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Artist & Heritage Victims of Kuffarphobia


Artist & Heritage Victims of Kuffarphobia

The artistic and cultural heritage of a society are often targeted by Islam, as a possible threat to its mono-cultural dominance, as first shown by Mohammed's zeal for killing poets (13 in all). When world heritage cultural treasures are destroyed, we are all the victim.

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Comment by Alan Lake on July 31, 2013 at 2:53

Talk about a world wide problem: the advert preceeding this historical record of the destruction of Hinduism and killing of Hindus by the Islamic Imperialists, was a 7 minute Ramadan message from Sheikh Mohammed al Yaqoubi on 1434/2013.  The message itself is benign, but the implication of power and reach, is not.

If the Ansar /Fascist Left can't see what's coming, the only hope for them must be a brain transplant.  Any brain would do.  Well, not a goldfish brain, but a mouse brain would certainly make the connections better.

Comment by paul collings on July 30, 2013 at 17:02

A world wide problem.
Comment by paul collings on June 19, 2013 at 8:00

The conquest of Christianity continues.

Comment by Antony on May 1, 2013 at 13:24
Comment by Philip Smeeton on April 30, 2013 at 9:12

I know that I have said this before but I still do not understand how anyone can defend Islam. I'm sure these lefist-liberals know nothing of Islam, other than as you say that it is cuddly, the religion of peace and every other thing nice that Muslims say about themselves. If they did have any knowledge of Islam I would assume that they had read the clause written by Mohammed which pardens all non-Muslims that have actively aided Islam achieve ascendency, as they do.

(-To take- exile- any survivors to a safe place.)

The aims of Islam, according to Islamic doctrine, are:

-To take over the world for Allah by establishing a worldwide caliphate,

-To rule the land by Sharia law (Islamic law),

-To subjugate or kill infidels who are defined as:

  • those not born Muslim

  • those that have not submitted to Islamic faith belief or

  • those that have left Islamic faith belief.

-To take- exile- any survivors to a safe place.

(Likely survivors are those who have converted to Islam, although not Arabs, and those who aid, abet, apologize for and support Islam knowingly or unknowingly. Among the ways they aid, abet, apologize for and support Islam are their being more fair to Muslims, tolerant of diversity, misinterpreting Mohammed's original aims, missing the simplicity of his aims, using adjectives to describe different varieties of Islam and Islamic believers and interjecting only selected Muslim practices).

Mohammed put forth these basic aims early in his founding of Islam.

Muslims are allowed to kill anyone that spreads mischief in the land, i.e. Opposes Islam or breaks Muslim law.

The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.” So said Obama is his speech at Cairo on June 4, 2009, intended to the Muslim world.

This quote is taken from verse 5:32 of the "Holy Koran". Let us first quote the full verse and see what it says (Yusuf Ali translation):

[005:032]  On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.”

The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter; 

Comment by Alan Lake on April 30, 2013 at 3:59

This movie was made in 1991 about a true story from 1986:

Can you imagine anyone daring to make such a movie now, which is critical of Islam and its cultural archetypes?  Even though it is a true story?  

No, when the truth hurts, suppress the truth, that's how the liberal fascists work. We won't be getting any more movies like this one.  We'll get ones like the Four Lions, attempting to make Islam seem warm, cuddly and unthreatening, even while its trying to blow us up.

Comment by paul collings on February 10, 2013 at 12:43

Once a mosque always a mosque.  Doesn't matter if it was church first. We shouldn,t be suprised, this is Turkey afterall. 99% Islamic. What need of a church would they have. Islam  doesn't protect  other cultures.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on February 10, 2013 at 8:29

We are witnessing the emergence of a new Islamic Empire across Muslim countries as in land after land the Islamists take power. Greece lies on this border between Europe, freedom and Democracy and this viscious religious tyranny. The greatest threat to our freedom will come from the Muslims that already live in our midst.

Comment by Joe on February 10, 2013 at 0:22

Pressure for Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Constantinople to become a mosque again.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on November 13, 2012 at 11:45

I agree with what you say Paul.

They can do what they like in their own countries, what I object to is them coming here and behaving badly. As in the case of Abu Qatada it seems that our toothless laws are more concerned with protecting terrorists than protecting our own citizens. Isn't it only reasonable that when you emigrate to a country that you contribute to that countries prosperity and that you do not plot to destroy it.


Muslim Terrorism Count

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Mission Overview

Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

We need to capture this information before it is removed.  The site already contains sufficient information to cover most issues, but our members add further updates when possible.

We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow moderate Muslims to escape from their totalitarian political system.

The 4 Freedoms

These 4 freedoms are designed to close 4 vulnerabilities in Secular Democracy, by making them SP or Self-Protecting (see Hobbes's first law of nature). But Democracy also requires - in addition to the standard divisions of Executive, Legislature & Judiciary - a fourth body, Protector of the Open Society (POS), to monitor all its vulnerabilities (see also Popper). 
1. SP Freedom of Speech
Any speech is allowed - except that advocating the end of these freedoms
2. SP Freedom of Election
Any party is allowed - except one advocating the end of these freedoms
3. SP Freedom of Movement
The government can import new voters - except where that changes the political demographics (i.e. electoral fraud by means of immigration)
4. SP Freedom from Over-spending
People should not be charged for government systems which they reject, and which give them no benefit. For example, the government cannot pass a debt burden across generations (25 years).
An additional Freedom from Religion is be deducible by equal application of law: "Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight - except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)"

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