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So, after 12 months (and £214,000), FM has produced no more than 2 "attacks" per day.  The worst "attack" was against a family  who were "forced from their Nottinghamshire home".  They endured far less racist violence than my family endured from muslims last year.  Yet my family got no support from anyone except friends.

This is the same man who sponsored a report claiming EDL were racists.  The same man whose "conflict resolution" organisation ("Faith Matters") has done nothing to criticise the muslim grooming gangs who have been concealed by the liberal-left, the media, and by muslims for the past 10 years.  A google search for any reference to "grooming gang" or "rape gang" on his "conflict resolution" organisation's website returns zero hits.

His prime interest in conflict resolution appears to be ensuring muslims are not the subject of criticism.  

74% of the incidents in this "report" occurred online.  How many of them are provoked by muslims?  I have muslims message me online telling me I should be killed, raped, etc.  Where is the version of Tell Mama for everyone else?  Oh, I forgot.  FQMl is not interested in genuine conflict resolution, only insofar as such conflicts gets in the way of islamisation.

The majority of Muslims physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to the first results from the UK's official helpline for victims of Islamophobia.

More than 630 incidents were logged during the first 12 months of the helpline, launched in an attempt to quantify the scale and nature of anti-Muslim violence in Britain.

Some of the most egregious attacks recorded include a family being forced from their Nottinghamshire home, a five-year-old girl knocked over by a hit-and-run driver and a Somali lady who had dog faeces placed on her head by a white man while shopping in south London.

The attacks, collated by the helpline, Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), show that Muslim women were targeted in 58% of all incidents.

The majority of physical assaults committed in the street were on women wearing Islamic clothing, with most victims describing the nature of the attacks as seemingly "random".

High-profile female targets have included communities minister Lady Warsi who was threatened online by an English Defence League (EDL) member and journalist Jemima Khan, whose 14-year-old son received anti-Muslim comments on Twitter.

Of the perpetrators, the majority were subsequently found to have had links to recognised far-right groups such as the British National Party (BNP) or the EDL. So far, information provided to the helpline has led to the arrests of 21 far-right EDL supporters, with more than 40 incidents reported against EDL leader Tommy Robinson alone.

Members of the BNP or EDL were involved in 54% of all incidents, of which three-quarters were committed by men. The average age of perpetrators were between 21 and 30.

The results follow a report by think-tank Chatham House which identified a considerable Islamophobic sentiment in the UK, detecting a "wide reservoir of public sympathy for claims that Islam and the growth of settled, Muslim communities pose a fundamental threat to the native group and nation."

The majority of incidents received by the helpline related to what it described as "abusive behaviour" with 74% of recorded incidents occurring online. However, experts agree that even non-violent incidents have a profound adverse impact on peoples' lives.

Fiyaz Mughal, co-ordinator of Tell MAMA and director of non-profit group Faith Matters said he was "shocked" by the amount of racial hatred they had detected in their first year of monitoring, particularly online.

Mughal, a former advisor to the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, added: "We are calling on police and politicians to do more to tackle this shameful wave of fear and prejudice. From the internet, to the workplace, the street and even houses of worship, too often Muslim women and men are becoming the target of vicious, sometimes violent, abuse.

He added: "Recent history shows us what happens if we allow our fears to run unchecked. Demonisation of 'the other', misguided beliefs that Muslims are somehow a monolithic block, unchecked lies that Islam is a violent religion or that British Muslims wish to abuse white girls must be challenged."

He is now calling on police forces to drastically improve their recording of Islamophobic crimes. At the moment just two forces, the Metropolitan police and City of London police, currently record anti-Muslim crimes separately. Mughal also wants the Home Office to take over monitoring of online hate and far-right groups from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Other areas that the Muslim community believe could be improved include more prosecutions against online-based hatred.

"The police frequently fail to take victim statements, fail to appreciate the terrifying effects of these incidents upon women and vulnerable children. Few police forces even bother to record Islamophobia as part of their reporting systems. More training is needed at a time when police are facing budget cuts; we need more leadership too from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which, unhelpfully, has talked about fewer rather than more social media prosecutions," added Mughal.

During 2011 2,000 hate crimes were recorded against different faiths in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by police with officers at the time admitting that they were unclear how many were against Muslims because separate figures were not recorded.

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I found this letter on a website.  I'll post the letter here - the website owner redacted the name of the author, as he was unsure if this letter was meant to be public or not.  The letter is clearly part of some correspondence between Tatchell ("patron" of Tell Mama) and a Leftist critic of Tell Mama.

Here is the letter outlining this person’s concerns about Mr Tatchell’s involvement with the Tell Mama organisation.

Peter, you asked me to forward concerns regarding TellMamaUK.

An organisation claiming to oppose bigotry, racism and stand up for those affected by prejudice has to be a good thing, right? The answer is no – if it behaves like TellMamaUK on Twitter. On first discovering Tell Mama my instinct was to want to like them. After reading the material and observing how they interact, I concluded that what they are doing is far from helpful. It is divisive, misguided and appears to have a stealth priority of protecting Islam from criticism. Regardless of how loudly Tell Mama protests otherwise, fighting ‘Islamophobia’ has emerged as a clarion call rather than battling anti-Muslim hatred. They’d argue that these things are intertwined. They are not. People in the UK care about fighting bigotry and racism. Rather than help victims of prejudice, Tell Mama has an approach which fails, in my opinion. Every time they cry ‘Islamophobia’, they distance themselves from potential supporters. Some victims might be put off too. Ali A Rizvi (below) sums up the danger of using the neologism ‘Islamophobia’:

“Words like ‘Islamophobia’ exploit anti-Muslim hate crime victims, using their pain to silence all criticism of Islam “.

On Twitter Tell Mama has an uncanny ability to favourite, follow and engage happily with some hate-fuelled sycophants. Complaints made about some of their ‘groupies’ are met with indifference (or disingenuous scoffing that they can’t police the internet). TM manage to police it pretty thoroughly when it suits them. A group claiming to monitor ‘hate crime’ can’t detect hatred or bigotry from ‘friends’? Recently, they appeared to allege libel over the mere questioning of their use of the unhelpful term ‘Islamophobia’. Incredibly, they did this in front patrons. I highlighted this to both you and Mohammed Amin. What action was taken to stop false allegations being made by Tell Mama? This kind of behaviour reflects badly on patrons, especially if they fail to act. It won’t go away by ignoring the problem.

There a disconnect between what some patrons believe and what TM does on something as fundamental as the use of the term ‘Islamophobia’? Tell Mama have played the ‘Islamophobia’ card with a rigid determination. They ignored genuine criticism of this strategy – often blocking those challenging. Private individuals can behave as they please, Groups which have received large amounts of public funds should behave professionally online with a suitably impartial approach.

As you are aware, many don’t trust Tell Mama following press allegations regarding the incorrect reporting of ‘Islamophobia’ statistics:

They have failed to deal with these problems effectively. Damage limitation attempts have made things worse:

They now have a reputation of being trigger-happy regarding crying libel or losing court cases based on criticism of Fiyaz Mughal:

Tell Mama makes big claims about the importance of its work but they have relatively few followers. This is at odds with an ‘Islamophobia is at record highs’ rhetoric. Their feedback page also shows very little appreciation. The last thanks from an anonymous respondent dates back to June 2013. Most are several years old.

Note the embarrassing feedback from Mo Ansar – notorious grievance monger and proven liar. Tell Mama defended Ansar for far too long. TM recently complained about poor support from Muslims, having raised only £104 during a fund drive Online word ‘offences’ appear to take up considerable time. They become involved in petty disputes and attacks. There are too many to detail. Regardless of the perceived merits this does not look good to outsiders reading. The approach to blocking is questionable. My point here is to do with fairness. Tell Mama blocks critics, notably less mainstream Muslims, with ease. Yet it seems to encourage a core of orthodox zealots? Surely you can see how this reads? Does it suggest exactly the type of Muslim Tell Mama is most comfortable with?

They engage with illiberal, Ahmadi-hating sycophants (like carefulsoul786 and assorted zealots – nicknamed ‘The Twitter Muslim Patrol’).

The ‘Muslim Patrol’ weren’t blocked for bashing ‘Quilliamites’ on Tell Mama’s timeline. Tell Mama fanned the flames with its own indignant digs at Quilliam. Are some members of Quilliam not Muslims? Is Muslim to Muslim hatred not an issue?

Reading this and so many other contradictory pieces makes it very difficult to believe that recent moves to work with Quilliam will bear fruit. Tell Mama is a toxic brand.

‘The Twitter Muslim Patrol’ – seen as indulged followers of Tell Mama love to have a go at gay people:

Given your commitment to secularism, I’m astounded that you don’t see the flaws in Tell Mama’s Islamophobia led strategy. Have you read what Fiyaz Mughal has written? Or seen their criticism of The National Secular Society? Any excuse to tag ‘EDL’ into an argument:

… The title starts of with, ‘Muslims must be protected, Islam must not.’ So far so good, except that they simply fail to understand that some, like EDL sympathisers, attack Islam as a way of undermining the rights of believers, i.e. Muslims”

Mughal’s views are alarming, should you care about secularism and free speech:

Fiyaz Mughal OBE, said: “Our work is coming across an aggressive, well focussed and organised campaign by militant secularists who think that people of faith are somehow irrational or mal-adjusted and this is deeply problematic. The actions of such groups are increasingly pervasive and even militant given that they are not willing to listen or engage in debate on occasions where faith is discussed. They simply dismiss counter-views supporting faith in the public sphere by disengagement or worse still obfuscation.”

Militant’ secularists demanding equal human rights for all alarm Mughal?They may even want to sit down and discuss issues with him over a cup of tea – those demonic, free speech loving ‘extremists’! How can you overlook this, Peter? Where is the greater common good? You marched into a church to oppose those wishing to deny equal rights to gay people. Opposing or challenging religion is absolutely nothing to do with hating Muslims, Catholics or Christians. If Tell Mama wanted to help Muslims, why use the Islamophobia tactic? Surely free speech and equal human rights for all Muslims are worthy goals? What about less orthodox Muslims? Ex-Muslims? Why not help so-called apostates speak out by encouraging, not seeking to restrict free speech? They are victims of Islamic prejudice. The UK does not need Religious Police. Online or off. Blasphemy laws are not for us. Tell Mama needs to clear up its doublespeak around this issue.

My criticisms have been harsh. I genuinely believe they are deserved. I hope that you consider my points and what can be done to address issues. Only by working together can discrimination be eroded. Faith matters to individuals. I care about prioritising free speech and human rights not silencing criticism of religion. Britain has human rights that people in Muslim majority countries can only dream of. They have been forged despite religion.

Senders Name Redacted

Letter ends

Accusations of ‘Doublespeak’, silencing critics of Islam, acting like a religious police force, engaging in Islamic sectarianism and much more abound in this letter. It raises yet more concerns about the way Tell Mama is run and what it has become. This is a stinging attack on Tell Mama. Those like Peter Tatchell, who turn a blind eye to Tell Mama’s acceptance of sectarianism and homophobia, damage themselves and their own reputations.

This communication is yet more evidence that Tell Mama is both a troubled and troublesome organisation, which taints all who become involved with it.

We at 4F were years ahead of anyone else in subjecting the behaviour of Fiyaz Mughal to criticism.  We had been investigating and exposing him for years before he launched Tell Mama.

Thanks, sir.  You do a sterling job.

I suspect that if the media actually investigated every prominent muslim, they would find such connections.

Kafir Crusaders said:

thanks. i have sat on the info of Fiyaz Mughal being in a business partnership with Shahd Malik for almost a year wanting to post but was only 99% sure it was the same person until Tellmama announced he was there new co-chair.

It certainly makes you wonder is this a case of you scratch my back ill scratch yours. 2009-2010 Malik the minster overseeing DCLG the dept that have handed over £750k in funding to Mughal. Malik loses mp seat and a few months later Mughal and Malik set up a business together. The two men obviously have a history together. I would love to know if he put a word in or influenced in anyway for Mughal when he applied for funding which amounts to corruption

Well spotted!

A good way of raising the issue would be for someone to put the point to their local MP, then he can raise a question at question time.  Unfortunately, I can't do it myself right now.

Notice that The Telegraph finally has an article saying muslims must stop their non-stop claims to be the victims.

Notice that it wasn't an article that arose among any of the millions of British muslims.  It is reprinted from The Times of India.

Our own muslims are too busy feeding at the trough of victimhood and stealth jihad.

Press Complaints Commission finds against Fiyaz Mughal on all counts.

I have the pleasure in being the first person in the AKA in the UK to identify what Mughal was up to.  My first articles on him were back at the end of 2010.  Tell Mama did not even exist, and people like Gilligan had not written a word against Mughal back then.

Hey! Some good news at last :-) 

However, this won't stop the dumbtards at the Guardian from zealously quoting his (now discredited) data.

Nick Cohen has'nt heard of what a load of phoneys Tell Mama are ;

The fact that Tell Mama has been discredited hasn't stopped them.

The MSM Used data from TM and interviewed Fiyaz  so often, when it was proved he talk a lot of baloney they just went silent. No apology, no correction of all the false 'facts' stuffed down the publics throat, and certainly no big story about the money thrown at and wasted by Tell Pokies as they are now know.

The entire weight of the state has been thrown at Tommy Robinson for telling a few basic truths, while Tell Mama was financed by the State to give false facts.

The media refuse to hear the truth about anything that isn't the correct version

This guy is desperate. A man puts up protest posters on a security fence of a Mosque build and TM calls it vandalism.


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