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In 2009, Obama went to pay homage to islam at Al Azhar university in Cairo.  There he said that Al Azhar was "a beacon of Islamic learning", and that he would "speak the truth", as the koran supposedly commands, and that he was guided by "what Islam is, not what it isn't". 

Then Obama goes on to say:

The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind. 

Which is clearly a synopsis of koran 5:32.  And in producing his synopsis, Obama reverses the meaning of koran 5:32.  One of the verses of the koran which famously endorses muslims killing non-muslims, is made to look as if it is a verse which condemns killing.

Those of us who know the koran, know that this synopsis is a half-truth, and the half that is excluded in the paraphrase reverses the meaning produced by the paraphrase.   It is as if Obama had paraphrased the 10 Commandments and said that "the 6th Commandment is 'Thou Shalt Kill' ", and nobody objected to him dropping the word "not" from his paraphrase and his consequent reversal of the meaning.  

Things are so bad in the west, that telling the truth has become a revolutionary act (Orwell).  Despite his high-profile speech in "a beacon of islamic learning", none of the muslims present objected to his distortions, no mainstream journalist, academic or bishop subsequently pointed out that he had in face reversed koran 5:32, which states that muslims can kill those who spread mischief :

if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.

The only way to get from that verse the version which Obama is claiming is true, is by omitting the middle section of that verse, thus making the verse condemn all killing, when it specifically permits killing those who cause "mischief":

if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. 

The only groups who pointed out that Obama was distorting koran 5:32 were the (very marginal) counter jihad groups.

Koran 5:33 goes on to explain what is meant by "mischief" and what the moral islamic punishments are for such "mischief":

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides

In 2013, just days after the murder of Lee Rigby, Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister, and leader of a party which supposedly extols "liberty" and "democracy") took Obama's distortion further.  Clegg went so far as to not just repeat Obama's distortion, but to actually claim that he was "repeating a verse from the holy Koran".

Here's the video, where you can see for yourself, that one of the most senior members of the British government, a man supposedly renowned for his education and linguistic ability, lying about the contents of koran 5:32. See for yourself

The BBC and other newspapers then quoted what Clegg said, also claiming that it came from the koran.

Clegg cited verse 32 chapter 5 the Koran, which says: "If anyone kills a human being it shall be as though he killed all mankind whereas if anyone saves a life it shall be as though he saved the whole of mankind."

He also read a verse from the Koran which states: “If anyone kills a human being, it shall be as though he killed all mankind.”

For Obama to perform this (quite deft) distortion, and the world's media and the assembled islamic scholars to say nothing is extraordinary.  For Clegg to up the ante, and actually claim that he is reading from the koran, when no koran on earth contains the sentence he read is something else entirely.  

The LibDem website provides the entire speech, showing the journalists did not mis-hear.

Moreover, the LibDem website shows that prominent muslims were present when Nick Clegg reversed the meaning of koran 5:32, to pretend that it denounces all killing.  Whilst claiming that muslims who kill are perverting the koran, Clegg perverted the koran with muslims present.  And there is no record that any of these muslims objected to Clegg's lie (one of the muslims was an imam, two were in Parliament).

Note well: muslims memorise the koran.  They know perfectly well that koran 5:32 does not say what Clegg claims it says. 

Here's the list of those present, many of whom must have known he was lying about that verse being in the koran: 

  • Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan
  • Conservative whip Lord Tariq Ahmad
  • former Army captain Afzal Amin
  • imam Shaykh Shams ad-Duha Muhammad of Ebrahim College
  • co-chairs of Faith Forum for London, Canon Guy Wilkinson and Leonie Lewis.
  • Colonel Hugh Bodington, Chief of Staff of the Army Headquarters at London District
  • Commander Mak Chishty of the Metropolitan Police
  • Damian Johnson, Chair of the London Assembly
  • Andrew Boff, leader of the Assembly’s Conservative group
  • Jenny Jones, leader of the Green Party Group
  • Stephen Knight, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Group
  • Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Tom Brake.

At least 4 muslims were there, and one of those muslims was a Sheikh (which means that he was the equivalent of a Bishop or ArchBishop). Yet not one of those supposedly loyal and prominent muslims pointed out that Clegg was lying about the contents of koran 5:32.

With a single click on Google, any journalist who wondered how to reconcile islamic terrorism with prominent MPs quoting verses from the koran denouncing violence, could read for themselves whether that quoted verse does say what the prominent MP says it does.  Are we really to believe these 1000s of degree-educated journalists in Britain are too stupid to try and do even 1 minute of research to see if these MPs are lying?  All the reports of what Clegg said referred to the very verse he claimed to be reading from the koran.  A whole decade after 9/11, are we to believe that journalists have still not learned to look up what the koran supposedly says?

How to explain the silence of all those academics up and down the country at our universities?  Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter, Birmingham, Cardiff, Durham, London, etc. have islamic studies departments.  Not one academic used their position of expertise to point out that Clegg was lying about what was in the koran.

How to explain the silence of groups like the Muslim Council of Britain?  How to explain the silence of supposedly extremist preachers like Anjem Choudary or Sheikh Haddad?  How to explain the silence of supposedly moderate preachers like Taj Hargey or Usama Hasan of Quilliam?

How is it that when half the people in Britain think that civil war with muslims is coming, our supposedly moderate muslims are not pointing out to the people of Britain when someone lies about the contents of the koran?  How can we trust any muslim, if they are not going to make a fuss when someone lies about what the koran says about violence and killing?

On what basis is the population of Britain supposed to distinguish between those who seek to subjugate us to islam, and those who believe we have the right to resist such subjugation?

Those who defend islam and exculpate the barbaric attacks by muslims on the people in the west, claim that it is us who stick to the koran who are lying, who are distorting, who are taking things out of context.  When the media, academics, priests, and moderate/extremists muslims allow politicians to lie to the rest of the population about islam, it is clear that the vast majority of people in this society cannot trust any member of the elite.

Another of Clegg's lies in that speech is this: "terrorism has no religion because there is no religious conviction that can justify the kind of arbitrary, savage, random violence that we saw on the streets of Woolwich."  If the most senior Liberal Democrat in Britain had told the truth about what koran 5:32 and 5:33 say, then he'd have educated the audience precisely about the religious conviction that jusified the savage violence we saw on the streets of Woolwich.  

Lee Rigby's savage murder was not random.  The killers had been deliberately targeting lone, unarmed men in the area of the barracks (particularly if any of their clothing was khaki) because they specifically wanted to find a soldier to execute. And they were doing this because they were following the instructions of the koran, the instructions which Clegg saw fit to lie about.

The treachery in the west goes right to the top. And it is clear, that all of the journalists, priests, academics, and muslims are part of the problem. 

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