kill journalists for expressing themselves.

“I calmly explained to him that what he was saying was not the reality of Islam. I thought I could calm him down, but it had the opposite effect. He went crazy.

“He said ‘I believe these people deserve to be killed and anyone supporting them deserves also to be killed’.

“I was all alone and started getting scared. He was a dangerous person. He said if I didn’t take down the sign he would smash up the shop, and then he just left.”

He added that he had received no other complaints about the sign, and had decided to display it to show solidarity with the people of France.

He also has no intention of taking it down: “I feel weak by myself with my little café trying to fight against him but I won’t let him do what he wants. I’m a Muslim like him and if I want to support Charlie Hebdo I will do it. I don’t want to let him win.”

The Real Scandals of the Paris March

Commentators on both the left and the right are slamming President Obama for missing the march in Paris last Sunday. Even a stalwart courtier like CNN’s Jake Tapper sniffed that he was “ashamed” that the U.S. was represented by an ambassador––one, by the way, who got her appointment by bundling money for the president’s political campaigns. But who’s surprised at this latest display of diplomatic incompetence? This is the same president who gave the queen of England an I-Pod loaded with his speeches, banished a bust of Churchill from the White House, bowed low to the Saudi King, blew off Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, and insulted on an open mike the prime minister of Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East. Missing the march is just Obama being Obama.

More significant is the fact that these complaints are just distracting us from more important questions about the march. The first is, what took the French so long? In 2012, to take just one example, a jihadist killed 7 people, including 3 Jewish children, in Toulouse and Montauban. Why did those deaths not merit a large display of  “solidarity” and multicultural togetherness? Some will argue that the Charlie Hebdo killings deserve more attention because they struck at a foundational belief of liberal democracy, free speech. Indeed it did.

But killing Jewish children just because they are Jews strikes at equally foundational beliefs––that all people have human rights whatever their race or creed, and that confessional tolerance is mandatory for an open and free society. Yes, the latest massacre also killed 4 Jews just because they were Jews, but those victims of the violent assault on our principles have been an afterthought. Passionate proclamations of the importance of free speech? Heard a lot those. Equally passionate calls to fight anti-Semitism? Not so much. Perhaps some people have some residual decency, and are embarrassed at being reminded that just 6 months ago, these same streets of Paris were filled with protestors marching in support of Hamas, vandalizing synagogues, and shouting anti-Semitic and genocidal slogans.

So there is a fair amount of hypocrisy in such calls for free speech and tolerance, coming as they do from the same people who institute “hate speech” codes against the critics of Islam, and who brand as “Islamophobes,” and “xenophobes,” and “neo-fascists” those political parties that call for a renewed commitment to Western civilization, and take pride in the culture that created human rights, democracy, tolerance, and all the other goods the scorners of national and cultural pride take for granted. Hence Bernard Henry-Levy snidely dismisses as “arsonists of the soul” those parties that call for patriotism and pride in their culture, and the need to defend it from the enemies that want to destroy it. So much for Henry-Levy’s cries for “national unity,” an invitation apparently valid only for those who endorse the flabby “tolerance” and multicultural fantasies that have enabled the illiberal, homophobic, misogynistic, and lethally intolerant jihadists shedding blood in the streets of Paris.

One suspects that the outcry reflects anger not so much at those who murder innocents in order to destroy liberal democracy and human rights, but at these particular killers who dared to slaughter left-wing journalists in what François Hollande laughably called the “capital of the world.” One wonders what the response would have been had the same number of people been murdered in a National Front office out in the sticks. It’s the arrogant provincialism of the has-been great power, the Gallic version of that old New Yorker cover showing the U.S. as a vast wasteland west of the East River. Killing Jews or cops in the provinces is one thing, but left-wing journalists in the City of Lights? Now that’s a cause for outrage. Roger Kimball got it right when he wrote, “The whole production is slightly nauseating in its fakeness, its self-aggrandizing narcissism, and its essential mendacity.”

But the most nauseating scandal of the march was the presence of Palestinian honcho

Mahmoud Abbas, participating with other heads of state in an event supposedly memorializing victims who include 4 Jews killed by jihadists. But Abbas is not a “head of state.” He is the “chairman” of a terrorist gang called the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a member of another terrorist outfit, Fatah, and a holocaust denier. Since 1993 he has headed up the Palestinian Authority, that Potemkin “government” behind which for 20 years now he and his cronies have incited hatred against Jews in Arab Palestinian popular culture and schools, brutally suppressed political rivals, fleeced the West of funds that arm soldiers and line the pockets of the PA’s “leaders” ($100 million just for Abbas), and serially engineered terrorist murders of Israelis, over 1500 since Oslo handed control of Judaea and Samaria to the Palestinians.

So a “leader” whose whole life has been committed to the destruction of Jews and their national homeland, who has colluded in terrorist murder, who regularly praises murderers of Israelis as “martyrs” and names schools after them, and who has rejected offers of the nation that he tells gullible Westerners is people’s purpose of their violence––this man who embodies everything opposed to the liberal democratic principles of Western civilization is invited to march in a celebration of those principles? A “leader” who arrests and tortures journalists marches in support of free speech? A killer of Jews attends a memorial in which Jews have been killed? But what should we expect when nations forged by Western principles have sunk so low that they make a terrorist gang a member of U.N. institutions––with the approval of France, remember–– and the International Criminal Court, one of whose charges is to prosecute genocide and war crimes like randomly firing rockets into cities. You have to go back to the bloodstained Soviet judges sitting on the Nuremberg Tribunal to find such absurd hypocrisy.

The rot in the West, its failure of cultural nerve and collapse of civilizational morale, will not be stopped by big talk and displays of communal emotion. To quote Churchill’s words in response to the Munich debacle, “This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in olden time.” And that “stand” will require more than just words and marches.

Have your staff killed, and then show an image of Mo looking forgiving, and still "moderate muslims" will hate you.

Betrayal: that was the word on many lips in Roubaix, France's most Muslim city, after a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed was splashed across the front page of the “survivors’” edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine.

“They had the chance to calm things down but instead they decided to pour oil on the fire,” said Bab, a 31-year-old Algerian working in a mobile phone shop in the mostly north African district of L’Epeule.

“I went on the ‘unity march’ [called in reaction to last week’s deadly attacks on Charlie Hebdo] here on Sunday, and I condemn the violence. But the magazine just goes ahead and puts this blasphemy on its front page. I feel betrayed. They are simply putting more hatred into the hearts of extremists,” he said.

Pat Condell's latest - Nothing to do with islam ;

Amazing that this small minority of uneducated muslims manage to hack over 1,000 French websites, to post support for ISIS in the wake of the politically-correct Charlie Hebdo being massacred and 2 million French people marching "for unity".

Several news websites have pointed out that the fakery of the photo of Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, Netanyahu "leading" the demo in Paris

After the photo, all bar 2 of the "leaders" got in their cars and drove away.  Hollande and one other went to join the marchers.

These dissenting newspapers only mentioned this (as they admit) because people had tweeted the photo which blew the sham wide open (and some of those photos were re-tweeted over 10,000 times).


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