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The plight of people drowning in their attempts for a better life in Europe every day now fills our television screens.  The advent of boatloads of refugees from North Africa landing on the shores of southern Europe forces us to make a response that is both humanitarian and sensible; a policy that balances the rights of all the people concerned, including the people living in Europe.

The EU commissioners want to establish quotas that each member State will accept.  They and the United Nations are calling on the compassion of the rich north to make more room for these refugees. Those nations who hesitate are – under their paradigm – clearly selfish racist xenophobes.

The larger picture is often ignored by the bureaucrats and media and replaced by the immediate need to respond to people in a desperate situation.

That larger picture is, of course: what happens in the long term to the host countries that accept these refugees?

Do the host countries even have the right to apply certain filters to each and every refugee without being castigated by the media and the open-borders crowd as hard-hearted racists?

The saying ‘demography is destiny’ is often repeated and is partly true.  The make-up of the population of a country makes that country what it is.  More accurately stated however is: culture is destiny.  In other words what people believe about life, work, art, family, science, education, freedoms etc. determines the character of a country.

So what these refugees bring to the host country must be scrutinised for reasons of compatibility to the long-term cultural health of the host country.  The natives are not required to become refugees in their own country isolated from their own traditions, history, values, freedoms etc.  But this will happen due to an overwhelming influx of people of different values.  If the incoming people do not give up their values which are contradictory to those of the host country then the seeds of internal conflict and even civil war will be sown.

Can Europe be Europe with the largely non-Muslim population being edged aside by Muslims?  Europe is more than a land mass.  It was the spring-board and home of varied and rich civilisations, full of constitutional, artistic, and scientific achievements which are the envy of – and models for – the rest of the world.

If the people from Africa who travel to these shores without due process and come as refugees then it is the duty of the host country and all international agencies to bear in mind the needs not only of the refugees but also the people in the host countries.

The Muslim refugees come not just with basic biological needs like food clothing and shelter they come with their own cultural ways of working and a mind-set which is the opposite of the European civilisational project and with its history and traditions.

In London there are road signs which say ‘make room for cyclists.’  But the roads remain the same size so something has to give.  Everything slows down and tragically there are accidents.  Such signs are wishful thinking by deluded bureaucrats trying to solve a problem which cannot be solved without major reconstruction.

Like cars, pedestrians and cyclists, Muslims and non-Muslims cannot mix without occasional tragic results and frequent irritating ones.  Something must give.

Islam makes it clear that everything – people, inter-personal and social structures, religions, governmental arrangements – must submit to Allah.  (e.g. Quran 9:29)  During a lively discussion at Hyde Park Speakers Corner I asked a devout Muslim what would happen when he and co-religious took over society and if, for example, Hyde Park Speakers Corner would still be allowed to exist.  He smiled and calmly said: ‘No, because Islam answers all questions and solves all problems.’

Muslims are taught by Islam to transform the culture and societies in which they live into the very places they are fleeing from.  Not all Muslims of course believe this and want this but enough of them do believe it and will try to create a society over time that looks like the ISIS of today.  This is as inevitable as heat coming from a fire.  Islam is the fire and some Muslims will spread those flames wherever they are.  The number of terrorist attacks over the last 15 years attests to this process and there are almost too many to count.  And the attacks prevented by the security services are indeed too many to count!

If we want our children and grand-children to be heirs to the rich traditions that we and previous generations fought for, lived in and enjoyed we need to be very careful who we allow into our country.

In short, Islam is incompatible with secular democratic societies; therefore, Muslims need not apply for asylum.

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There are dozens of Muslim countries that these Muslim refugees could be sent to. Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia are refusing to accept boat-refugees. The only way to stop this migration is to turn them around and land them on the shores that they departed from. Then burn the boats. As in such cases zero-tolerance is the only answer, and the only way to stop this particular traffic. This has nothing to do with morality, about what is right or wrong. To flood Western countries with migrants is wrong. When the economies and cultures of the rich countries collapse everyone will lose.

Well written EDL team, Kinana. But what can we do, what concrete steps can be taken to remedy the situation? I have advocated a political solution. To form a political party and win elections. I now see that this is unlikely. Though in a democracy it would be, if you could get hold of voter awareness, get voters to vote for the party with the policies that would restore the Nation. Sadly Britain (America?) is not a democracy in any real sense. The UKIP got 4million votes and only one seat in parliament. Instead of the many seats that truly democratic proportional representation would have given them.

Here is our dilemma; we cannot give up, our spirit will not allow us to, and we cannot do anything to influence the situation. Unfortiunately street demonstrations dwindle away, are opposed and do not receive the support of the masses. Of course the EDL has to maintain its efforts, it is a voice, the voice of the silenced majority, together with Wilders, Spencer, Geller and a few others.

All that we can hope is that fools like Cameron wake up one morning and decide to use their power for the good of the population that elected them. Right now the noblest they could do is to reform the election system so that proportional representation can reflect the Will of the natives.

From Keith Thomas:

"Looks good to me. I am amazed at the cheek of the ‘migrants’ who think they can pick and choose destinations in which they seek refuge/asylum. There are almost 200 independent nations in the world yet we have to roll over and be their destination. And the weak leftie, molly-coddled British who feel sorry for them think we should let them in - to all intents and purposes an infinite number, breeding in their source countries faster than we can admit them.

Why don’t they go to Singapore? It has everything they want here - except it does not have a spineless government. Or Japan? (Another strong government not afraid to be proud of its nation’s culture.) Migrants sail past Singapore on their way to Australia.

Looks to me like ‘migration jihad’ by Muslim invaders. These people are paying more than a first class air ticket and “queue jumping”. We have processes for dealing with applications for asylum and refugee status - none of which, by the way, take as a default position that these are permanent."

Europeans in border-free Schengen are stopped from crossing borders to protest about the tsunami of muslim immigrants.

The tsunami of muslim immigrants are not impeded by borders.

Police/border officials thwart legal, democratic protests, but give free access to illegal immigrants.


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