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Two recent stories make me pose this question.  The stories are:

Islamic radical shot dead by anti-terrorism police in France after ...


France Seeks to Reclaim 'No-Go' Zones

From the first story:

‘It was part of a nationwide counter-terrorist operation aimed at capturing the gang responsible for planting a low explosive device in a kosher food shop in the northern Paris suburb of Sarcelles on September 19th.

‘A judicial source in the French capital said all the men targeted today were thought to be members of a secretive Salafist group.’

From the second story:

‘The French government has announced a plan to boost policing in 15 of the most crime-ridden parts of France in an effort to reassert state control over the country's so-called "no-go" zones: Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims.’

H/T to Miche

The explicit recognition of the Islamically inspired reaction to this crime tsunami is a welcome development on the part of the State security forces.  They are not just talking about run-of-the-mill gangs and criminals but of people who follow Mohammed, are inspired by his ‘perfect’ example, and take instructions from the Qur'an ‘to strike fear in the hearts of non-Muslims.’ Qur'an 8:12

So it seems that there is a growing recognition on the part of the security forces that they are up against a different type of enemy.  They should look to their history for guidance, e.g. Tours.  The pushers of Sharia-land in France are up against a force that appears to call them by their right name.  That is good news for all of us. 

However, for the French State to truly reclaim control over its own territory from the enemies within, it will require more resolve than they have shown so far.  I hope I am wrong but I fear there will be compromise, accommodation and more ‘sensitivity training.’  But they have started a process now which they must win.  Anything short of complete victory and the destruction of the no-go zones in their own country will mean surrender to the forces of jihad.

On another point: The Muslim vote was crucial in voting in the French President Hollande who was fully supportive of the latest police actions.  How this will work out in the larger political scene and in the long term I cannot venture to guess. 

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Even the BBC is saying it:

Front Nationale at the gates of power.

I have to say: at no point between 1980 and 2010 would I have thought this was a future scenario.

This quote is rather amusing:

"We have to act differently. We have to speak differently. In order to be listened to and to be heard" said the French PM.  So, basically, the harlot politicians are saying "we need to steal some of Marine Le Pen's clothes".

I'm sure it wouldn't have happened if Marine Le Penn's father had stayed in control of the party, because:

(a) he had some genuinely "right wing" policies :-)

(b) he wasn't a young woman

There's a moral in there somewhere.

It looks like a shoe sale.


France bans street prayers

PARIS Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:24pm EDT

Shoes are seen outside a makeshift prayer site as Muslims celebrate Friday prayers at a former fire brigade in Paris September 16, 2011. REUTERS-Charles Platiau
Muslims overflow outside into the courtyard for Friday prayers at a former fire brigade in Paris September 16, 2011. REUTERS-Charles Platiau
Muslims gather to celebrate Friday prayers inside a large room at a former fire brigade in Paris September 16, 2011. REUTERS-Charles Platiau

1 OF 3. Shoes are seen outside a makeshift prayer site as Muslims celebrate Friday prayers at a former fire brigade in Paris September 16, 2011.


(Reuters) - A French ban on praying in the street came into force on Friday, driving thousands of Muslim worshippers in northern Paris into a makeshift prayer site in a disused fire brigade barracks, angering a small but vocal minority.

The street-prayer ban has highlighted France's problems assimilating its 5-million-strong Muslim community, which lacks prayer space, and follows a long-running controversy, fanned by far-right leader Marine Le Pen, over Muslims forced to lay their prayer mats on the streets in big cities.

Interior Minister Claude Gueant directed Muslims in Paris to temporary spaces made available pending the building of a huge new prayer space and warned that force would be used if necessary as police end their tolerance of street prayers.


Seven months before a presidential election, the ban has struck some in France as an attempt to rally far-right sympathizers to President Nicolas Sarkozy's center-right camp.

At the barracks, Cheik Mohammed Salah Hamza oversaw prayers for Muslims who had migrated from around the city. Worshippers streamed in, spreading their woven prayer mats over the floor of the hangar-like building and out into the courtyard.

"It's the beginning of a solution," Hamza told Reuters before the start of the service. "The faithful are very pleased to be here. The space, which holds 2,000, is full."

Many worshippers were also upbeat. "This will be better than rue Mryha," said one man, referring to a Paris street renowned for hosting street prayers. "Apparently, it shocked people."

Le Pen has described the growing phenomenon of praying on the streets and sidewalks as an "invasion."

"It's Marine Le Pen who started all this," a woman who gave her name as Assya said on her way into the former barracks on the outskirts of Paris. "Now the government has banned street prayers and sent us here so they can gather votes from the (far-right) National Front (party) -- that's all."


In France, where a strict separation of church and state has been in force for a century, public displays of religious activity are frowned upon.

Yet efforts by Sarkozy's conservative government to restrict religious displays, such as a ban on full-face veils, have drawn criticism as empty measures that unfairly single out Muslims.

France counts the largest Muslim minority of any European country. But only a portion -- about 10 percent, or the same proportion as among Catholics -- are practicing, according to Muslim associations.

As a rule, radical Muslim voices in France are rare, but Friday's prayers in northern Paris drew a small but angry protest from a radical minority more often seen in online posts.

An hour before the first prayer young men with beards, green headbands and banners gathered on rue Myrha to discourage worshippers from moving to the new site.

"No system in the universe can control us aside from Allah," shouted one young man. "There is more dignity in praying in the grass than in their false mosque," said another.

As the prayers began, dozens of young men belonging to a group called Forsane Alizza disrupted the service with shouts of "Allahu akbar" -- "God is greatest" -- and jostled with security.

(Additional reporting by Gerard Bon)

It takes some opera singers to enforce the law!  What were the police and security forces doing?

This woman even manages some humour at the end.  When the Government disregards its own people the People need to fend for themselves.

Doctors Without Borders have opened a new migrant camp near the town of Grande Synthe, in the Nord-Pas de Calais region. The camp was set up without the approval of the French government. 

So the most educated people in society are demonstrating their political bias in defiance of what is best for the society as a whole.  They are threatening the health of the body politic by encouraging the spread of this contagion.

The rise of French identity

Corsican terrorists threaten muslim terrorists ;

Éric Zemmour: French army prepared for civil war

'Islam and Islamism are the same thing.'

'This is not France anymore.  In the coffee shops there are no women.'

'Islam is not a religion, it is law, a right, and a nation.  It's not a religion!'

Using the necessity to record people with parents who might give the child sickle-cell anaemia, one writer has calculated that 73% of all new-borns in Paris are of (at least one) immigrant parent.  

On the other hand, Barack and Michelle’s daughters might have been tested because they could have inherited the mutation through both parents. Or perhaps not. The French state specifies, “Both parents must come from a region of risk,” so the test might not apply to the Obama daughters, whose risk is half as great as if their parents were both fully black.

To take a Continental example, half-African tennis player Yannick Noah, who won the French Open in 1983, would not be tested because his mother was white. Nor would his son, NBA center Joakim Noah, because his mother was Miss Sweden.

So babies who have one native French parent are not tested even if the other parent is black. It’s not clear what the government wants done for people like the Obama daughters, who are three-quarters black.

Let’s put all the potential adjustments in one place before I reveal the unadjusted 2015 percentage of newborns tested:

Some numbers of wholly European babies are tested because both parents come from the southernmost parts of Europe.

Some babies who are as black as Barack Obama are not tested because one parent is northern European.

All nonwhite Indochinese, East Asians, and Polynesians are not tested.

Overall, I’d guesstimate that these three adjustments about wash out. Maybe they would bump the real percentage of nonwhite babies up or down somewhat. It’s hard to say. But considering them all together, they don’t seem likely to bias the number all that much.

After all those preliminaries, here are the unadjusted percentages of newborns targeted for testing in France because both parents come from the Global South:

2005: 25.6 percent
2010: 31.5 percent
2015: 38.9 percent

And Paris in 2015 was 73.4 percent, up from 54.2 percent just a decade earlier.

On this basis alone, it seems that within 20 years the French will be a minority in their own country.  That France refuses to record data on race and religion means that no-one really knows what is going on in that country.  

paul collings a dit :

Has Islam become the dominant religion in France and where does that leave the country if true. Has France seized to be France. Is its culture and history about to be re-written or  erased. How fast can the turn around be.

Macron also hit out at comments made by Le Pen earlier this week in which she claimed that under a Le Pen presidency none of the major attacks in the last five years would have happened. “I heard a few days ago Ms Le Pen say ‘with me, there would have been no such attack.’ No, zero risk does not exist, we live and we will live permanently with the threat of Terrorism,” he said.

'we live and we will live permanently with the threat of Terrorism,” he said.'

And he aspires to the be the leader of France?!  

He deliberately avoids the meaning of what Ms Le Pen said or meant.  She was referring to the attacks by Muslim jihadists and he knew it.  And surely there is a sure-fire way to prevent terrorism by Muslims living in France?  Responsible Governments are supposed to come up with solutions to basic problems.  Macron's comments echos the comments by Muslim Mayor of London: 

Sadiq Khan has said he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city” and encouraged Londoners to be vigilant to combat dangers.

We will see what the people of France decide on 7 May.


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