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Have Been watching Sky news who have managed to get one of its reporters into Alleppo. The City is a world heritage site, and with good cause. The city is over 4000 years old, and the Biblical Abraham is supposed to have spent time there. Here is a brief history.


I'm happy that A reporter has got inside Alleppo to report on the destruction of such an ancient site.  The way the reporter spoke you'd think the mosques were 4000 years old. The oldest mosque is believed to be twelve centry.

The biggest crime is the destruction of the ancient covered market and the citidel, yes the destruction of the  mosques are a criime as well, but Alleppo,s history is only about a third Islamic. The City was around over 2500 years before islam came knocking. And the suggestion that islam stretchs back into Alleppo's or syria's ancient history is a distortion of the facts. The mosque is old. But i would not refer to it as Ancient.

The biggest claim to fame of the mosque is a piece of hair, that is supposed to come from mohhamad, is placed there for all to worship.  

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It is our job Paul to explain to people what is wrong and to suggest a remedy. Islam appeals to the dark side of human nature, we all have this dark side. The difference is that we believe that the dark side should be suppressed, we have been taught that it is better to behave in a civilized manner. These Muslim savages have been taught the opposite, that destruction and murder and cruelty are virtues. That all opposition must be destroyed. Islam brings out my dark side, I would destroy it completely if I could. One problem is that Muslims see themselves as being good people, I can see no way to persuading them otherwise. All that I can understand is that we have to make anyone not contaminated by it aware that the fundamental principles of Islam are evil. 

ISIS blows up ancient Baal Shamin temple at Syria’s Palmyra

Baalshamin Temple ©
The ancient Baal Shamin Temple has become the latest target of Islamic State jihadists vandalizing the Syrian city of Palmyra, officials have confirmed, fearing further destruction of unique well-preserved ruins and artifacts at the UNESCO world heritage site.

“Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ISIS] placed a large quantity of explosives in the temple of Baal Shamin today and then blew it up causing much damage to the temple,” Syria’s antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim told AFP.

According to the minister the inner area of the temple was destroyed with its world-famous columns collapsing around it.

“We have said repeatedly the next phase would be one of terrorizing people and when they have time they will begin destroying temples,” Abdulkarim told Reuters. “God help us in the days to come.”

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the destruction of the temple which dates back to the first century.

Originally erected in 17AD to the Phoenician god of storms and fertilizing rains, it was expanded under the reign of Roman emperor Hadrian in 130 AD, taking on the appearance which lasted for two millennia.

Palmyra, known as the "pearl of the desert", before the arrival of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) was a well-preserved open-air museum only some 210km (130 miles) away from the Syrian capital Damascus.

The UNESCO world heritage site was captured by the Islamic State on 21 May 2015, but not before some of the precious artefacts were removed by the government and transported to Damascus.

READ MORE: ISIS youth execute 25 Syrian soldiers at Palmyra amphith...

Two days later, the first accounts of destruction of ancient artifacts by the militants surfaced. Jihadists believe that pagan statues are idolatrous and therefore should be destroyed on the territory of the“caliphate” IS claims to be building in areas under its control in Syria and Iraq.

READ MORE: ISIS boasts of ‘bulldozing’ ancient Catholic monastery i...

In addition to destruction, by the end of May, Palmyra has emerged as one of the scaffolds for the public executions of IS opponents. To the shock of the world community, IS mined the ancient site in June, before proceeding to destroy the Lion Statue of Athena that stood more than three meters high.

READ MORE: ISIS extremists blow up 2 historic shrines in Palmyra, S...

“Our darkest predictions are unfortunately taking place,” said Abdulkarim. IS “carried out executions in the ancient theatre (of Palmyra), they destroyed in July the famous Lion Statue of Athena ... and transformed the museum into a prison and a courtroom.”

Just several days before the Baal Shamin Temple was blown up, Palmyra's 82-years-old retired antiquities chief Khaled al-Asaad was beheaded by the jihadists after being tortured for a month to get information about the city and its treasures.

READ MORE: ISIS beheads 82yo chief of antiquities in ancient Palmyr...

According to reports al-Asaad died without sharing any secrets with IS. He had been director of the Palmyra archaeological site for 40 years until his retirement in 2003.

Syria’s antiquity chief says IS is now excavating for gold in the ancient city and has proceeded to give out licenses for illicit digs for the city’s treasures to finance their terror campaign.

Isis beheads elderly chief of antiquities in ancient Syrian city:

This sounds very familiar, Muslim crusades and the destruction of temples.

"Kafiristan was inhabited by a polytheistic pagan culture before large numbers converted to Islam in the 1890s."
Another crusade against idolatry was at length resolved on; and Mahmud led the seventh one against Nardain, the then boundary of India, or the eastern part of the Hindu Kush; separating as Firishta says, the countries of Hindustan and Turkistan and remarkable for its excellent fruit. The country into which the army of Ghazni marched appears to have been the same as that now called Kafirstan, where the inhabitants were and still are, idolaters and are named the Siah-Posh, or black-vested by the Muslims of later times. In Nardain there was a temple, which the army of Ghazni destroyed; and brought from thence a stone covered with certain inscriptions, which were according to the Hindus, of great antiquity[13]


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