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Here is the map for 1991 (toggle to see 20 years later):

Here is the map for 2011 (toggle to see 20 years earlier):

You can click on the hyperlink to toggle between those 2 maps, and see the effects or 20 years of islamisation.  The interesting demographic is also to note where the remaining 4 gay bars are - there are relatively few muslims (judged by the number of nearby mosques) where bars remain.  [I've been informed that one of those 4 remaining gay bars has now closed down, so there are only 3 now.  I will update the map when I have time.]

The presence of mosques is in inverse proportion to the number and location of gay pubs/clubs.

In the above map, the areas of London with a much larger proportion of gay bars than any other are in the small black boxes.  The Gay Free Zone of Tower Hamlets is in the thick black box. As Tower Hamlets was islamified, gay people were driven out.

Whilst the number of gay bars/clubs in Soho and Vauxhall has increased over the past 20 years, 75% of the gay pubs/clubs in east London have closed down. This demonstrates that the gay population of east London is only 25% of what it was 20 years ago.

This also means that when people say that the homophobic assaults reported in Tower Hamlets are lower than e.g. Westminster (Soho) or Lambeth (Vauxhall) it is misleading, unless it is seen against the relative numbers of manifestly gay people in those areas.  And how is someone most easily identified as gay?  By seeing them going in or out of pubs/clubs.  My friend who was queer-bashed by a gang of 12 muslims was on his way home from a gay pub; the manager of one of the gay pubs that closed down said that it was because his customers were being attacked on leaving the pub.  When Oliver Hemsley was attacked by a gang of 8 muslims, and left paralysed for life, it happened outside a gay bar.  When one of the 8 was sent to prison (obviously a token perp offered up to the police), a much bigger gang returned and attacked the bar & customers with baseball bats. It is acknowledged that the vast majority of attacks on gay people are never reported to the police.  

So, there are going to be far more gay people to be attacked in places like Westminster and Lambeth than are to be found in Tower Hamlets now. 

East London is now a Gay Free Zone.

You can see here a video of a gay man talking about the attacks on one of the last remaining gay bars in east London:

The gay media have ignored this subject (bar owners probably told them not to publicise it, as it would drive away customers, and lead to a further decline).  The mainstream media have completely ignored these attacks.

Just like the media ignore that over 50% of the anti-semitic attacks in London are done by muslims. The same story can be found in France, where 100% of the anti-semitic attacks are by muslims:

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This reminds me of my comment here how I'm beginning to hate Jewish intellectuals:

Maybe I'm starting to hate Gay intellectuals in the same way.  Because it doesn't matter how many of this group you attack, disable (literally, into a wheelchair), spit on, chase, degrade, ethnically cleanse, whatever; the intellectuals of the group still whine and squeal at anyone who proposes taking concrete steps against their aggressors in order to protect the them (attacked group).  I'm sick of it and not prepared to humour them any more.  Gay intellectuals, just like Jewish intellectuals, are as big a part of the problem as the Muslim thugs that attack them - as they refuse to face the hard measures necessitated by hard threats, and have no other practical proposals of their own.

The story doesn't name them.  But from the blurred images we can see they are asian and from Newham.  The odds on them being Muslim are 99:1.

People in Britain who have done far less to Muslims have been sent to prison.  

Londoners least tolerant of gays and pre marital sex ;

"Londoners least tolerant of gays and pre marital sex "

But how can that be?  Surely, Diversity is our Strength and only makes us better people doesn't it?  Surely nobody in London (now majority non-English) wants to throw Gays of tall buildings, and beat the loose women that don't obey the authority of their owner (i.e. their father/brother/husband)?  What a mystery for our great thinkers at the Guardian and Independent to work out ...


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