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Bosnian extremist wants to tax non-Muslims

SARAJEVO -- A Bosnian Wahhabi leader was heard calling for a ten-percent tax to be introduced for Serbs and Croats in that country - modeled after Ottoman practices.

Husein Bosnić, aka Bilal (image made from YouTube video)
Husein Bosnić, aka Bilal (image made from YouTube video)

A video was posted on YouTube showing Bužim-based Husein Bosnić, aka Bilal, advocating the type of tax imposed in medieval times on Serbs by the Turks who had invaded and occupied their land.

Bosnić, described as "one of the most popular preachers within the Wahhabi movement", in his sermon, or "hutba", told his followers that they "should not touch the honor or spill the blood of Serbs and Croats" - but only if those Christian nations were "under the framework of Islam".

This Wahabi leader who was last year arrested on charges of terrorism and later released from custody, was further heard stating in the video:

"Their obligations toward the privileges that they have in our society are only to be loyal and to, once a year, if they can, set aside the amount that the khalifa determines, just as the Ottomans determined for Serbs - ten percent."

He also said that "rich people" should give ten percent of their property once a year in order to be "left alone - nobody would touch them and nobody would mobilize them".

At the end of the 44-minute "hutba", Bosnić sent his message that "Islam will enter each home".

Banja Luka-based daily Nezavisne Novine is quoting Duška Majkić, chairwoman of the Joint Commission on Defense and Security of the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina, who said that "as far as security experts are concerned, this is all completely clear":

"The Wahhabis do not respect this system, this state. What he said represents a violation of the Constitution and laws of this country. The police should have already investigated what is happening in those typical communities where they (Wahhabis) live, and if nothing was happening there, then the public could have its peace of mind. However, too many pieces of information are saying that caution is in order."

Security experts commented on the video to say that the Wahhabis aim to "adjust the society to a possible lack of freedom that it will have to live in".

"To be a Muslim of the Bilal Bosnić's kind means to live according a calendar that is 700 years behind. What he said was a menacing message, which brings down the country's constitutional order, but it also advocates in favor of a religious state and discrimination against non-Muslims," terrorism expert Dževad Galijašević was quoted as saying.

Bosnić is no stranger to controversial and threatening "hutbas". The media in Bosnia are quoting one of his earlier statements: "Know it, it has only started to bleed and it will not stop, Allah knows, until the victory of Islam arrives. That means that we must all mobilize and stand in defense of Islam."

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The Kuffarphobes have really got their strategy figured out.  But of course, they have a great teacher.


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