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I guess this is growing to be so significant, it needs its own discussion.

Tonight the PEGIDA demonstration had 20,000 at it.  Apparently EDL were in attendance (possibly even spoke from the stage). 

Here is a video by a German jew, speaking about PEGIDA.  Quite frankly, I think it would be worth the whole of the CJM anti-kuffarphobia alliance just adopting PEGIDA as the name of the cause.  The word has no connotations in English, and once the abbreviation is explained, I can't see how any non-looney westerner would object to it.

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All property is theft. Therefore this is mine.

Oh, the mighty Independent, such a spiritually superior protector of our moral values:

Mr Bachmann ... was also found to have used racist language on Facebook. He described asylum seekers and foreign immigrants as “cattle”, “riff raff, “a pack of dirt”

But the Master Race can set aside a whole chapter of the holy Quran to talk about us Kuffar 'cattle', to say that we are Haram like faeces, and that we are the 'lowest of creatures', and they don't dare say a word.

Here is an article which backs up the initiating comment (see end).  The article adds more aspects as to why Pegida arose in eastern Germany (one reason being that the society/community there has not been fragmented the way it has across urban areas in western Europe).

The Real Reasons for the Success of PEGIDA in the East

March 24, 2015

In November 2014 a few upstanding people in Dresden started a more or less spontaneous action against religious violence in our streets. It was occasioned by a recent confrontation between Muslims, characterized by considerable violence. The idea was not to put up with such scenes on our streets in the future, and to make an effort to stop them. From the beginning, the emphasis was on peaceful protest.

This is the first reason for PEGIDA’s success in the east, because we have had the experience of a peaceful revolution from the streets. So it is not surprising that these citizens, with this consciousness, chanting “We are the people,” is both natural and justified. East German citizens fought for and earned this right on the street. I still recall with pleasure the appearance of cabaret performer Uwe Steimle on the ZDF (German second TV channel) program “News from the Nuthouse,” when he shouted to the audience: “We had our revolution — you’re next.”

As the movement developed, there was some investigation of the causes of this religious violence. And with this, I come to the second reason for the success of PEGIDA in the east. All of the citizens of the GDR who were born ca. 1943-1973 went through a school system that qualitatively represented the best of European education. This was true because the state placed great value on the all-round education of its citizens — ergo the polytechnic secondary school.

A strong emphasis was on thinking in larger causal relationships, deducing from processes and then making, developing and expanding logical conclusions. You might say that the GDR’s demise was due to its well-educated citizens. In this country, we have many sociologists, party researchers, extremist researchers, etc., all of whom have instantly analyzed and recognized the causes for PEGIDA — from their own perspectives, of course — and some with an assignment to reach a specific, desired result. All of the stuff that is broadcast and sprinkled over the public from that endeavor is pure dross and has nothing to do with scientific effort.

But since we have been shown in excruciating detail how the present system functions, beginning with the military-industrial complex and onward through media, propaganda, economy, etc., it is no surprise that the massive media and political hostility, up to and including the reduction of basic rights, has not had the desired results. The media rejection and the cries of “Liar Press” as well as the continued growth of the movement (latest walk = ca. 18,000) are the logical result. The citizens in the west of the republic cannot understand all that and simply believe the system media, especially their beloved Tagesschau and ZDF today. No one there seems to care that these media have been admonished 30 times in the last year for false and/or incorrect reporting. They are told that the Saxons have no reason to go to the streets over 2% foreigners and besides, those are all Nazis and people who have lost out due to unification. The real reasons are ignored and most western citizens unfortunately do not ask questions.

Another reason for PEGIDA’s success in the east is the human being’s acquired and internalized love of peace, as well as a special attachment to the Russian people. Even the best propaganda cannot destroy our connection to Russia. The majority of East Germans still do not understand why the western part of our country is still occupied. The logical result is cries of “Ami go home!” at the demonstrations.

I believe that another reason for PEGIDA’s success in the east is the clear refusal to include all established parties in the movement, in any form whatsoever. This attitude and the insistence on its own demands, which are quite legal, causes the present power structure and media elite much concern and anxiety — and with good reason. Concern and anxiety are good motivators for change, as witness PEGIDA.

I would like to note one more important reason, and that is the ability of people (born 1943-1973) to bond as a group over a particular thing and be disciplined. The weekly, peaceful walks demonstrate that. Such a large group embodies power and determination which should not be scorned or underestimated. And they cannot be killed with silence. The PEGIDA movement will continue undeterred, working with determination and endurance toward the realization of its demands. PEGIDA has not — as is repeatedly maintained — split society, but is representing at least two-thirds of the German people, which has a documented right, like all peoples, to maintain and stand up for its culture, history, traditions, language and self-determination.

Joe sagt:

Ding! Ding!

PEGIDA have succeeded because only 25 years ago they were living under a totalitarian government.  They remember how to organise in a totalitarian state. People like Tommy Robinson still naively belief the myth that we live in a democracy.  There is no democracy when the Demos has been deceived for 50 years.

This is a demo in the UK, but it seems best to keep all PEGIDA stuff in this forum.  A nice clear video of the fascist Black Bloc fighting with the police.

The German integration commissioner, Aydan Ozoguz, had warned citizens against attending the PEGIDA event, saying that by inviting Wilders the group had shown its true extremist colours.

So Aydan Ozoguz, with a Turkish name, is either one of the few remaining Turkish Christians that hasn't been wiped out by Islamic fascism, or is a Muslim. If he is a Muslim, what is a raging kuffarophobe doing criticising others for extremism and discrimination?  Totally ridiculous.

In the 10-minute long video, Oertel stressed that it was not fair to look at immigrants and those who have applied for asylum as a problem for Europe and Germany, "I want to apologize to all Muslims and immigrants who have been integrated in our country , live peacefully and show respect to the laws and culture." she said.

Oertel also accepted her responsibility in PEGIDA's campaigns against Islam and foreigners, saying " For my responsibility, I apologize for that and I will try to do everything to keep things on track."

She apologised for ‘PEGIDA's campaigns against Islam’?!  what is up? Could this be a translation or context problem?  It is difficult to talk about Muslims vs ALL Muslims vs Islam and keep the distinctions correct and maybe she said something which was incorrect but to issue a blanket apology seems over the top.  How about just issue a nuanced correction?  She obviously needed people from 4Freedoms behind her!

There are not many people that can withstand death threats to themselves and to their families, or face losing their income. 

"Kathrin Oertel, one of the founders of the group, PEGIDA, and also one of the key figures behind the group's rallies, resigned in January after receiving threats and facing disadvantages at work".

It is not just history that is being rewritten, everything is being rewritten and the Muslims are dictating. I see clear signs of literature being rewritten by the Left, with the message that Britain has always been a multicultural society. Lies though obvious are difficult to expose.

The anarchists and socialists will convert to Islam as soon as they realize that the muslims, that they are letting in, are going to exterminate anarchists and socialists along with everyone else that islam disapproves of.


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