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Kuffarphobia in Germany


Kuffarphobia in Germany

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Islam Deutschland: Information and discussion on Islam, Jihad and Sharia law in German language. 1,300+ members.
Politically Incorrect: Germany's largest political weblog (30-40,000 visitors daily) - "Against the Mainstream - pro-USA - pro-Israel - Against the Islamisation of Europe - For Fundamental Laws and Human Rights", some articles translated into english here.
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Kommentar von Alan Lake am 20. März 2018 um 7:28pm

Germany, on 2 under-age wives a day, funded by the German state.

Kommentar von Philip Smeeton am 17. März 2018 um 5:51pm

Alinsky. Muslims have already infiltrated most of our institutions with help from the socialists that already are in position. Muslims are also masters at playing the role of victim.

As regards ISIS, the Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp.) is likely to be forced to resign after a non-confidence vote in Parliament this Tuesday, 20.march.2018. She unwisely criticised the Workers Party, (Ap. -whose youth were murdered by Breivik) for not supporting a proposal to take way the citizenship of "norwegian" ISIS fighters returning from a holiday in Syria. The left-wing parties voted down the proposal. Unfortunately there is a popular film in the cinemas now celebrating the innocent socialist martyrs of Breiviks attack. She said the Workers Party put the rights of terrorists before the safety of Norwegian citizens in allowing these terrorists to return. True, but The Left is furious and they hold the majority in parliament if the spineless christian democrats(Krf.) support the non-confidence vote.

Kommentar von Alan Lake am 16. März 2018 um 1:40pm

Re the article below: Muslims have become masters of the Alinsky tactic:

  • Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules
Kommentar von Alan Lake am 16. März 2018 um 1:36pm

Volkswagen ordered to rehire employee suspected of trying to join ISIS
Published time: 13 Mar, 2018 21:29

A German court has ruled that Volkswagen should reinstate an employee that was fired on suspicion of terrorism-related activities. The company failed to prove that he poses a genuine threat.

“The mere suspicion that [a person] belongs to a radical ‘Jihad movement’ as well as a preventive confiscation of an international passport resulting from it do not provide a sufficient reason for the termination of employment,” a regional labor court in the state of Lower Saxony ruled on Monday.

The person in question is a German citizen of Algerian descent, identified only as Samir B. He worked as an assembly worker at one of the Volkswagen plants in the city of Wolfsburg, located around 90 km (55.9 miles) east of Hannover.

In December 2014, he was detained at Hannover airport as he was trying to fly to Istanbul. Police found more than €9,000 ($ 11,155) in cash and a drone in his bag. He was suspected of making an attempt to travel to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). The Wolfsburg city authorities then confiscated his international passport.

Samir B. attempted to appeal that decision but a German court ruled in 2016 that the travel ban was justified. The court also said the man was a member of a local radical Islamist group and had contacts with “numerous people who had joined… Islamic State.”

Following the court’s decision, Volkswagen dismissed the assembly worker, arguing that he posed a threat to the company’s “peace and security.” Samir also appealed this decision, however.

According to the German daily Bild, Samir B. had close contact with two other radicals, who subsequently left Germany for Syria, where they joined IS but were later killed. He was also in communication with an IS recruiter and two other extremists who have since been imprisoned in Germany after returning from the Middle East.

Volkswagen’s lawyers argued that the man issued threats against his colleagues, reportedly telling them they “will all die.” They also told the court that they believed he could potentially stage a terrorist attack at the plant.

All these facts appeared to carry insufficient weight for the Lower Saxony court, however, which deemed his dismissal invalid. The court said that Volkswagen failed to provide any valid evidence of misconduct or any proof that the man could put the security of the plant in jeopardy. They have a month to rehire him.

Following the court decision, Volkswagen said it, “continues to believe that the dismissal was justified.” The company added that it would consider appealing the ruling in the federal labor court after examining the decision, as reported by the Stern daily.

In the meantime, Samir’s lawyer, Hans-Eberhard Schultz, denounced his client’s dismissal as a manifestation of “institutional racism.” Volkswagen decided to fire the man “because he is a radical Salafist,” the lawyer told NDR, adding that such attitude poses a “big problem.”

Kommentar von Philip Smeeton am 12. März 2018 um 4:20pm

The EU is all integration and equal rights. Which might have worked if they had kept it in Europe. However they decided to open the borders to anyone from anywhere in the world and integrate them and give them all equal rights.
Giving rights to outsiders entails taking way the rights of the Europeans, The EU leaders do not understand this or why Europeans are angry and rejecting the EU.
The EU guarantees freedom of thought; you can think what you like as long as you do not say it aloud, they neatly sidestepped giving freeodm of speech.
"Individual freedoms such as respect for private life, freedom of thought, religion, assembly, expression and information are protected by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights."
"The member countries gave final jurisdiction to the European Court of Justice which judgements have to be respected by all."
Therein lies the rub.
"..the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation,..."
According to my warped thinking race does not belong in this definition as in the EU everyone would be European and white.

Kommentar von Philip Smeeton am 12. März 2018 um 4:19pm

Goals and values of the EU
The goals of the European Union are:

promote peace, its values and the well-being of its citizens;
offer freedom, security and justice without internal borders;
sustainable development based on balanced economic growth and price stability, a highly competitive market economy with full employment and social progress, and environmental protection;
combat social exclusion and discrimination;
promote scientific and technological progress;
enhance economic, social and territorial cohesion and solidarity among member countries;
respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity;
establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is the euro.
The EU values are common to the member countries in a society in which inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity and non-discrimination prevail. These values are an integral part of our European way of life:

Human dignity
Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected, protected and constitutes the real basis of fundamental rights.
Freedom of movement gives citizens the right to move and reside freely within the Union. Individual freedoms such as respect for private life, freedom of thought, religion, assembly, expression and information are protected by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
The functioning of the EU is founded on representative democracy. Being a European citizen also means enjoying political rights. Every adult EU citizen has the right to stand as a candidate and to vote in elections to the European Parliament. EU citizens have the right to stand as candidate and to vote in their country of residence, or in their country of origin.
Equality is about equal rights for all citizens before the law. The principle of equality between women and men underpins all European policies and is the basis for European integration. It applies in all areas. The principle of equal pay for equal work became part of the Treaty of in 1957. Although inequalities still exist, the EU has made significant progress.
Rule of law
The EU is based on the rule of law. Everything the EU does is founded on treaties, voluntarily and democratically agreed by its member countries. Law and justice are upheld by an independent judiciary. The member countries gave final jurisdiction to the European Court of Justice which judgements have to be respected by all.
Human rights
Human rights are protected by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. These cover the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, the right to the protection of your personal data, and or the right to get access to justice.
These goals and values form the basis of the EU and are laid out in the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Charter of fundamental rights.

In 2012, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing the causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

Kommentar von Antony am 12. März 2018 um 3:26pm

Merkel is not stupid or incapable of understanding - she knows exactly what she and her backers are doing to Germany and Europe.

Kommentar von Philip Smeeton am 12. März 2018 um 3:23pm

The mystery is that those like Merkel are incapable of understanding what anyone reasonably objective would find to be obvious. That there is a growing problem that can only be solved by reversing immigration. They appease the abusers instead.

Kommentar von Alan Lake am 12. März 2018 um 1:21am

A horror story from Germany, reported by Mark Steyn.  I think it is a highly significant barometer of how far that society has accepted Sharia and Islam.

Thirty-two-year-old Ahmad married his first wife, Lina, when she was thirteen. He married his third, Betool, when she was fourteen. That would have been statutory rape not so long ago, but instead Ahmad gets to live with both wives and his six children in a two-story house in Schleswig-Holstein paid for, like everything else in the illiterate unskilled unemployed refugee's life, by German taxpayers.

If you're wondering what happened to the remaining wife - the one who came in between Lina and Betool - she's still in Syria:

Für eine dritte Ehefrau müsste das Haus größer werden, sagt Ahmad lachend.

"For a third wife, the house would have to grow larger," says Ahmad, laughing - as well he might: Childless Germans pay for the polygamous Muslims that will supplant them - because Mutti Merkel says they're the software designers Daimler and Mercedes urgently need. I think I'll take my chance on Toyotas built by Japanese sexbots.

No advanced nation needs mass unskilled immigration. Unless your politicians are willing to say that, they're consigning you and your family to the status of Ahmad's wives.

Kommentar von Philip Smeeton am 9. März 2018 um 10:38am

I thought the whole point of the AfD was that it was anti-immigration?

"The 42-year-old made headlines last month, when he insulted Turks as "camel drivers" and immigrants with dual passports as a "homeless mob we no longer want to have." Poggenburg said his resignation was supposed to take "pressure from the party," which has come under criticism for its anti-migrant stance. AfD ..."


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1. SP Freedom of Speech
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