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The following links highlight articles on Shamnesty International which were written before this forum was created.

Shamnesty link to Taliban & Terrorism:

Asia Bibi - of no interest for Amnesty International:

Shamnesty finally wakes up to Islamic Slavery:

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Shamnesty seem to have got confused here, they are actually highlighting the case of a Christian victim!  Maybe the Muslims in Shamnesty International decided it was time for a token non-Muslim case, so they can point to it when they are exposed?

Shamnesty International support the oppression of women ;

Shamnesty finally issued a report on slavery in the new Caliphate.  They released it on 23rd December, to ensure it was eclipsed by Christmas.  None of the maudlin Leftists doing Christmas were going to be so gauche as to discuss an unpleasant subject like sex-slavery with their friends/relatives between 23rd December and 3rd January.

Amnesty caught red-handed using a faked video as evidence!

Having spent thousands of $$$ and many months to produce a "Forensic Platform" about Gaza to prove that Israel was guilty of war crimes during the 2014 Gaza conflict, it has all gone wrong when the very expensive video was exposed to have been faked by Amnesty themselves!

A credibility crisis is on the scale of when their former boss was fired and asked for over half a million in overtime and her secretary did the same!

Watch the original and copy it before it disappears!

Amnesty has managed to edit a new version but stayed silent for several days since being exposed. 

Even the Palestinian organization they got the video from freely admits that Amnesty have manipulated the stock footage they bought from them!


Note: we have an archive copy of that video in case it is withdrawn.

Andrew Norfolk has now turned his attention to Shamnesty's muslim connections.  He really is several years behind us on all these issues.  Antony posted these elsewhere on 4F, but I thought they should be added to this collection here.

Amnesty director’s links to global network of Islamists

A shadowy web traced back to Bradford

Converted Victorian villas on opposite sides of a Bradford street link Amnesty International’s Yasmin Hussein to a complex network of Brotherhood-linked individuals, companies and charities.

One is the HQ of a community trust that shares its address with a large Arab mosque and Islamic centre. Much of the funding for the complex was provided by Qatar.

Campaign allies on the wrong side of human rights

Amnesty International is no stranger to criticism of its ambivalence towards Islamism. Attention has focused on its willingness to work with organisations whose beliefs — including the imposition of Sharia — are said to make them unsuitable partners for a charity seeking to defend women’s rights and freedoms of expression and religion.

The Times has learnt that as recently as March this year an Amnesty employee defended such partnerships and voiced sympathy for those whose “only crime is to be soft on Islamic militants”.

It came after criticism of the charity’s

Shamnesty International lying again.  Oooh, the US is so bad isn't it?  It comes 4th in the list of states with the death penalty - as long as we omit China which has maybe 100 times more - but then we'll ignore that because of its big population, ok?

But coming to the USA, we won't adjust that for population size, so in the end it executes more people than much smaller countries like Iraq, Somalia and Egypt.  Therefore the US is bad, QED.  Well done, to the bird brains of Shamnesty.


US among world leaders in death penalty, surpassed only by Saudi, Iran & Pakistan – Amnesty

© Trent Nelson / Salt Lake Tribune
With 28 killings in 2015, the US is the only country in the Americas and among OSCE members to be on the list of top executioners published by Amnesty International, coming right after Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.

At least 1,634 people were put to death in 25 countries in 2015, Amnesty International said. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan account for nearly 90 percent of those.

The US, it appears, had more executions than Iraq last year – 28 in six states: Texas (13), Missouri (6), Georgia (5), Florida (2), Oklahoma (1) and Virginia (1).

Last year, at least 2,851 people were under sentence of death in America, including 746 in California, 389 in Florida, 250 in Texas, 185 in Alabama and 181 in Pennsylvania, according to the report.

“While the 2015 figure was the lowest number of executions recorded in a single year since 1991, the decrease was in part linked to legal challenges that resulted in the revision of lethal injection protocols or problems faced by states in obtaining lethal injection chemicals,” the human rights watchdog explained.


Alan - I'm also presuming that Shamnesty don't include the extrajudicial executions carried out by muslims, such as lynch mobs in Pakistan killing "blasphemers" etc !?

Oh no Antony, those don't count, because they're not done by the state.  In just the same way that its alright for Muslims to slit people's throats and machine gun cartoonists and burn pilots alive, but if our interrogators just make one step wrong, an army of lawyers will descend on them.  And God forbid that we should push them for information or even waterboard them, after they've killed nail bombed a few hundred kuffar.  

Our state has to be whiter than white, otherwise we are being like them, you see?  I think in the end our state will be whiter than white, it will be dead white - because its dead.

Shami Chakrabarti honoured by David Cameron ;


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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