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Athens - the EU capital city without a mosque

Some 300,000 Muslims are said to live in Athens

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At Friday prayers and across Athens, Muslims gather in underground, cramped prayer rooms.

The makeshift facilities are illegal but this huge community faces no other option. Athens, a metropolis on the edge of the Muslim world, is one of the few EU capitals without a mosque.

Since Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, no government has allowed a mosque to be built in the city. It was seen by many as "un-Greek" - out of place in a country in which much more than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

But as Greece has become the main entry point for migrants to the EU, its Muslim population has swelled.

Some estimates place the number of Muslims in Athens alone at around 300,000, in a city with a population of around five million, and the clamour for an official place of prayer is growing.

"It is a very big tragedy for us Muslims that there is no mosque here," says Syed Mohammad Jamil from the Pakistan-Hellenic Society.

"Greece produced democracy and civilisation and the respect of religion - but they don't respect our Muslims to provide us with a regular, legal mosque."

One of the Friday worshippers, Ashifaq Ahmad, says: "I feel somehow cut off from society.

"When we have a celebration, there is nowhere proper for us to get together. Society is not accepting us."

Barracks plan

Pressure on the government to provide a secure, protected mosque has grown as the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party continues to rise.

This disused barracks is being earmarked as the site of a mosque

Its members stand accused of beating immigrants and vandalising some of the underground prayer rooms.

The party's deputy, Ilias Panagiotaros, told me earlier in the year that landmines should be placed on Greece's border with Turkey, saying: "If immigrants die trying to jump into our country, that's their problem."

Now perhaps the call for a place of worship may be answered.

A disused army barracks near the city centre has been chosen as a site for the capital's first mosque.

Behind heavy gates lie old buildings, broken glass and rubble strewn across the floors. The crumbling shells currently there would be torn down, making space for a mosque that could accommodate 500 people.

If it is built, Muslims entering would catch sight of a small church next door, the two religions finally operating officially shoulder to shoulder.

The government insists the project will go ahead, but similar plans have been promised in the past - only to fall foul of political infighting.

And the financial crisis could still blow the idea off course. A government struggling to afford schoolbooks or healthcare may find it hard to announce 1m euros (£814,000; $1.3m) for a state-funded mosque.

"In the past, there was a fear in some segments of Greek society about constructing a mosque but we must overcome that fear," says Stratos Simopoulos, the secretary general of the ministry for development.

"The financial crisis is a problem. The government has other priorities for now, but this mosque must be constructed and we may be in a position to start the process in a few months."

I ask whether he is committed to the plan.

"Of course", he replies, "because it's not my commitment - it's a commitment of the Greek state."

And yet there is still resistance within the country.

'Islamic tyranny'

The Greek Church has warmed to the mosque idea but some senior ecclesiastical figures remain opposed.

Start Quote

Greece suffered five centuries of Islamic tyranny under Turkish rule and building a mosque would offend the martyrs who freed us”

Bishop Seraphim

In a packed service in St Nicolas's Church in Piraeus, just outside Athens, the strength of religious devotion is clear.

Members of the congregation kiss the icons and repeatedly cross themselves. Orthodox Christianity goes to the heart of what it means to be Greek and the Bishop here, Seraphim, says his nation must preserve its identity.

"Greece suffered five centuries of Islamic tyranny under Turkish rule and building a mosque would offend the martyrs who freed us," he says.

Greece, he adds, "does not hate anyone" but he believes that "most Muslims have come here illegally" to, as he puts it, "Islamise Europe".

I put it to him that his position appears Islamophobic, out of touch with a multicultural European Union, and his response may betray other prejudices too.

"We are not a multicultural country," the Greek bishop says. "We are one Greek nation and everything else is an invention of the 'new order' and of Zionism. They are trying to corrupt our character."


On the streets of Athens, opinions are mixed.

"Muslims should have their temple," says Kali Patounia, a banker.

Greek immigrants in other countries build their own churches and perform their own religion, so it's hypocritical”

Kali PatouniaGreek banker

"Greek immigrants in other countries build their own churches and perform their own religion, so it's hypocritical."

Marios, a student, disagrees. "We must not have a mosque here," he tells me.

"This is a Christian country and if they want a mosque, they can go back to their own countries and have one."

Religion is intrinsic to national identity here and Church and state are closely linked. The mosque issue has become a symbol of what sort of state today's Greece is willing to become.

The financial crisis has made this nation more inward-looking, more fearful.

However for Greece the decision is whether to extend its hand fully to Islam - and whether its capital will no longer stand alone in Europe.

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And just to think that Athens was plagued with mosques

Who will be the first nation to fall to islam.

Athens may not have a mosque yet, but it does have a large muslim population. How long will they be able to go without. Or will they be able to resist what no other country in Europe has managed to avoid.  

GREECE: Muslims threaten violence if taxpayer funded mosque is not built for them in Athens

A few weeks ago i spoke to a Greek man living here in the UK and asked him about the possiblity of this actually happening. No way he said. Followed by: 'if it happens i will return and burn it down...and i am very moderate compared to some of the people i know there.'

it appears to be getting closer to reality:


The Greek government has awarded a tender to build the first taxpayer-funded mosque in Athens, one of the few remaining capitals in the European Union that lacks a state-funded mosque. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks said on November 14 that it had finally chosen a consortium of four construction companies to build the mosque. Four previous tenders had failed due to a lack of interest amid mounting public opposition to the mosque....

Didn't Muslims invent philosophy in Athens? That's what my best mate, Mo Ansar, told me.

Basildon hasn't got a mosque yet. Even though Baildon hasn't got any Muslims yet (save the curry shop), it has been classed as "the most Islamophobic town in the North" and received only one star in Mo Ansar's 'Guide to Diverse & Cohesive Towns'.

So Baildon has a higher "diversity score" than either Mecca or Medina, then.  

Paul Austin Murphy said:

Basildon hasn't got a mosque yet. Even though Baildon hasn't got any Muslims yet (save the curry shop), it has been classed as "the most Islamophobic town in the North" and received only one star in Mo Ansar's 'Guide to Diverse & Cohesive Towns'.

It has actually. No Muslims but some Chinese, Indians, etc. Nonetheless, Muslims are one diversity Baildon can do without. (I don't live there.) You don't hear a peep from the Chinese and the Indians blend in (even though they aren't white). Not that I believe in blending in just for the sake of it or enforcing it. Muslims sort of blend OUT, if you know what I mean.

Low Diversity Scores: Libya = zero Jews

Lebanon = 100 Jews

Gaza = zero Jews

Egypt = a handful of Jews

Iraq = probably less than 1000

But, in line with Muhammad's final wish, Mecca, Medina and indeed the whole of Arabia, is almost free of "unbelievers" - except the slaves, domestic servants and some much-needed kuffar workers.

Joe είπε:

So Baildon has a higher "diversity score" than either Mecca or Medina, then.


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