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Here is the map for 1991 (toggle to see 20 years later):

Here is the map for 2011 (toggle to see 20 years earlier):

You can click on the hyperlink to toggle between those 2 maps, and see the effects or 20 years of islamisation.  The interesting demographic is also to note where the remaining 4 gay bars are - there are relatively few muslims (judged by the number of nearby mosques) where bars remain.  [I've been informed that one of those 4 remaining gay bars has now closed down, so there are only 3 now.  I will update the map when I have time.]

The presence of mosques is in inverse proportion to the number and location of gay pubs/clubs.

In the above map, the areas of London with a much larger proportion of gay bars than any other are in the small black boxes.  The Gay Free Zone of Tower Hamlets is in the thick black box. As Tower Hamlets was islamified, gay people were driven out.

Whilst the number of gay bars/clubs in Soho and Vauxhall has increased over the past 20 years, 75% of the gay pubs/clubs in east London have closed down. This demonstrates that the gay population of east London is only 25% of what it was 20 years ago.

This also means that when people say that the homophobic assaults reported in Tower Hamlets are lower than e.g. Westminster (Soho) or Lambeth (Vauxhall) it is misleading, unless it is seen against the relative numbers of manifestly gay people in those areas.  And how is someone most easily identified as gay?  By seeing them going in or out of pubs/clubs.  My friend who was queer-bashed by a gang of 12 muslims was on his way home from a gay pub; the manager of one of the gay pubs that closed down said that it was because his customers were being attacked on leaving the pub.  When Oliver Hemsley was attacked by a gang of 8 muslims, and left paralysed for life, it happened outside a gay bar.  When one of the 8 was sent to prison (obviously a token perp offered up to the police), a much bigger gang returned and attacked the bar & customers with baseball bats. It is acknowledged that the vast majority of attacks on gay people are never reported to the police.  

So, there are going to be far more gay people to be attacked in places like Westminster and Lambeth than are to be found in Tower Hamlets now. 

East London is now a Gay Free Zone.

You can see here a video of a gay man talking about the attacks on one of the last remaining gay bars in east London:

The gay media have ignored this subject (bar owners probably told them not to publicise it, as it would drive away customers, and lead to a further decline).  The mainstream media have completely ignored these attacks.

Just like the media ignore that over 50% of the anti-semitic attacks in London are done by muslims. The same story can be found in France, where 100% of the anti-semitic attacks are by muslims:

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Can you get this printed in some Gay magazines? Maybe thru someone like Peter Tatchell?

It is unlikely they would publish it.  When The Guardian reported the 2009 Gallup survey that showed that there was (statistically) zero tolerance for homosexuality amongst British muslims, one of the three gay news websites rubbished Gallup's methodology (yet cited no rationale for this rubbishing other than the ideological commitment to the idea that muslims cannot be so intolerant).  And in the place of The Gallup survey (which had incidentally been overseen by a muslim who worked at Gallup), The Pink Paper ran an article about a blog by a muslim who randomly sampled a few people in a muslim area, and concluded that most muslims would be happy if their children turned out to be gay!  It was such obvious balderdash - even Al Beebazeera reports on gay muslims who are murdered by their families, or forced into weddings, or even locked in a room with poison and told they will not be allowed out of the room until they are dead.  Yet the significant numbers in the gay media would choose to believe a blog by one biased individual than the statistical sampling, randomisation and error-correcting of a major international survey company.  Oh, and incidentally the survey was not confined to Britain -- it covered France and Germany too, and interestingly muslims there were signficantly less homophobic than muslims in Britain.


I will try to get wider publicity for the maps - but that is likely to come through dissident sites such as this.  However, it is interesting to note that even people who have admitted on gay websites that they left Tower Hamlets because of the violent anti-gay abuse they suffered, these same Stockholm-Syndrom pinkos refuse to support EDL, even when there is no other group that is taking action to oppose islamic homophobia.   Most of the liberal-left and the homos are behaving like battered wives -- they are so grateful when the battering stops, and even forgiving if the violent perpetrator actually throws them a crumb of apology.  When Fiyaz Mughal wrote one of his soothing cover-ups for islamic extremism, half of the gay people were thanking him for it -- unaware that this is exactly what he did with the jews, following the Panorama programme (showing muslim kids being taught to hate jews and how to kill homosexualis) in late 2010.


They are pathetic wretches.  They will move away from an area like Tower Hamlets, then refuse to admit the problem that drove them from there even exists.  But the maps do not lie.  If the number of bars in Soho had remained the same, and the bars in Angel, Clapham and Vauxhall had gone out of business, then it would be hard to prove that the "ethnic cleansing" of Tower Hamlets was provable.  Yet the bars in Soho and the clubs and bars in Vauxhall have bloomed; the bars in places like Angel and Clapham remain as they were 20 years ago.  It is only in Tower Hamlets (and Walthamstow) that they have been forced to close through lack of custom from gay people.  I did not bother to show it on the maps, but it is not just Tower Hamlets where this has happened -- it applies to the whole of east London as far as Walthamstow.

Shocking.  Well, thanks for all your good work.  One day the gay community will firmly erect a statue of you - if there's any left after ethnic cleansing by Muslims, that is :-)

[BTW, there are not one, but two bad jokes in that last sentence]

Nice bit of work, Joe, it would still be good if this article were publishes by the mainstream press and/or the gay press.

Meanwhile, it is worth circulating around the anti-islamist and atheist sites.

We've had 20 years of muslims getting away with saying "homosexuals should be killed". The recent case in Derby is the first time legal action has been successfully taken against them.  I'm confident that there is going to be another high profile case will soon be receiving national publicity.  We never hear any people distributing leaflets or preaching sermons in Britain saying "muslims should be killed" (and I'm glad we don't).  Yet if we did, we would not get the blanke of media silence that has accompanied the 20 years of attacks on the gay community.

Following on from the maps that showed the ethnic cleansing of east London, here is a video of a customer (of one of the last remaining gay pubs in east London).  We see how the muslim gangs target gay bars with impunity.  We see how the media ignore these attacks (including the gay media).  We see that the police do nothing about it.

When the maps of the areas that have been ethnically cleansed are juxtaposed against a map of mosques, it is clear that there is a direct relationship between the absence of nearby mosques and the current survival of gay bars.  The man in the video above is speaking about the two gay bars on the fringe of east London and The City i.e. travel 200 metres west of where he is standing, and there are basically no muslims.  I've talked to BBC journalists with gay friends who are fully aware of what has been going on around these pubs.

It is my expectation that within 5 to 10 years there will not be a single gay bar left in east London.  Yet in 1990 it vied with the centre of London for the density of gay bars.  The other remaining gay pubs in east London are all to be found in areas with a relatively high density of white people.

Want to bet that this story wasn't reported in the muslim-dominated council's free newspaper?

Homophobic graffiti man jailed in east London

A man who daubed a housing block in London’s Shadwell with homophobic graffiti has been jailed for eight weeks.

Mashudur Rahman, 22, had sprayed anti-gay and racist graffiti around the site seventy times last year before being arrested on 28 September.

The council for Tower Hamlets, which is one of the most deprived boroughs in the country, said it worked in partnership with housing managers EastendHomes and the police to identify Rahman.

He has been given an eight week custodial sentence for nine counts of criminal damage in a sentencing at Thames Magistrates Court.

The council said he had earlier pleaded guilty to the charges in a hearing at Stratford Magistrates Court on 3 February, and was fined £2,000 in costs.

The court also heard a number of witness statements which described the alarm and distress caused by the graffiti, which contained numerous homophobic references.

Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “The council will continue to work with our partners to bring perpetrators of all hate crimes to justice.”

Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “The actions of this man were despicable and condemnable. The messages of hate that he wrote caused considerable hurt and distress to the residents of Gordon House, and it is right that he has now been punished.”

DC Simon Fields, the police investigating officer, said: “Many people were involved in the investigation of this offence, including the local Safer Neighbourhood Team. It is a measure of how seriously we take Hate Crime that the perpetrator was identified and convicted and the sentence sends a clear warning that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated”.

Jack Gilbert, Co-chair of Rainbow Hamlets, the LGBT Forum for Tower Hamlets, said: “We welcome this conviction. In particular we are pleased that the Court recognised that these were offences motivated by hatred of LGBT people and reflected that in its sentence. This sends a clear message: Homophobic crime in Tower Hamlets will not be tolerated.

“Offences like these cause considerable worry and distress to LGBT people and could well encourage others if not addressed swiftly. We are obviously concerned that the incidents took place so frequently and over so long a period. We will be inviting East End Homes, the police and the council to participate in a review of the case to ensure better practices are put in place for the future.”

Last summer, Mohammed Hasnath, 18, also of Tower Hamletsadmitted putting up posters in the area declaring it a ‘gay free zo....

When told the allegation against him of a public order offence of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour between 11-14 February, Hasnath reportedly said: “But I just put up stickers, I didn’t harass or swear at anybody or anything.”

Today’s case against Rahman was brought to court after officers from EastendHomes, which manages Gordon House, received reports of the offensive graffiti from residents. Housing managers gathered witness statements and photography before passing the case to Tower Hamlets Council’s Community Safety Service, who compiled video footage and stills of Rahman.

The complete package of evidence was then passed to Shadwell police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who identified Rahman and progressed prosecution with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Between stabbings of gay men leaving bars, mass attacks on bars using baseball bats, homophobic preachers at the Troxy, East London Mosque, and the annual Hizb ut Tahrir conference, no wonder east London has become a Gay Free Zone. Maybe the guy who put up those stickers in 2011 should have been given a community service award, for warning gay people how dangerous it is for them to live in an islamic ghetto...

I found this table of the islamisation of Tower Hamlets - the above racist homophobic criminal lived in one of the 3 most islamic areas.  This table also shows that the remaining gay bars (Shoreditch, Limehouse, Bow) are all among the least islamic areas.  The bars in Shoreditch border on Bethnal Green/Banglatown.  They are the bars mentioned in the video above, where gay men were stabbed by musilm gangs and where a bar was attacked by organised gangs of muslims.

Ward Population Percentage
Bethnal Green North[12]
Bethnal Green South[13]
Blackwall and Cubitt Town[14]
Bow East[15]
Bow West[16]
East India and Lansbury[18]
Mile End East[20]
Mile End and Globe Town[21]
Spitalfields and Banglatown[24]
St Dunstan's and Stepney Green[25]
St Katharine's and Wapping[26]

These figures must be based on the 2001 Census.  I'd imagine the white flight/mass immigration to have significantly shown the increased islamisation over the past decade.  Maybe someone can revisit that Wikipedia page in a year or so , to see the difference.

Tower Hamlets council has found another way to close down gay pubs (as if the stabbings and gang attacks were not enough).  I saw a couple of months ago on TV that there were several pubs having to close down in east London after the council brought in new regulations requiring them to be license sex venues -- in the TV report the only people who were filmed as saying it was a good thing was, of course, muslims.  Now The White Swan, a gay bar that for 26 years has had a comedy "amateur stripper" night, is going to have to be licensed as a sex venue.  I've been to this pub a few times on that night, and if an unerect penis was flashed for more than 3 seconds, it would be an unusually raunchy night.  You could see something every bit as raunchy (or tame) by visiting the statuary at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  But, like the Victorian prudes, muslims hate sex and nudity.

There is another small bar near The White Swan.  If the latter closes, then so will the former.  I have predicted last year that these bars would not last more than a year or two.  East London's number of gay bars will be reduced to 3.  From about 20 bars 10 years ago.

Fury at mayor's drag queen ban
Jack Rivlin
17 Feb 2012

The mayor of Tower Hamlets has been accused of homophobia for trying to stop a gay pub running its popular "drag queen" strip nights.

Staff at the White Swan claim Lutfur Rahman, an ally of Ken Livingstone, is "making a mockery" of diversity.

Tower Hamlets council is threatening to classify the pub as a sex establishment and use laws regulating lap-dancing clubs to ban the Wednesday night comic contests, which have run for 26 years.

Michael Barrymore came out at one of the shows in 1995 and fans include Graham Norton and Sir Ian McKellen.

Barry Kirk, 59, the pub's joint-owner, said: "Wednesday is our only busy week night. If they kill our Wednesday nights, we'll be threatened with closure."

A petition to save the night has attracted 800 signatures.

Manager Liam Bushell said: "I've worked here for 26 years, it's part of my life. We've never had a complaint."

Daryl Stafford, a DJ at the pub, said the shows were nothing like lap dancing and added: "This is discriminatory and it makes my blood boil. You have to ask why they would want to stop something which is perfectly harmless. There's nothing sexual about it."

Mr Stafford invited members of the council to see the show. He said: "If they want to have a really good laugh at a funny show, they'd be welcome. They'd need to leave their prejudices at the door though."

Tower Hamlets council is controlled by allies of independent mayor Lutfur Rahman, who was ousted from the Labour Party because of his links to the hardline Islamic Forum of Europe.

Mr Stafford said he tried to ask Ken Livingstone his views but was fobbed off. He said: "He just said 'I'm old fashioned and don't like strip joints.' But this isn't a strip joint. Ken tries to be big on the gay scene but he chose the people from the council over us."

A council spokesman said: "No decision has been made in relation to which premises would be deemed to be sex establishments. Mayor Rahman is opposed to any type of discrimination." A spokesman for Ken Livingstone said: "This is a long-standing and popular club and I hope it will be granted an exemption to remain open."

I found this comment on a story on The Telegraph about Ken Livingstone:


Today 07:11 AM

Some news just culled from today's edition of the Docklands & East London Advertiser which fits in nicely with Al Qaradawi and his gay bashing.

Many of you may not know that there is a serious problem with Bangladeshi youths in Tower Hamlets attacking gay men.  One of these attacks left a man disabled after coming out of a gay venue on the Hackney Rd and there have been many others.

The latest incidents are reported as having happened in Butcher Row Stepney.  Two men have been assaulted on two consecutive nights by a group of Asian males one of the men required hospital treatment.

For those of you not familiar with the area, Butcher Row is where the White Swan Gay venue is located, it is the subject of not just homphobic attacks but an attempt by the Islamic Forum Europe controlled Tower Hamlets Council to close it down because of its drag acts which the council deems to be obscene.

There is a clear link between homophobic speakers at the East London Mosque and these attacks which are occuring with disturbing frequency. Perhaps Livingstone should be picketed by the gay community.  He certainly has some questions to answer.

This gay bar is one of the remaining 5 in the whole of Tower Hamlets (down from about 20 a couple of decades ago).  The area north, west and north-east of this bar is entirely islamised.  The area to the west and south-west is a middle-class white area ("docklands" apartment blocks).  

Islam has made London a more conservative place.

Stonewall’s bus adverts, for example, would be better concentrated in Tower Hamlets, where there were 47 anti-gay attacks in 2008, rather than being wasted on the rest of us. Young gay men in the provinces no longer need to run away to London, one of the most religiously conservative places in England now (and not just among Muslims – African Christians too).

More generally public displays of sexuality have had to be restricted where they offend conservative sensibilities. In Old Street, central London, a huge billboard advertising condoms asks "LOVE SEX?" Half a mile away in Spitalfields even mildly racy adverts for swimwear are routinely vandalised.


By the way, when you say "I then get angry that nothing gets done till someone is stabbed or killed", you must be thinking about Australia.  Over here, nothing gets done even after an innocent gay or white person is stabbed or killed.

I located the 2010 survey of LGBT people in Waltham Forest (north east London, almost a continuation of Tower Hamlets).  I've selected out the highlights (or maybe it should be the lowlights):

  • most of the LGBT people who live in that borough don't feel safe after dark
  • a majority felt that homophobic and transphobic harassment was a problem in Waltham Forest
  • fear of homophobic or transphobic attack had led 30% to avoid certain areas
  • fear of harassment, abuse or assault had lead many to modify their behaviour when in public so as not to appear obviously lesbian, gay or bisexual
  • 10% had been physically attacked; 36% had been verbally abused
  • abuse and attacks most commonly occurred in the street
  • many reported little or no sense of LGBT community within the borough (i.e. no visible gay people, and no gay businesses); "community cohesion" is not very meaningful to most of them
  • 39% believed the area had got worse in recent years
  • only 36% were proud of their local area
  • many of them felt that some faith groups (muslims and black christians) were hostile to LGBT people and that their homophobia was rarely challenged.

It's a pretty damning report really.  No wonder the council tried to bury it.  What I've uploaded here is the full report - a shorter version is to be found on their website.

Surveys of muslims in Britain show that they have far lower levels of fear about violence, and that the number who have been attacked or verbally abused for being a muslim is almost non-existent.  Yet organisations like the European Muslim Research Centre portray muslims as if they are living in a state of terror, whilst completely failing to compare this with the levels of abuse and fear that gay people have to endure.  And whilst muslims are undoubtedly involved in violent attacks on gay people in east London, the converse has never been noted once.



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