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The Scale of the French Question: 30k car-b-ques per year & a media blackout

What is so worrying about these problems, is the connivance of the government & the media to conceal information from the public.  The issue arises in Britain too -- there are so many statistics denied us (the number of muslims in prison, the number of children suffering FGM, the number of anti-white racist crimes, the number of vulnerable girls being pimped out).  Trawl through local newspapers online, and you see shocking stuff appearing all over the place.  But the national media and the government information arms never collate this information together and publish it.

They are leaving future generations to face up to the problem when it can no longer be concealed.

These car-b-ques were recognised in January 2011, when 1000 cars were torched in one night.  I thought the media had mistakenly published a story from a previous year. But when I went back and checked, it was just that 1000 cars had been torched the previous year.  In January 2012, the French government/media decided not to publish any stasistics at all about this (it still occurred but the general public were kept in the dark). 

France's Toll of Destruction

From the desk of Paul Belien on Fri, 2005-11-18 22:23

Not a single word in the press anymore about the ongoing vandalism in France’s lost neighbourhoods. Yesterday the French government officially declared the riots over. Police figures are at exactly 98 cars torched on Wednesday night. This, the police say, is “a normal average.” Consequently the 20th consecutive night of violence was declared the last one.

Last night probably another hundred cars were set ablaze – as will be the case tonight, tomorrow night, and the following ones. Before large-scale rioting started on 27 October the police had already registered 30,000 car-becues this year – an average of, indeed, 100 a day. What a boost this must be to the French automobile industry. In the same period there were 3,800 attacks on police officers – a “normal” non-riot average of almost 13 a day.

During the past three weeks of rioting an additional 10,000 cars were torched; 130 police officers got wounded; some 100 factories and industrial buildings were vandalized and/or set ablaze; the same thing happened to some 100 schools, kindergartens, sports centers and (other) government buildings, as well as to at least 13 Christian cemetaries, chapels and churches, plus at least 4 Jewish centers and synagogues. There was also one attempt to set fire to a mosque. Two people were murdered: 56-year old Jean-Claude Irvoas was beaten to death in front of his wife and child, and 61-year old Jacques Le Chenadec was kicked to death when he tried to extinguish a burning dustbin in front of the apartment block where he lived.

Today in the Belgian newspaper De Tijd Nicole le Guennec, a French sociologist, says that car torching has been a common phenomenon in France for the past fifteen years. If this is true and if 100 is the average toll of destruction each night, a staggering 547,500 cars have been destroyed in France during that period. Probably more, because when one car is set alight and the fire destroys surrounding cars as well, the statistics count it as only one car fire. The worst night is traditionally New Year’s eve. Last New Year’s eve 330 cars were destroyed, a low figure compared to previous New Years when around 400 cars were set alight.

In contemporary multicultural France such staggering figures of lawlessness are considered to be a sign of “normality” and are hardly reported in the mainstream media. Neither is the following little piece of information. This week Professor Dominique Reynié of Sorbonne University in Paris, told the Brussels weekly Knack that the French state was obliged to borrow money last week to pay the wages of its civil servants. “The money has run out. One must concede: this is no example of a strong state.”

Perhaps what we are witnessing in Europe, but what the politicians and the media dare not say aloud, is the implosion of the (welfare) state. The Soviet Union suddenly collapsed in 1989, when owing to the inability of communism to create wealth, the state went bankrupt, was unable to maintain its army and hold its empire together. In France, the same thing might be happening. The socialist welfare state is no longer able to maintain law and order and is abandoning entire neighbourhoods to anarchy.

Is there a way out? If one is to believe the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut there is not. In an interview in the Parisian conservative newspaper Le Figaro last Tuesday (November 15), he said that it is not the French Republic that is failing. “The school of the Republic died a long time ago. It’s the post-Republic model of super-sympathetic educative community immersed in social activism that’s sinking. But alas, it’s an indestructible model, since it feeds on its own fiascos. It reacts to every failure with intensification. And here we go again: through scorn for truth, tomorrow the French school will thus drown the diversity of the black slave trade in the ocean of anti-Western political correctness. We’ll teach colonization not as a terrible, ambiguous historical phenomenon, but as a crime against humanity. Thus we’ll respond to the challenge of integration by hastening national disintegration.”

It is the same with the social-democratic welfare model. It feeds on its own fiascos and will continue to do so until it collapses – implodes – under its own weight. Consequently it is an indestructible model. The only way out is for the implosion to come soon. If it does, then national disintegration may perhaps still be avoided. If it does not, the social fabric of the nation will be damaged beyond repair.

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This is the 5th year in a row that there have been mass car-b-ques in France.  The British media do not even report it any more.

There was a 10% reduction this year.  Only 1,000 people lost their cars to the scummy immigrants who torch them.  I suppose the savaves can't be bothered to spend the money on fireworks.

As France does not take information on a persons ethnicity its hard to know what is going on in France. Most immigrants that  head to france,  end up in Paris, and its estimated that 37% of Paris residents are immigrants. Most coming from Asia and Africa. Asia I'm sure doesn't mean china, and Africa probably means all their old colonial countries which are mainly muslim.

The lack of Car Bques is probably due to the fact that most young Parisians have moved away from the Muslim enclaves, due to their affluence and desire to live in the country side.   The lack of indigenous French people in Paris has nothing to do with the increase in  Muslims. Honest gov, I don't see a relation!.

Anyway a lack of affluent Parisians is probably contributing to the lack of combustible material.   

Don't worry folks - the Muslims seem to have made a New Years resolution !

Incredible. I forgot about these mainly Muslim immigrants and their penchant (excuse my French) for setting cars on fire. And I have forgotten about it because, as you say, it's hardly ever featured in the news.

It's amazing what the cuntish Left, and even Left-Liberals, will see and say in order not to experience any "cognitive dissonance". If a Muslim were to murder someone with the words 'Allah is Great' coming out of his mouth, the Leftist would say that the "neo-cons made him do it". If Muslims burned down the whole of Burnley, he'd say it was because of 'austerity Britain". Yet if Muslims killed his wife, or burned his second car, I'm sure he'd forget such Marxist analyses of the reality in front of him... if only for a hour or so.

It's exactly what happens with the "race riots" in Oldham, Bradford, Harrow, Tower Hamlets.  Every time it was only muslims rioting, attacking (mostly white) cops and non-muslim citizens (white and hindu/sikh in the case of Bradford).  But the media disguise it by describing it as a "race riot" (implying either a] racists i.e. white people were doing the rioting, or b] whites vs blacks/asians were rioting).

There are several attempts on 4F to analyse/expose this:

In all these cases, double-think comes into play.

There were some whites involved in the 2001 Bradford Muslim Riot - around three of four members of the SWP and a couple of white drug-dealers. The rest, around 1,000 of them (I think?), were Muslims.

In fact even though the SWP didn't take charge of the riot, or contribute (Muslims wouldn't have allowed them to), they were the prime culprits in stirring things up before the actual riot. No surprise, that's exactly what Trots always do.

That's what happened in Harrow in 2010, and in Tower Hamlets (both riots).  The Trots foment the riot.  But to anyone who was simply observing from a distance (e.g. most journalists) the non-muslims involved were statistical noise.  And even if they weren't (i.e. if a riot was 50% muslims and 50% Trots), the media would still describe it as "a race riot" in order to exculpate muslims and islam.

The Great city of Marseillaise.

What do all those thousands of tourists to Paris see of all this?

I had friends who visited Europe from Asia.  They spent a week in London, a few days in Edinburgh, and 1 day in Paris. They thought Paris was terrifying, because of the aggressive appearance of non-white immigrants in Paris.  I asked them didn't they find the non-white immigrants in London as frightening, and they said "No".  They said they would never visit Paris again.  I thought they'd find Edinburgh boring, but they loved it.

When I've visited Paris I've been accosted by aggressive immigrants at Gare du Nord and around Sacre Coeur, and at another train station in the west of Paris.  On one trip to Paris I encountered a group of American teenagers who were terrified because they were being followed by a group of aggressive non-white men.  Hollywood sells the idea that Paris is so safe, so romantic.  It's a big surprise to people who travel from around the world to visit and they find it feels dangerous to them.  As a tourist I've felt more threatened in Paris than in New York, San Franciso, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Bangkok. Then again, I find areas in London far more threatening than anywhere I've been in Paris (although most tourists in London would never visit such parts of the city). Although it's clear from the descriptions of the attacks on police and emergency services in the suburbs of Paris, that the French have virtually lost control of the outer regions of Paris.  Tourists who are feeling threatened are feeling threatened in the centre of Paris.  

From what I've read of the situation in France, it's not just Paris, but Marseilles and several other cities and towns.  It is quite notable that the French population of London is growing hugely (a friend told me that there are new French-speaking schools being built in London, and that the French population of London is over 300,000).

I know people who have given up going to France because they say its too dangerous to drive through the ports. They say the roads leading to and from them are littered with aggressive individuals who demand monies or lifts.

I have no reason to not believe these people.

The other thing is, the car b ques are a fact. It is not denied, it is just not well reported, so whether the average tourist is aware of these things or not doesn't mean the average French men/women isn't aware, but just like their counter parts in other European Countries have just decided to move, or just keep a low profile where they live.

I know many people in London and Luton and Birmingham who stay away from certain areas and rarely go out at night.

Many people who go abroad stay on sites where they don't have to leave and are pretty safe from outside interference. Especially people who go to Turkey and Egypt. I have friends who go to Egypt, its cheap and hot. When I tell them to be careful they tell me its perfectly safe and I'm being a scare monger.  Yet they would never hire a car and go for a drive anywhere.

Most people are still in denial about the threat from immigration. In Britain anyway, if you go to Greece or Spain they know a bit more about it. The problems are there its just they can be hidden for now. We will reach a tipping point soon enough, when people are crammed into houses flats bedsits so tight they will burst out, and many of the immigrants who come to Britain are very capable of using  violence  as a way getting what they want. And they will get what they want for as long as there's  something to give. 

Did the riots in London a couple of years ago stop tourists coming here. Did the poll tax riots stop them, did the many other riots stop them. No I don't think so, the same as many people don't stop going to America despite the shootings and muggings ect. Most people don't see that side of a country, and anyway, it'll never happen to me...will it.

A few months ago the Mayor and MPs for Marseilles wanted to declare martial law in that city (the most violent city in Europe).  The central government refused to permit it. It will get to the stage where they will not be able to stop this.

I wonder if 1996 refers to the time that muslim sailors commandeered the warship they were on (the plot to do this took place inside the prayer room AKA "jihad command and control centre").

Also, my understanding is that France and Italy buy off terrorists (just as the UK was doing, refusing to prosecute Abu Hamza).  I read a report that stated that in Afghanistan, the German soldiers never, ever left their base. Only the American and British soldiers were doing active duty.


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