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Innocent Blood Flows on the Streets of Paris

The EDL extends its heartfelt condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of the butchered journalists who have just paid the ultimate price for freedom of speech.

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was no stranger to attacks from Muslim radicals. At the beginning of November 2011, it survived having its Paris offices destroyed by a petrol bomb, a day after it named the Prophet Mohammed as its “editor-in-chief” for that week’s edition.

This time it’s the staff that have paid a heavy price for their bravery in speaking out against Islam. 12 people are now reported dead, with at least another 4 critically injured and the death toll is expected to rise.

The two attackers, apparently well trained in the use of the AK47 assault weapons they used in the attack, are reported to have shouted that their acts “restored the honour” of their prophet before escaping through the streets of Paris.

While French President Francois Hollande called the shooting a “terrorist attack without a doubt”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attack as “abominable”, European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker called it a “brutal and inhuman attack” and our own Prime Minister David Cameron called the attack “sickening”, the media are continuing their efforts to avoid admitting that this attack was inspired by Islam.

How many signs saying ‘Behead those who insult Mohammed’ have to be paraded on our streets before our politicians take notice? How many lone wolf attacks have to take place before the authorities admit that wolves attack in packs?

In the words of French politician Philip Cordery: “Not only France, the whole of Europe is in shock today because by doing this horrendous act, the terrorists are once again attacking one of the important symbols of freedom, which is freedom of the press...”.

Like a join-the-dots puzzle, with attacks in Australia, Mumbai, Baghdad, London, New York, Boston and now Paris, how many more need to take place before someone calls attention to the drawing – not of a cartoon – but the hideous face of Islam?

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What gets me, is the media and the poltiicians are of the same opinion as islamo-fascists, the SWP  and the Pope.  When such a group of people are all singing from the same hymn-sheet, you just know they are wrong.  All we need now is for the future King of England to start saying he agrees with the Pope and the SWP.  We'd have pontoon!

This by one of the world's supposed experts on the clash of islam and the West.  What a fucking idiot.

The accusations that are thrown at Charlie Hebdo are a slander. I mean the accusations thatCharlie Hebdo is a racist newspaper, has drifted to the reactionary right, and foments hatred for Muslims and immigrants. No, Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists have repeatedly represented the Prophet Muhammad in a sympathetic light, and they have done so in order to draw a contrast with the Islamic fanatics—and, in this fashion, the cartoonists have instinctively made the right distinction.

I found this via a recommendation by Melanie Phillips.  My incredibly low opinion of her is vindicated once more.

One must presume that neither Paul Berman nor Melanie Phillips has read a single historic islamic text concerning the muslim history of Mohammed.

I'm so pissed off with this idea that someone causes offence.

It's the people who are offended who take offence. 

Antony said:

What a totally bizarre thing to do.

I have to assume that Obama has discovered that the absence of any American presence at the faked "world leaders with 1 million protestors" has come in for serious criticism.

But this seems like a truly asinine way to try to rectify this.  Everything is tres bon.

Demonstrations in Bradford over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.  Not a demonstration against muslims killing in the name of islam.  Not a demonstration against 1000s of muslim grooming & raping schoolgirls.

Here is an article printed in advance of the above demo - - have'nt been able to find anything else reporting on it so far - you would have thought it newsworthy, yet all the tv news reported yesterday was a lorry fire in the channel tunnel.

Top law firm employee diatribe against apologetic muslims ;

I'd like to recall you that Semitism includes both

Arabs [often of brown Skin, that several of you clearly hate, and I am very sorry for that, and I feel ashamed for that (considering that you probably belong to the same, let's say, Ethnicity or Culture that I belong to)]

and Hebrews [often of, let's say, white Skin, that several of you clearly adore (maybe in a mere Attempt of Self-praise, which is, in my humble Opinion, very indecent)].

Then, anyone who offends an Arab and/or his/her Culture, should be accused of Anti-semitism [which is an exclusive Accusation, created to especially support the (self appointed) Superiority of a a, let's say ethnic and cultural Group over any other ethnic and cultural Group on Earth],

then, the Charlies of the Hebdomadaire, if one wants to be consistent, should have accused them of Anti-semitism [beacause of the (by the Way very ugly, sorry for them and for that) offensive Drawings].

Anyway, if there are international Laws against Anti-semitism, there should be equal, international Laws, Against-[any other ethnic and cultural Group existing on Earth].

I'd like to remember that both:

Mohandas Karamchad Gandhi, who peacefully fought against Colonialism and Imperialism and Racism [applied by the Invaders against the invaded, local Population] both in Southafrica and in India,

and Nelson Mandela, who peacefully fought against the same Things in Southafrica,

and Martin Luther King, who peacefully fought against Slavery and Racism, applied against his Community by Colonialists and Imperialists in Northamerica,

have been accused of Anti-semitism.

Now, if those FREEDOM FIGHTERS have been called Anti-semites, one might indeed wonder what's ... Semitism? Ineed, it appears to be, let's call it, Blankism,

a mere and true racist Mouvement, which has caused so many Victims ... on Earth, that it is no Need me to recall all the historical Accounts which have seen it playing its Role.

Now, dear All: are you consistent? Are you in favour of Freedom, or Liberty? Are you honest [above all]? Do you really hate Racism? Are you fair [which means, against the so called ''double Morality Standard'']? Are you in favour of Ethics [which is the essential Value, which can be contacted within ourselves, it resides in our Hearts/Cores: the Hearts and Cores of Any1, independently of one's ... Skin Colour, Ethnicity, cultural Indoctrination or cultural mental Shape]?

Then, show it.

Accuse whoever there is to accuse, apply Justice [which is Equanimity and which corresponds to Peace, Salaam, Shalom], and support and spread Freedom, or Liberty, for Any1, anywhere, anytime.

Otherwise, your Activism is not only biased, it is wretched.

Very respectfully, from an Activist of your Forum.

About Liberty or Freedom is you prefer, please refer to the Excerpt by ''the History of NaiTalim'' by Gandhi [ ]

''This did not mean however that any school would do, at any price. In Durban, because of the general respect which Gandhiji had won in the white community, he might have sent his own boys to one of the elite schools which Indian children were normally not allowed to attend. This he refused to do as a matter of self-respect. They might have had a good literary education - in English, of course - but at the price of being party to an unfair discrimination against their own people. "I gave them," wrote Gandhiji, "an object-lesson in liberty and self-respect at the cost of the literary training. Where a choice has to be made between liberty and learning.....the former has to be preferred."


Truthful Thoughts, ggod Feelings and beautiful Deeds: to offer and to receive, aywhere, anytime, to you, us, Any1. And Happiness inside/outside.


An inspiring Prayer by a Community which has been invaded by Foreigners who have destroyed it and its Members [let's remember that]:

And here something from Japan about Humility [there is an Administrator on this Forum who loved Japan and its Culture, then, let's pay Attention to this Interview]:


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