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Musab Mohamed Masmar has been arrested for pouring gasoline down a stairway in the “Neighbours” gay nightclub in Seattle and set it on fire.  750 people were inside.  He was identified from CCTV footage by a neighbour.

He was arrested on the way to the airport.  The woman who identified him had lived next door to him for 3 years and was too scared of him to be identified.

The media reports make no mention of him being a muslim.  Expect the gay media to completely ignore this angle too.

Gay bars in east London closed down because of muslim attacks on the bars and the customers.

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I've attached a FLV file of the video in case it disappears from YouTube.


The anti-gay terrorist was one of the US Governments "Cultural Ambassadors". 

"The Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved in the investigation because IT. IS. TERRORISM. "

Running this google search seattle neighbours arson

shows that Debbie Schlussel is covering this story, but the main UK gay news website is ignoring it.

Turns out this "moderate muslim" is a recent refugee from Bengazhi, the place where Obama let his soldiers die while the gay Ambassador was anally-raped and murdered.

Maybe this LIbyan was "a domestic extremists" and the fire was a by-product of one of his domestic science experiment's gone wrong?

Has the Huffington Post and The Guardian said it's a set-up job yet? Or have they said that 'Zionists' really did it? Or perhaps they've said that it was an understandable response to the Islamophobia he's experienced, or to his poverty, or even a reaction against Western neo-imperalism in Seattle.

Here's another version of the night, written by someone who was there. You'd almost think he had a good night out.

... I don't really know what 'neo-imperalism' is, but I like to use long words.

Hi Paul,

The word is good.

Neo-imperialism refers to the dominance of some nations over others by means of unequal conditions of economic exchange.

He doesn't have to worry. Western countries will soon be skint, and 'economic' conditions will look very similar. 

The main point we mustn't forget, is this man was a Cultural Ambassador. He was acting on behalf of his People. He was preforming his duties to the best of his abilities. A fine example of Islam.



Paul Austin Murphy said:

... I don't really know what 'neo-imperalism' is, but I like to use long words.

It turns out that Musab Masmari, Obama's islamic cultural representative, had said that us homosexuals "should be exterminated" multiple times before he set fire to a packed gay nightclub.

The story has been picked up by some UK gay sites.  And they are including the information that this man arrested for attempted mass-murderer is called "Mohamed".

Another muslim in Seattle is now facing prosecution for the murder of two gay men.

This anti-gay terrorist, Obama's "cultural ambassador", who said gay people should be "exterminated", has been sent to prison for 10 years.  Hopefully he'll end up being the bitch of some huge black man.

Rather than campaign against the islamisation of the west and islamic homophobia, gays have retreated into secrecy, ghettoes and online-dating apps.  I've been predicting for some time, that muslims will eventually start using these apps to hunt down gays and kill them.  Looks like my prediction is becoming reality.

Seattle: Two gay men with muslim-sounding names were hunted down & killed by a muslim findamentalist.  Seattle is probably considered to be one of the top 5 most "liberal" cities in the US, and probably one of the top 20 in the western world.

SEATTLE — What ended in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood, with two young men shot to death, likely started at R Place, a gay bar on Capitol Hill.

According to court documents, the murder victims, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young, spent the evening at the bar, after which police say Said planned to meet the suspect, Ali Muhammed Brown.

Said and Anderson-Young were found shot to death June 1 at Anderson-Young’s home in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood. Said’s car was stolen and later found abandoned in south Seattle.

Investigators believe Brown may have targeted Said by using a cell phone app used by gay men to meet up with others.

“These kinds of apps, obviously, are widely used and this is not how most meet-ups go; otherwise, people wouldn’t use them,” Social Outreach Seattle founder Shaun Knittel said.

Police sources say Brown is a Muslim extremist who underwent jihadist training in California just three months ago.

Some speculate Brown may have targeted Said because he was a gay man with a Muslim sounding name.

“I just think that we should be focusing on the crime and the criminal,” American Muslims of Puget Sound member Jafar Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui believes Brown gives Muslims a bad name.

“The Green River Killer killed 89 women for his faith. Because he thought it was un-Christian. I don’t think he had any more to do with Christianity or Christians than this guy has to do with Muslims or Islam,” Siddiqui said.

Right now, Brown is believed to be in New Jersey, where he is the prime suspect in an armed robbery at a coffee shop.

People here just hope he is caught — and caught soon.

“It shows you how dangerous even it still is for gay men to be out and about and open as we are. This is a very dangerous individual and I hope justice is served on this,” Knittel said.

There is a warrant for Brown’s arrest and authorities in New Jersey know he is wanted in Seattle for murder.

When caught, he is expected to be extradited to Washington where he could face the death penalty.

It tickles me now, the stuff that just flies by, as if normal:

Police sources say Brown is a Muslim extremist who underwent jihadist training in California just three months ago.

Our parents generation would react with horror to that statement, hunt down the training camps, close them, and imprison the owners and leaders.  But us, no, we're too enlightened, too tolerant of intolerance, to do anything as concrete and definitive as that to stop the spread of a totalitarian ideology.  The camps are still there, we know where they are, but we can't do anything about them.


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