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This information is taken from a book called LOVE JIHAD, by Ramesh Shinde and Mohan Gowda.

It has also been mentioned that in October 2009, the Karnataka government announced its intentions to counter Love- Jihad, which "appeared to be a serious issue". A week after the announcement, the government ordered a probe into the situation by the 
Crime Branch CID to determine if an organized effort existed to convert these girls and, if so, by whom it was being funded.  A similar investigation undertaken by the Kerala government revealed a shocking picture of thousands of Hindu and Christian girls falling into the trap of Love Jihad of young Muslim men. The numbers, from 2006 till 2009, of such Love Jihad conversions on a district basis in Kerala is staggering. Below is a table giving the district-wise data in Kerala with total incidents, cases registered, and those brought back with the help of various institutions and friends.
Table 1

Sr No.

Name of the district

No of Incidents

Cases Registered



































































The table shows that the number of girls converted in this way was
2876. But only 705 cases were registered. Kasargod tops the list of Jihad Love conversions with a figure of 568. Only 123 incidents have been registered with the police.  Central investigation agencies have received information that
4000 such girls all over India, converted to Islam under the Love-Jihad trap, are being trained for Jihadi activities by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations.  Official statistics say that about
8 girls are reported missing under suspicious circumstances everyday in Kerala and this is the reason for their growing anxiety and fear of the parents of those girls. Based on the statistics of the Crime Record Bureau of Kerala Police, Kochi's National University of Advanced Legal Studies carried out a study in which it was found that the number of
girls missing from Kerala was 2167 in 2007 and 2530 in 2008.
Many believe
that the actual number may be much higher than the numbers registered. The activities of Love Jihadis became more aggressive in Kerala in 2006. This led to the sudden increase in women and young girls disappearing from Kerala. According to Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, up to 4,500 girls in Kerala have been targeted, whereas
Hindu Janajagruti Samiticlaimed that 30,000 girls have been converted in Karnataka alone.

Jihadi Romeos promise to marry unsuspecting young girls within 6 months if they convert to Islam. They are then taken far away and dump in conversion centers. Those girls are often subjected to various tortures for weeks in these conversion centers. There is information that these girls are shipped from the unmanned coasts of Kochi, Kozhikode, etc., to Mangalore, Goa, Chennai, Lakshadweep, from where they are taken abroad. Many of these girls are believed to be taken to Gulf countries under the false pretence of a job and forced into prostitution once they reach there.

The Jihadi Romeos are given special ranks, rewards and money for carrying out their operation of trapping more and more unsuspecting girls into love snare. Jahangir Razak, a former student of Kozhikode Law College, one such Jihadi Romeo, is said to have trapped 42 girls till date. He is reportedly the link between a sex racket running in Chennai and terrorist organizations. One Shajahan from Pathanamthitta has trapped 6 young girls from Malayalappuzha Panchayat itself.

It may be mentioned here that during the days of Islamic domination, Muslims could turn a kafir country (dar-ul-harb) into a Muslim country (dar-ul-Islam) solely by military conquest. That military path is more or less closed today, but democracy has opened an easy path to them: by increasing their kind by procreating more children as used by the Prophet Muhammad in Medina nearly 1400 years ago. In this Islamic demographic war, Muslim wombs have emerged as their most powerful weapon. So, conversion of a non-Muslim woman into Islam simply converts a non-Muslim womb into a Muslim womb for giving birth to more jihadis. So, in a nutshell, the Love Jihad campaign is an Islamic plan to trap non-Muslim girls into fake love, compel them to accept Islam, and use them as the instruments for bearing Muslim offspring.

The ultimate goal of Islam is to turn the entire world into a dar-ul-Islam and this goal is to be reached by converting each and every dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-Islam. As mentioned above, a dar-ul-harb, in the present democratic setup, could be turned into a dar-ul-Islam by altering the demographic pattern or over populating the native population by Muslim population. Muslims want to achieve this as fast as possible, and their lies the need for converting non-Muslim wombs into Muslim wombs. The process has two-pronged benefits. Firstly, it helps swell the Muslim population fast; secondly, it cripples the native non-Muslim population growth.
The Modus Operandi of Love Jihad plan

Recently, a booklet has been published, entitled LOVE JIHAD, narrating the entire process of how the Love Jihad agenda operates. At the very outset, it should be mentioned that Muslim organizations operating in India receive huge money from Gulf countries to run the Love Jihad campaign. Muslim Romeos involved in this project are heavily rewarded for successfully seducing and converting non-Muslim girls into Islam.

These Romeos earn Rs. 200 a day for their service to Islam. Influential Muslim clerics of Sambhajinagar, Aurangabad, Maharastra, have issued a fatwa that every Muslim youth, who is involved in trapping Hindu or non-Muslim girls into Love Jihad for converting them to Islam, would be awarded Rs. 200 a day. When such a girl is seduced, the youth is given a two wheeler and when he marries that seduced girl, he is given Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000. A Muslim organization, named
Muslim Youth Forum,
has classified rewards for the different types of Hindu girls being trapped by Muslim Romeos for conversion (Table 2).
Table 2

Caste/Region of the girls lured into
fake love affair


1.  Sikh girls

Rs 700,000

2.  Punjabi Hindu girls

Rs 600,000

3.  Gujarati Brahmin girls

Rs 600,000

4  Brahmin girls

Rs 500,000

5  Kshatriya girls

Rs 450,000

6  Gujarati girls of Kutch

Rs 300,000

7  Jain / Marwari girls

Rs 300,000

8  Backward caste / tribe girls

Rs 200,000

9  Buddhist girls

Rs 150,000

Above Table apparently shows that the task of converting a Sikh girl is hardest, while it is easiest for a Buddhist girl. As the Love Jihad campaign is funded by the Arab countries, a Saudi Arabia based organization, under the name of Indian Fraternity Forum, collects money for this purpose. The money is then transferred to India through hawala transactions.

The Hindu girls, who have migrated to the city from villages, are found to be easy prey. These poor girls normally do not have enough money to buy costly dresses to match the city life. “These girls are specifically targeted and given money. They are also lured into addictions like smoking and drinking alcohol etc. These girls, who are ensnared in Love-Jihad, become helpless and soon begin to assist in ensnaring other Hindu girls”, the authors say.
The methods of luring Hindu girls

The most common method of luring Hindu girls from schools and colleges is to loiter in around schools and colleges on two wheelers. As mentioned above, Jahangir Razzak, a student of Kozhikode Law College, has managed to lure 42 Hindu girls using this method.

The mobile phone has emerged as the most useful tool for the Love Jihadis. The Muslim boys collect the mobile phone numbers of young Hindu and other non-Muslim girls from Muslim mobile phone operators. Once a Muslim boy managed to get the mobile phone number of a Hindu girl, he starts sending SMS on her mobile phone and contacts her at night. In many cases, Muslim girls also play their part in Love Jihad by introducing Hindu girls to Muslim Romeos as well as by procuring their mobile phone numbers.

During this preliminary stage of contact, Muslim Romeos adopt Hindu names and Hindu etiquettes. They also gift mobile phones to Hindu girls, who cannot afford it. In this context, Ms Leela Menon, the editor of the Malayalam daily Janmabhumi, says,
“While personally visiting the houses of the girls who committed suicide due to Love Jihad, I found a common thing that, in all those cases the girls had received a mobile phone from their lovers. When I studied several such cases in Kerala as a journalist, I concluded that mobile phone is the single and most effective weapon of Love Jihad.”

In Kerala, the birthplace of Love Jihad in India, Christian girls are also being targeted. The Muslim Youth Forum has also declared a reward of Rs 400,000 for ensnaring and converting a Roman Catholic girl. The reward is Rs 300,000 for converting a Protestant girl. The Kerala Archbishop Council has taken the affaire of Love Jihad very seriously. It has published guidelines to frustrate the attempts of the Love Jihadis to convert Christian girls.

Now a days, Internet is also being widely used to trap non-Muslim girls into Love Jihad. Evil-minded Muslim thugs attempt to get closer and develop friendship with Hindu girls through websites like Facebook or Orkut. They also take help of the matrimonial websites like or to trap Hindu girls desirous of a marriage.

Muslim boys take up jobs in Hindu homes with the ulterior motive of ensnaring Hindu women in their love-dragnet. Hundreds of Hindu women have been defiled in Jaipur, Rajastan, with this trick.

Though Muslims, as a whole, lack in creative intelligence, they excel in planning evil and in criminal plots as we have seen in the case of Jihadi terrorism. The same has been extended into the Love Jihad project. Here’s a protocol:
While a Hindu girl passing through a lonely road, three-four Muslim boys indulge in eve-teasing. Then another Muslim boy, pretending to be an honest and virtuous non-Muslim, suddenly appears and rescues her from the disturbing rogues. Naturally, the girl develops a soft corner toward that boy. He then utilizes this opportunity to get close to her, woo and seduce her. When the girl gets totally entrapped, he exposes his real Muslim identity and asks for her to convert before her desire of marrying him may materialze. In Ahmednagar (Maharastrs) alone, nearly 300 Hindu girls were entrapped and converted using this method.

Hindu Girls, who are given unlimited freedom by their parents, celebrate Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day and Rose Day etc. along with their friends as per the Western culture. The Muslim boys utilize these opportunities to get close to these girls. By continuous wooing, they gradually drag them in their love-dragnet. Many believe that some Muslim boys take the help of hypnotism to get hold of their prey. Professor Unnikrashnan, a Pharmacologist, believes that many Muslim boys use some special kind of drugs to turn them obedient to their seducers. These Muslim boys take the victims to some ice-cream parlours or juice centres owned by Muslims. There they add some kinds of seductive drugs to the drinks to be offered to the Hindu girls. These drugs meant for keeping the girls obedient to their seducers.
Application of Black Magic or

A Muslim organization, called Paigam Islam, has released a fatwa asking Muslim boys to take the help of black magic (vashikaran) for entrapping the Hindu girls to their love drag-net. In fact, this
Vashikaran is a
Tantrik procedure that uses mantra (words), yantras (tools) and Bhasma (ash) and special kinds of medicines to bewitch, subjugate, attract, influence, allure, excite or entice the desired person. In fact,
vashikaran refers to bringing a particular person under one’s complete control. Similarly, evil experiments like witchcraft, magic-spells, subtle attacks directed at a person etc. are known as black-magic. Muslim boys are believed to exercise all such practices to bring their targeted girls in their full control.

Behaviour of Hindu girls, who have undergone such spell of black magic, alters considerably. To authenticate their claim, the authors of LOVE JIHAD have quoted the story of an educated Hindu girl, named Preeti. Her story below was narrated by Ms Arunatai Acharya of the Nari Raksha Manch.
“A young girl, Preeti, from an immensely rich Rajasthani Hindu family, eloped with and married Abdul, a Muslim residing in a local slum. The police located her and took her to a remand home. However, it was difficult for the Police to keep her there for long as she was over 18 years of age and hence, legally a major. Therefore, her family members came to me with high hopes. On collecting full information about Abdul, it became clear that he was earning his bread by working as a coolie. The Police officials also came to know that Abdul had received Rs 50,000 for having ensnared Preeti in the love-dragnet. Then we chalked out a plan with Preeti’s family. According to that plan, as soon as she was released from the remand home, we took her to an unknown place.Upon reunion with her family members, there was no visible guilt on her face. She kept addressing herself as ‘Ayesha, wife of Abdul. According to the plan, Preeti was told that if Abdul became a Hindu, her family would allow her to marry him. She then called up Abdul from her mobile phone and asked him to be a Hindu. But he categorically refused and, on the contrary, threatened her with talaq (divorce) in a forceful voice. Despite this insult, Preeti shouted at her mother in Urdu that she would go to her husband and stay with him in whatever state he kept her.

With the help of a renowned astrologer, she was rescued. She is presently advising her friends also to be vigilant about Love-Jihad.

Another similar story, narrated by Dr Mallika and Ms Sangeeta Sharma of Manahshakti Samupdeshan, Kerala, runs as follows:
“In Kottayam (Kerala), Manjumal, a young Hindu nurse was lured by a Muslim youth with his sweet talks on mobile phone, and later they began to roam together. Her family members opposed to her affair and in her presence warned the youth not to have any relationship with her. Despite this, she was hell-bent on marrying him. On further inquiry it was found that a person with that name did not exist at all. Besides this, his address was also found to be false.Manjumal was not allowed to go outside the house for two months. She was also told that her lover was a fraudster and was counseled on the dangers of Love-Jihad. Despite these attempts, she was not ready to listen to her family. Several months have passed now but she is still adamant on marrying the Muslim man. It is possible that she was subjected to black magic or vashikaran.”

The readers may recall that this author has 
discussed a case of application of black-magic or
vashikaran to ensnare a Hindu girl called Shivani Acharya by a Muslim mason in the state of Orissa.

 Most of the facts narrated above have been taken from the book LOVE JIHAD, written by Mr Ramesh Shinde and Mr Mohan Gowda.

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It is the duty of muslims to convert non muslims. If you get to beat and rape them AND get paid for it, all the better. The religion of peace is a wonderful thing, and more womens groups should get out in support of love jihad. Oooops my mistake, they they already do. BY saying Nothing!!

Gosh, where have I heard about something like this before? Oh yes, in 2 recent court cases in Rochdale and Bradford.

Can it be that we're seeing a pattern amongst Muslim men?


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