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Nachum Shifren
19-10-2018 Jews allowed, eh? The Brits need to think about their perverted priorities: ok to have millions of jihadists and lots of sabre rattling, raping white women, "grooming" young Christian girls, imposing sharia culture, establishing "no-go zones" (ever been to one of these cute events?). No wonder these shmucks felt a bond with the Fuhrer! Hear's a dirty little secret: it's a known fact that the Germans were number 2 on the anti Semite's list--behind the Brits. Here's another little-known fact: when I was invited to speak by the English Defense League, the liberal Jewish establishment was shoulder-to-should in boykotting me and slandering me. All the arrows were aimed at me, the great American "Islamophobe"! Crazy world. Truth be told? Were it not for the Jewish liberal establishment, there would be no jihadist threat in Britain. That's one bit of "news" the "Guardian" won't be reporting.....sorry, old boy!


Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Wed 22 Aug, 02:06
There is only one solution that will bring tranquility and civility back to Malibu: the reinstatement of law and control of illegal aliens. The massive anarchy seeping into Malibu is visible daily....the lawless and malevolent dropouts of society have found a groovy haven among the surfers and leftists parading their attitudes. The police aren't going to do anything except recover the bodies of those victimized. There needs to be a wake-up call among Malibu residents, but that will require a change in attitude, a realignment of political will. Good luck on that one. Dolphins have more rights....


I was asked to comment on points made by Arthur Koestler in his book, "The Thirteenth Tribe"..... thought I'd share with you....

I agree with your point about the delegitimization of Jews with this theory, that somehow western (ashkenazy) Jews are not "real" Jews. If you look at the myriad jewbaiters and "palestinophiles" , a common thread is that the whole problem in the Middle East is due to "white" colonialists who have interloped into "palestine"......this is quite convenient. It does two things: it accentuates the claim that Arabs/Muslims can get along just fine with's just those damn "white" Jews that infiltrated from Europe to "mess" things up. Secondly, with that premise, you now have the pretext for destroying the "zionist enemy"....note that the anti Semites have no problem with Jews, it's just the white interlopers from Poland and Germany (zionists--note also that this is code for whites, being that sephardic, or dark Jews never adopted the modern zionist ideology) that just don't "fit in" with the Middle East protocols. The fact is, as you know, anyone whose mother is Jewish, is Jewish--whether from Morocco or Minsk. Only ignoramuses and the naive (of which covers nearly 90% of humanity) accept the view that the ashkenazy wing of Judaism is not really Jewish. Interesting that the African National Congress has taken up this mantra when comparing the European Jews with the Afrikaners....of course, God never promised Cape Town to the Afrikaners, but He did make such a promise of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people at Sinai (dark as well as not-so-dark Jews). During the 5 wars in which Arab armies hoped to decimate Israel, at no time was there any mention about the murder, rape, and plunder of only "ashkenazy" Jews. Hope that helps...



Notice: We hear alot about the "holy month of Ramadan", "the holy sites of Mecca", ad nauseum....anybody ever hear about the holy holiday of Christmas? The Christian "holy sites?" Why? Because there's no holiness in the white race...only people of "color" are allowed to be holy.

This is why we're losing the war against radical Islam...

When Americans were wearing pants, they wouldn't have ever let the seditious groups like CAIR, ISNA, MSA get a toehold in this country. But of course, since we don't know who is SUPPOSED to wear pants any more, we're screwed....

There must be a second American Revolution to straighten this out. Seems our good friends, Smith and Wesson, will be once again asked to step forward and be counted...


Rabbi Nachum Shifren 
25 Jun 2018, 20:51

[Name], I spoke before the Republicans of Palm Desert last week.....the response to my no-nonsense tirade about Islam and the progressive left's assault on the nation was met with much enthusiasm and promises of future venues.

I hope everyone on this list will forward the endorsements below to all they know. Very few of us are Rambos, taking on the evil left and communists in areas of education, immigration, 2nd amendment, etc. However, my background as an LAUSD teacher for 25 years has cut my teeth on the radical left's machinations for this nation (and when I say "left", I do mean blacks, hispanics, and the radical Gay fascists). I bear witness to the many and perverted tactics of my colleagues to incite students and communities against whites and Christians, lock step with the Alinsky template for upheaval and mayhem.

I had my classroom burned to the ground after I failed 70% of my students at Dorsey High for lethargy, lack of work, defiance, tardiness, truancy, and complete lack of academic standards...for this, I was marginalized and nearly destroyed. I survived, knowing I'd live to fight another day. After 25 years of wasting my life, being a well-paid babysitter, cop, therapist, gang prevention functionary, paper pick-up monitor, detention coordinator....I have risen from the dead with one mission: to take the battle to the sick and twisted ex hippies running roughshod over this wonderful nation.

I stand at attention, reporting for duty, awaiting orders for my next mission.

semper fi to all, blessings always!



Never listened to anything he's ever said....until now. He's 1000% right on this. Furthermore, I challenge any Black man today: where would a better life be had--Africa or here in post Jim Crow America? Marcus Garvey started a "back to Africa" movement...were there any takers? I'm waiting for Black Lives Matter "activists" to get out their passports! We all know the truth...and the confirmation came from none other than Kanye. With his outspoken support of Trump, he severed the chains of servitude to the plantation masters of the DNC

On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 1:48 PM, [NAME]  wrote:
Hey guys this is a clearification of kanye's expose on black people and slavery...

Implicit in Kanye's brief and ambiguous expose is as follows:

Eventhough Blacks have been enslaved they have now been here for 400 years and if they still behave as though there are enslaved and think like they are enslaved after 400 years of being here, then its a choice. In other words if Black people still act and think like slaves then that action and thought is by choice.


Isaiah: "The haters and destroyers shall come forth from your midst!"

Not even the Wise Men of Chelm could have dreamed up a nightmare where Jewish students are supporting Hamas!....but behold, here it is.
If there was ever an indictment of the pathetic, twisted, perverted Jewish leadership on parade, this is it.
Time for some serious thinking in the Jewish community. This problem will only get worse....

[comment on a letter from the JDL in USA which said:]

There is a crisis in Jewish leadership which is the primary cause of some Jewish youth supporting the goals of Hamas.  Last week, some Jewish youth held gatherings is several North American cities to say Kaddish for Hamas terrorists killed by the IDF.  This warped way of thinking is the result of certain Jewish leaders providing platforms for radical Islamic leaders and claiming these radical Islamic leaders are a benefit for the Jewish people.



Dear Nicholas and Jerry

I need your help.

After having taught in the communist inspired government schools for 25 years, watching our youth being destroyed by hate-America, hate-Christian, hate-White teachers and ideologues--I have decided to act to save what's left of America's individual liberties.

We can win battles in far-off places against ISIS, in Iraq, Syria, Somolia...but the battle to transform our nation has begun under Obama and is funded with an unlimited budget from those who hate our way of life. All battles against are enemies are for naught, unless we re-capture the minds and souls of our impressionable youth.

I am asking that I be a speaker on behalf of this cause, before your most trusted American patriots, colleagues that agree with my analysis and solution. The video below is self-explanatory. Thanks for sharing it, along with this appeal, to those you believe are with us in this battle for the hearts and minds of America...our youth.

Antifa, Move On, Black Lives Matter,La Raza, Mecha, Atztlan and other communist inspired organizations that will use any means to take down our society, are at work. They are relentless and suffer no losses on the battlefield of America...and us? Where are our "minutemen", pushing back the darkness and societal malaise, at work? Let my plea to you be the first, though small as it may appear, shot over the bow to arouse fellow Americans to action in taking back our halls of academia.

Imagine, in the "belly of the beast", the heart of the Leftist stronghold presently choking Americans' in California, a charter school that our Founding Fathers would be proud of! That's my goal, and that's why I turn to you. You know I am a fighter, and will never give up...but I can't do it alone.

I will provide for my own transportation and personal necessities, lodging, etc at any occasion of your choice, or that of your colleagues.

Hoping to hear from you soon!


Rabbi Shifren outlines his plans for a new charter school based on basic traditional American values and principles. His school would be very familiar to prior generations but has been long lost due to the changing political climate and liberalism. Watch as the Rabbi makes his case from where we are today to a new (yet old) approach to common sense education in our country.



Psalms: "They (the haters of Israel) plan and give counsel, they talk and utter words...but the L-ord is with us!"

As we know, there have been MANY pan-Arab campaigns against Israel, each one swearing that they would drive the Jews into the sea: the "war of independence" in 1948, the "war of attrition" in 1951, the "Sainai campaign" in 1956, the "Six Day War" of June, 1967, the "Yom Kippur war" of each case, the Arabs with great hubris maintained that that would be the last war, a war of genocide, the GREAT WAR against the infidel!

Let us count the ways of genocide: Pharoah and the Egyptians (the story of Passover), the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians (the story of purim)--the list is long.

When Santyana said: "Those that forget history will be doomed to repeat it," he no doubt had in mind the Arabs!

A little secret: Israel was a dot on the map, with the Arabs in control of the entire Judean and Samarian ("West Bank") control of the city of Jerusalem. The element of surprise and overwhelming odds was always against Israel (with the exception of '67). In each case they vanquished the enemy.

There are many Believers that know how this will end. The armies and munitions amassed against the Jews will be buried in the desert, their rust and bones giving testimony to the Will of G-d...

The very existence of the State of Israel is a daily miracle, proof of the hundreds of thousands of plots and genocide plots that were foiled, only to strengthen the resolve of Jews and their Christian friends, to seek Divine Intervention in the face of overwhelming odds.

"Turn to Me, and I will turn to you," are the words of the prophet.
Fools scoff, wise men beseech Him.

Thank you, brother [Name], for this gem of wisdom from that great statesman , de Toqueville!

How prophetic his words have become....

“I studied the Quran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad.”

-Alexis de Toqueville



To my dear fellow Knights of Malta

I have been awarded many accolades and measures of achievement in my lifetime: whether they be from my distinguished career as a Malibu beach lifeguard, triathlons and varied athletic endeavors, big wave surfing, military service, testimonials regarding my 25-year service as an educator of our youth.....but the honor that you bestowed upon me is one that will always be the closest to my heart! In reading the short text about the bravery and dedication of the Knights, both on Rhodes and Malta, and their high degree of integrity and spiritual conviction, I knew I must live, to the best of my ability, in accordance with their credo of service and their guardianship of freedom and liberty.

In meeting you, I have found a new fellowship of like-minded patriots with whom I share an eternal bond. The darkness described in the sojourn of the brave Knights, their heroism in the hour of inhuman barbarity which they confronted with valor and steadfastness, will forever remind me of what I must do for this wonderful Republic.

Soon, the Jewish people will sit down to recall the Exodus out of Egypt...the centuries-long; the tale of bitter slavery and murder of every first-born male will be retold anew. In every generation, it is told, "there are those that rise up to destroy us...but G-d almighty is their to deliver us." At this time, I am reminded of those brave, righteous Gentiles that very much in the spirit of the Knights, came forward to save Jewish men, women, and children--at the risk of their very lives. And so to show my deep appreciation, it is incumbent upon me to do what I can to alleviate the suffering of Christians in the Middle East--tortured, murdered, and raped by the barbaric and cursed Muslim fanatics. Here at home, a different battle awaits my fellow Christians: the fight for religious liberties, the rights of innocent babies still in the womb, and the fanatical Leftist hatred and enmity toward believers on our college campuses, often incited by the very leadership that is sworn to guard and secure our constitutional rights. At this very moment, our nation is literally threatened by a cabal of communist-inspired actions to subvert our freedoms and cause mayhem in the land.

It was Divine Providence that brought me to meet and befriend General Jerry Boykin, to whom I expressed my gratitude and thoughts for the future. My dear friend, Nicholas Papanicolau has been an inspiration and mentor, whose counsel and wisdom have been my portion

You, my friends, can count on me to be there for you. I shall continue to hearken to those eternal words: "Ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for your country!"

May G-d bless each of you, as you go forth in your own battles and fights for the survival of everything we hold dear. I am proud to be with you, in body and spirit, as we undertake this just cause.

A Happy Easter to you all!



Reminiscent of the Nazi bombing of the Reichstaad in Berlin, blaming it on the Communists in order to destroy them as an opposition party, and exterminate them as the "enemy of the 'Volk'", all the while consolidating their hegemony over Germany, so too the Left knows that the only way they can arouse their base is by fanning the flames of "racism". Note: not ONE white politician has the temerity to oppose black communists in Congress for fear of having the "race card" played against him.

The Leftist hegemony of the schools has been with the aid of the illegal alien population, black activists (i.e., Karen Bass, Kamala Harris, Maxine the exclusion of the working black middle class), and the radical left that has been energized by Obama, Soros, et al.

Just as the Nazis succeeded in playing the communists as "enemies" of Germany in order to marginalize and eliminate them, so too the Left has been successful at marginalizing any white nationalist by using the race issue. It is a successful ploy, because it works!

The cesspool known as "LAUSD" has become a repository for illegal aliens and non-citizens, to the extent that the majority of it's students are non-English speaking foreigners. A poll showed that among teachers in LAUSD, 70% refuse to have their children in the schools in which they teach!

They (the non English speaking, illegals, and foreigners) are the secret weapon behind the success of the powerful UTLA union, SEIU, and the Democratic party. With whites and middle class being pinched out of existence in once prosperous California, the Left is counting on lots of race baiting to make up for those that are simply voting with their feet. Look forward to a democratic party that resembles Mexico and the Third World more than the US....and those that oppose them, and their radical agenda in our schools, as the new "racists",which serves to galvanize and strengthen their support. Their problem: illegals and Third Worlders have no money! Look for the eventual abolition of Prop 13, with a rush on middle class home owners to financially support the radical left, ceding ever more power to them in the schools. The day will come when whites will be unwelcome in their own state. How do I know? Because I've had nothing but abuse and disrespect in LA schools...simply by just being myself! I'm thinking back on MLK's fateful words: "judge not by the color of one's skin, but by the content of their character!" Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would be ME that this was directed at!



Below is the draft of a message that I will give to parents, educators, and community leaders about the concept and mission of The Renaissance Charter School. Please share with members of your community that have been waiting for a school worthy of their students' time and efforts.

Kindly join us for a light supper after our presentation and Q & A.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming here today to hear the good news about the education that awaits your sons and daughters.

As your new principal, it is my duty to lay out the groundwork for our next academic year, and all subsequent years. There will be time for questions after the presentation.

If you have come here today to seek a superior academic atmosphere, where we will be guided by the truths that led to our western civilization, the moral certitude that defined our quest for justice in the pursuit of, and adherence to "natural law" as the bedrock of our republic, and a classical education that will enrich and solidify the learning of your student in past traditions with the challenge of the future, .....then you've come to the right place.

I can assure you that what we are doing here is historic. It represents a pioneer endeavor in steering education away from the grip of defeatism, sloth, victimization, and every conceivable pretext for poor performance and discipline.

Let me remind you that President Reagan's "A Nation at Risk" commission on the assessment of the present state of American education was a wake-up call. In the words of the commission: "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the medicore educational performance today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war!" In light of this crisis, we have taken it upon ourselves to "reprogram" our youth from the destructive progressive educational pablum offered up by that guru John Dewey, known as the "father of American education." His notion of our youth being like biological organisms, without a soul or free will, simply adapting themselves to their environment, has taken a dangerous turn as we can plainly see. Rosalie Gordon noted that Dewey's big push was the death knell of individualism, instead focusing on the "group" independent thinking or individuality. "The child must always be made to feel part of the group, he must indulge in group thinking, in group activities."

As Dewey remarked: "You can't make socialists out of individualists!" To that end, he advocated terminating things that connect the child with his culture, his past, his language, literature, science, short, anything that will prevent the student from being molded into the robotic, collectivist drone desired by the state, was seen as an obstacle.

That was 1984....what's changed? Well, for starters, the malignant disease known as "western guilt" has, in the words of Heather McDonald, created a "fatalistic paralysis". In laymen's terms: political correctness is killing us.

Here at the Renaissance school, there will be an absence of political correctness; likewise we will promote a vigorous exchange of ideas, especially those that redefine the greatness of the American spirit and our Constitution.

When Art Torres declared that our preservation of our values and laws was the "last gasp of White America", he apparently overlooked the existence of our Renaissance school, where we will put into practice the wisdom and guidance of our Founding Fathers and the spirit of classical western culture, music, art, and science.

One of the main aspects of the Reagan commission was the matter of a lack of school discipline. Notable among the symptoms was a lack of administration's order and standards. Every teacher knows this to be true. The commission noted also that wherever standards were raised, academic proficiency increased. Homework improved grades.

Years ago, while I was at Dorsey High, some parents were aghast that I hadn't passed their students due to a total lack of homework. "But my child comes to school every day!", was the improbable response of one. What we can say about this incident is this: unlike other schools that are funded by how many bodies are present during a specific day, we will do more than just while away time, breathing as the bovine creatures do.

In order to have academic excellence, there must be a moral basis for the school. We will start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and America the Beautiful. When our students say it, sing it, they'll believe it.
We shall invite a color guard from ROTC or Boy Scouts to come and inspire our students about civic pride, leadership, and taking a part in the strengthening of their communities and families. The NRA will invited to come to our school and give safety seminars about proper skills in marksmanship and gun responsibility and safety. No child will graduate that doesn't have experience with light weapons and their care.

One of the directives of the failed Obama education czar was to abolish student suspensions. When this was done in Philadelphia, truancy went from 20-30%. And Why? Students were so afraid of being mugged in the bathrooms and elsewhere, or forced to fork over their lunch money, that they simply stayed home! Math proficiency dropped 3%, reading, 7%.
To remedy this notion of "do-your-own-thing" attitude toward discipline, we will establish rules that will maintain a superior atmosphere of learning and zero tolerance toward anything that deters from this goal. It may be necessary to have parents sit in the class with their students, in worse case scenarios.

With the advent of so many questionable charter schools, we've seen a worrisome trend toward ridiculous and dangerous schools offering blandishments and phony curriculae such as Globalism, one world, environmental charters, human rights charters, Obama High School, Johnny Cochran School--in each of these charters, one finds that reading and math scores are the lowest. Their mission: save the world, even though the students are unable to fill out a job application.

Here at the Renaissance school, what we WON"T be providing are solutions to personal, social or political problems, each exacting a cost in education and money. We believe that those students that are improperly trained will be disenfranchised, not only materially, but in their participation in national life. There will be no phony graduation rituals- students will graduate when they are ready.
Nor do we believe that every student must attend a university. All of our students will be able to prove an adequate knowledge of the arts, sciences, literature, and English, and they will have the option to take carpentry, metal, electrical, and auto shops if they desire. Gone are the days when students while away their time, taking up space, completely cut off from their learning and the promise of a future. We will work with parents at all times to insure that the standards are being met.

During the Reagan years, it was determined that 13% of teens were functionally illiterate, with only 20% being able to write a persuasive essay! This is a scandal that cries to the heavens. But that's not the worst of it. Standards have been so degraded, that over 25% of college freshmen cannot pass basic English grammar and composition, instead wasting valuable time and money in remedial English classes. In college! The trend, due to this discrepancy, has been that in metropolitan areas, basic literacy has been the goal, rather than the starting point! For many schools, maintaining enrollment is of greater concern than academic performance! This is of no concern to us: since what we are doing is revolutionary and will attract many students from all over the country, the obsession with "taking roll" will be absent.

Another finding of "A Nation at Risk": that among administrators and "leading" educators: "weakness of purpose, confusion of vision, misuse and underuse of talent, lack of leadership." To be clear: this is the raisson d' etre of the Renaissance Charter School! Each graduate will radiate a confidence of purpose, a mission of academic excellence, and determination to carry the torch for America, and in Kennedy's eternal message: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!"

The mention in the report of the time-honored credo of America's teachers: "dedication, at all odds, that keeps teachers serving, even as rewards diminish"....has fallen victim to the abuse and scandalous treatment of our top educators, often serving as nothing more than glorified baby sitters. The statistics are shocking: the attrition rate of our most idealistic teachers is a mere 7 years! Paradoxically, study after study indicate that teachers cite the lack of administration support as the number one cause of their flight from the was not even mentioned, even when it was literally a cruel joke in sustainability for the best and brightest. To that end, the Renaissance school will seek to pay its educators what they are worth, have their back, instead of cynically shoving them through the demeaning meat grinder of political correctness.

Our biggest advantage at the Renaissance school will be the cherishing and cultivating of the English language, grammar, vocabulary, and composition. We want every graduate to be an example of the very concept of American exceptionalism...and it starts with having pride in one's own language! That shall include the long-lost skill of penmanship. While this will reflect our core values, there shall also be opportunities, and requirements, to take either Spanish, French, or German. We are not just flouting renaissance concepts, we're living them. Classical music and its appreciation will be introduced, and students will be familiar with basic European historical and cultural trends. We shall never again be shamed by hearing that our students are confusing Germany with a country in Africa...or that Goethe was the name of a rap group....

We expect that our revolutionary approach will be seen as a life raft for African-American and hispanic children held hostage by damnable inner city bedlam. Those who yearn for true academic freedom and excellence, will shun the usual culprits of government run schools: affirmative action, "diversity" and other frivolous ethnic pride pablum. Instead, a new wind of individual freedom through performance and goals achieved will permeate our campus.

Needless to say, a man is a mind with a physical body. Our goal will be to contract the best coaches and build athletes that will bring home the gold! Community and student pride will be built on a holistic foundation of the mind, body, and spirit.

It is not enough for an outstanding, nationally recognized academic institution to be satisfied with mere academic excellence. It is our goal to fashion leaders, statesmen. and individualism that will lead to the betterment of America. We expect nothing less than members of Congress to be populated from the ranks of our institution...

To the naysayers and cynics, we say: the existence of The Renaissance Charter School is long overdue! In those historic words of President Reagan: "No dream or endeavor is beyond our reach. After all.....we're Americans!"

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we pave new roads into a total renaissance of American education.

God bless you all!


The above bits have either appeared on Face Book or sent directly to Kinana, who thought they deserve a wider audience.  I hope you agree.  More will be added below.

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Practical Solution for Church/Synagogue Security

"In God We Trust....along with our friends, Smith and Wesson!"

Let each house of prayer make the following announcement on the church entrance: "church members are armed, trained and unidentifiable....if the wrath of God doesn't motivate you, then fire from our pews will! Welcome to the 'yoke of Heaven'. Pray away...Amen!"

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Mon 29 Oct, 21:37 (16 hours ago)
bcc: me

It's like I said: these are liberal Jewish communist/progressives who fall under the Rosenberg type of Jews. Let no one be deterred from hammering them because of their being Jewish--they were born that way, and have zero connection to the ethics of monotheism, nor any connection to the grace offered by this nation.

As far as I'm concerned, Donald should have a MAGA rally across from this putrid excuse for a synagogue.

I am an orthodox (some say "right wing" Jew). I make no apologies for being Jewish, my connection to G-d, and the Land of Israel as given to us by the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

In the circles I run in, I know of NOBODY that doubts that Trump is the best blessing the Jews have ever had since therapy.
I will go one step further: We have not had such a great JEWISH leader as Donald Trump, dwarfing the pygmies and misfits in the lib Jewish establishment. Period

Ps...."Hebrew Aid Society?" Are you kidding me? These commies are licking the boots of the illegal aliens that will invade the country and make more trouble and poverty for honest, hard working Americans. Pray tell: there's no poor Jews struggling to make a living? No Jewish children without a proper Jewish education, summer camp? Are there no Jewish people that could use a helping hand out there? What about our non-Jewish neighbors who are struggling? Let's be clear: these riffraff are making a ton of dough on "refugees". This is a scam, where the federal government pays them for fees involved with resettling. It is a "schande", an outrage which should shock any normal Jew. And therein lies the problem...

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 9:13 PM xx wrote:
From the Daily Mail:

Jewish leaders in Pittsburgh say Trump is NOT WELCOME to visit the synagogue where 11 people were shot and killed by anti-Semite until President denounces white nationalism

President Trump is being accused by the group of Jewish leaders from Pittsburgh of 'deliberately undermining the safety of people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities.' The group noted that the gunman, Robert Bowers, was angry at the Jewish community because of the work of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish nonprofit that helps resettle refugees. Trump came into office vowing to crack down on illegal immigration. His administration has implemented controversial policies, including separating children from their parents after they crossed the southern border.

That’s rich, Jewish leaders defending the safety of Muslims. Useful idiots.

The Hebrew Aid Society has the sickening conceit of thinking itself superior to others by virtue of a some questionable moral virtue signalling.


Chanukah and Fake Religion?

What is Chanukah? Many people have tried to express its essence. Here's another version: a revulsion against imposed morality that is fake and licentious. The message of "in those days, at this time" is eternal, the struggle against foreign worship, idolatry, and man-based logic to supersede the will and design of the Creator. The Greeks were purveyors of the intellectual, reason, the rational. Opposing them were a small group of zealots who were to pay the ultimate price for spiritual, ritual, and a connection with G-d beyond anything the Greeks could fathom. Two different ways, two different outcomes. We see the modern state of Greece-paling to the world-power of those days, groveling just to get by, entrapped by a government bureaucracy that would have mortified Socrates. Juxtaposed is a people that avowed a Covenant- eternal, unchanging- for over 2000 years. No army, no dictator, no power-not the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Muslims-nothing could extinguish the light of belief, tradition, and knowledge that was received at Sinai so long ago.The flicker of the lights we enjoy today are a reminder of the struggle of the eternal over the popular, temporal, and "fake" spirituality threatening to drown out the world with its darkness. This struggle will never cease, nor will the miracles given as the antidote to vanquish it. Blessings to all


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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