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Five arrested during Gays Against Sharia demonstration and counter-protest in Bristol City Centre

A major police operation involving 250 officers and staff took place to keep the groups apart

Five men were arrested during a demonstration and counter-protest in Bristol today.

Groups called British and Immigrants United Against Terrorism and Gays Against Sharia turned out to protest about “issues of female genital mutilation, homophobia within Islam and Sharia Law”.

In response anti-fascist groups – and the city’s lesbian, gay, bi- and transgender community, organised a counter protest.

Police arrested four men for assaults on officers and another for obstruction during the demonstrations.

A massive police operation, understood to have involved around 300 officers, saw Queen Square cordoned off for the anti-Sharia demonstration and rally, which was joined by extreme right groups the English Defence League and South West Infidels.

Police cordon at Old Market roundabout

They marched from Temple Meads, down Redcliffe Way and over Redcliffe Bridge.

Once inside the Queen Square cordon, a crowd estimated by police as being around 65, listened to Anne-Marie Waters, who is standing for UKIP leadership, and former EDL member Tommy English, the organiser of Gays Against Sharia, give speeches.

The organisers of the rally denied being on the “far right” of the political spectrum and Ms Waters claimed that the only fascists were the 'anti-fascist' demonstrators.

The Gays Against Sharia protest heads along Redcliffe Way with a police escort

Around 100 anti-fascist activists plus protesters from Bristol’s lesbian, gay, bi- and transgender community and Stand Up To Racism and Bigotry were kept together in Castle Park in a bid by police to separate the groups.

At one point those from the coalition of unions and anti-fascist groups made a surge around the Old Market roundabout to meet with the other group, but were fended off by police.

Anti-fascist protesters outside the Gays Against Sharia event in Queen Square

It is understood, although not confirmed with police, that there is where the arrests were made.

The counter protesters were ‘kettled’ in Castle Park and those who attended the protest said a woman had to be taken to hospital after being injured when she collided with a tree during a scuffle.

When the groups came to face to face, there were shouts of “fascist scum off our streets” and “how many of you are actually gay?” from the counter protesters.

At one point a woman with a large pink fancy dress claw lay down in front of the march in a bid to bring it to an end before she was picked up off the floor by officers.

One shouted at the police: “These are our streets. We live here. You are protecting neo-Nazis and we aren’t allowed to walk down our streets.”

Police used special powers in the city centre to ban banners, flags and placards that might incite disorder or hatred; anything that could be used to cause injury or damage and face coverings, masks or scarves used to conceal identities.

Counter-protesters are kettled in Castle Park by police to prevent them reaching the Gays Against Sharia demo (Image: Jon Kent)

A force spokesperson said afterwards:

"We would like to thank members of the public in Bristol city centre today for their patience and understanding while we facilitated a number of protests.

"A large intelligence-led operation was mounted to facilitate the events, with the underlying aim to ensure those working, living and visiting Bristol remained safe. 

"The operation involved 250 officers and staff including neighbourhood officers, specialist public order-trained officers, mounted colleagues and dog handlers." 

Chief Inspector Andy Williams said: “Overall the operation went well, with the vast majority of those involved behaving and following our request for peaceful demonstrations.

“Unfortunately there were a small number of counter-protestors who deviated from their pre-agreed route and who became disruptive.

“This led to a small amount of anti-social behaviour in the Old Market area which caused some congestion on surrounding roads while officers dealt with the situation. 

“We’d particularly like to thank those motorists who were affected by this and apologise to them for any inconvenience.

“A total of five arrests were made during the day, four for assaulting police officers and one for obstructing them in their duties.  “Violence and disorder will not be tolerated and we, as the public would expect, have been robust in tackling with those who have engaged in this behaviour.” 

Amjid Ali, chair of the Bristol Independent Advisory Group, said:
“The way in which the local neighbourhood policing team have conducted this operation has been a great example of partnership working.  “It is much appreciated by all the diverse communities of Bristol. Well done to all those involved in keeping everyone safe.” 
A steel cordon erected by police around Queen Square in Bristol ahead of a protest by a group called Gays Against Sharia
A steel cordon erected by police around Queen Square in Bristol ahead of a protest by a group called Gays Against Sharia (Image: Jon Kent)

They later tweeted: “Officers managing today's protest have just arrested five men. Four for assaulting them and one for obstruction.

“Everyone has the right to protest peacefully and we will not tolerate any disorder.”

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