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The Tatiana Soskin Case Critically Examined
by Zev Golan

When 26 year old Tatiana Soskin was brought before a judge, he recorded her personal details. No, she has no job, replied the new immigrant from Russia. No, her parents are not in Israel, she is alone. No, she does not even have a telephone.

The Israeli press described Tatiana as tall, thin and pale, "a Barbie doll," in the words of Israel's largest daily. But this young woman has been sitting in solitary confinement for four months.

At a time when a Tel Aviv museum is displaying photographs of naked men wrapped in tefilin, and the national Israel Museum in Jerusalem has an erotic exhibit identifying with Eva Braun, Tatiana Soskin is in jail because she insulted not Judaism, but Islam. Tatiana studied art at the Bezalel Academy of Art for three years, after she moved on her own to Israel. Last June Tatiana drew a picture of a hog, labelled Mohamed, writing the Koran. Israeli newspapers and commentators called the pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish exhibits "art" "that makes people think." Tatiana's judge said "only a distorted mind could create her drawing" and sent her to prison to await trial.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to the Mayor of Hebron, declaring that Tatiana's drawing "contradicts the respect and admiration the Jewish religion has for the Islamic religion and its founder."

Tatiana was a bit surprised at the whole ruckus. Perhaps she shouldn't have done the drawing, or distributed it in Hebron, famous as the city whose Arabs attacked and murdered the local Jewish community in the pogrom of 1929, and where Jewish residents and Israeli soldiers today are subject to a neverending stream of stabbings, petrol bombs and shootings. Tatiana is today more concerned over her liver illness and her loneliness, but she nevertheless disagrees with Netanyahu's apology to the Mayor of Hebron's Arabs. "If that is the way they act, and their religion allows them to act this way, then they really behave like pigs," she sighs.

Asked why she drew the by-now infamous caricature, she explains that "Arab leaders used the name of the prophet Mohamed when they called in the mosques to attack Jews. That seems to me a swine-like use of Mohamed's name, and that is what I tried to say with the drawing. It was my response to the incitement."

Tatiana's bright green eyes dim somewhat as she describes her life today. "For 24 hours a day," she says, "I am alone in a small cell. I am not allowed to talk to anyone, I have no clean air, barely any light. At the corner of the room is a small hole in the floor, where, pardon my language, I take of my needs. Above it is a shower and opposite, a barred window. I cannot even respond to my needs or take a shower without being afraid someone will suddenly look through the window.

"Most of the inmates work and can buy themselves things. I don't work, so I don't have money, not even for chocolate. On Friday I asked the jailers to bring me candles so I could light the Sabbath candles, but they didn't bring any..."

Tatiana's lawyer, Samuel Casper, says that everyone has the right to express his opinion, and this includes by means of caricatures. He notes that in January 1995 a journal called "Shpitz" published cartoons mocking religious Jews and the government's legal advisor refused to bring charges, ruling caricatures are protected by free speech. Casper relates how he came to represent Tatiana: "I asked her if she had money to pay for the legal representation. She said, 'Not now, but I will pay.' At first I worked for free. A few weeks later she came in, took off her earrings, and said, 'Please take these, I don't want you working for nothing.'"

Tatiana says she reads and draws most of the day. She hopes to get out of jail soon, so she can resume studying, and touring throughout the Land of Israel, which she loves to do.

If you would like to help Tatiana, please send a postcard defending the right of free speech and urging leniency for Tatiana, to the Israeli Minister of Justice, Tsachi Hanegbi, at The Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel.

If you would like to help defray Tatiana's legal costs, please send a check to Mercantile Discount Bank, Branch 064, Account number 40568 and earmark it for Tatiana Soskin.

Press here to see Tatiana's Cartoon and other cartoons.

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'Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to the Mayor of Hebron, declaring that Tatiana's drawing "contradicts the respect and admiration the Jewish religion has for the Islamic religion and its founder."

I did not know the Jewish religion held Islam is such high regard.  I doubt the reverse is true.

Again its an example of how everyone is appeasing islam.  I,m very supprised at Netanyahu! whats going on with that statement, why,s he apologising.  if the muslims want to go on a murdering rampage because of a cartoon, let them. How long can we go on nursemaiding the touchy tempremental brats that represent Islam.


I was taught, if you can,t take it don,t dish it out. And the twat religion of islam certainly can,t take it. Every time Islam is appeased, it feels it's self getting, and will demand more. How big are your prisons Mr Netanyahu!!!!!!!!!!


What happens if someone like Gert Wilders visits israel. Will he get locked up for his criticisms of Islam.  


Is this the religion  Mr Netanyahu so admires and respects. I don,t think so.  I think someone must be putting pressure on him. But he should know better than most acting the dhimmi gets you nowhere. unless he's thinking of converting to Islam.  


October 14, 2011

Sharia, dhimmitude, and the Copts

Dear Paul,

Diana West’s concise, compelling column below brings recent events in Egypt into clear perspective.

Most Americans have little knowledge of the 13 century history of Islamic conquests, and how these conquests resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people and the enslavement of tens of millions.

Nor do most Americans understand the sharia-based subjugation of Christians and Jews as “dhimmis,” who became third-class citizens in their own lands after they were conquered by the Muslim empire.

We are nearing the completion of an 18 month analysis of how Islam is presented in 38 middle and high school textbooks. One of the most egregious errors we have found, repeated over and over again, is how “tolerant” the Muslim conquerors were of those they conquered, with some textbooks going so far as to outrageously claim that the Muslim conquerors allowed Jews and Christians “full religious freedom.”

This rewrite of history must be exposed if Americans are to ever understand not only what happened 1,000 years ago, but to understand why the persecutions of Christians and Jews in Muslim lands continues to this day—and why the threat posed by the supremacist ideology of radical Islam is one we must take seriously.


Destruction of Copts Is Islamically Correct

Written by:Diana West 10/14/2011 7:28:00 AM

Coptic funeral, Muslim generals


This week's syndicated column:

I am looking at a reproduction of an old engraving of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is in Bat Ye'or's book "The Dhimmi," which collects primary documents from history to chronicle the impact of Islamic law on non-Muslims through the centuries.

What is notable about the image, which is based on an 1856 photograph, is that the church, said to be at the site of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and burial, has no cross and no belfry. Stripped of its Christian symbols, the church stood in compliance with the Islamic law and traditions of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, which ruled Jerusalem at the time.

I went back to the book to find this image for a reason. It had to do with last weekend's massacre of two dozen Coptic Christians in Cairo by Egyptian military and street mobs, which also left hundreds wounded. The unarmed Copts were protesting the destruction of yet another church in Egypt, St. George's, which on Sept. 30 was set upon by thousands of Muslim men following Friday prayers. Why? The trigger was repair work on the building – work that the local council and governor had approved.

Does that explanation make any sense? Not to anyone ignorant of Islamic law. Unfortunately, that criterion includes virtually all media reporting the story.

Raymond Ibrahim, an Islam specialist, Arabic speaker and author of "The Al Qaeda Reader" (Broadway, 2007), catalogs the key sequence of events that turned a church renovation project into terror and flames. With repair work in progress, he writes online at Hudson New York, "It was not long before local Muslims began complaining, making various demands, including that the church be devoid of crosses and bells – even though the permit approved them – citing that 'the cross irritates Muslims and their children.'"

Those details drove me to re-examine the de-Christianized 19th-century image of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – no cross, no bells. It becomes a revealing illustration of Islamic history repeating itself in this "Shariah Autumn," the deadly but natural harvest of the grotesquely branded "Arab Spring."

Given our see-no-Shariah media (and government), we have no context in which to place such events. That context is Shariah society, advanced (but by no means initiated) by "Arab Spring," where non-Muslims – "dhimmi" – occupy a place defined for them by Islamic law and tradition. Theologian, author and Anglican pastor Mark Durie elaborates at "Dhimmi are permitted to live in an Islamic state under terms of surrender as laid out in the 'dhimma' pact." Such terms, Durie writes, "are a well-established part of Islamic law and can be found laid out in countless legal text books." When non-Muslims violate these terms, they become subject to attack.

To place the dhimmi pact in comparable Western terms is to say the West has its Magna Carta, Islam has its Pact of Umar. Among other things, this seminal pact governing Muslim and non-Muslims relations stipulates, Durie notes, the condition that Christians "will neither erect in our areas a monastery, church or sanctuary for a monk, nor restore any place of worship that needs restoration."

Thus, this anti-Coptic violence, which for the moment has caught world attention, is Islamically correct. This is the piece of the puzzle Westerners fail to grasp. But Durie takes us through the theological steps: "For some pious Muslims in Egypt today, the act of repairing a church is a flagrant provocation, a breach of the peace, which amounts to a deliberate revocation of one's right to exist in the land." As such, it "becomes a legitimate topic for sermons in the mosque (where) the faithful are urged ... to uphold the honor of Islam." In Islamic terms, then, the destruction of the church is no injustice, as Durie writes. It is "even a duty to destroy the church and even the lives of Christians who have the temerity to repair their churches." That's because dhimmi who take to the streets to protest the Islamically just destruction of the church "are also rebels who have forfeited their rights (under the pact) to 'safety and protection.'" As violators of the "dhimmi" pact, they become fair game.

It's quite simple, but the theology eludes us. Why? I think the answer is that to expose the facts about Shariah in the Western milieu is to invite their criticism. Such criticism is forbidden under Shariah. So, we remain silent – which is what good "dhimmi" do.


I did not know of the 'Stern Gang' until now.  would you say that the info on wikipedia is correct?


Dave said:

Benjamin Netanyahu, himself a Stern Gang terrorist, fucking hypocrite.

This is the most sickening thing I have heard today. Natanyahu APOLOGISING to a muzzrat and saying the "Jewish people" have respect and erm.. admiration for Islam and its founder? WTF???? No we don't! We hate Islam and we hate Muhammad. He does not speak for the Jewish people any longer. Natanyahu is a dhimmi and a KAPO. He has to go and be done for treason!!!! 

This is seriously sick. 

Kinana said:

'Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to the Mayor of Hebron, declaring that Tatiana's drawing "contradicts the respect and admiration the Jewish religion has for the Islamic religion and its founder."

I did not know the Jewish religion held Islam is such high regard.  I doubt the reverse is true.

What is going on nowadays? Everything is so mixed up.

Alan Lake said:

What is going on nowadays? Everything is so mixed up.


was born October 21, 1949)

Maybe things wont be so mixed up when you realize this incident happened 14 years ago

Dave on October 14, 2011 at 10:38am
Benjamin Netanyahu, himself a Stern Gang terrorist, fucking hypocrite.


The Stern Gang was formally dissolved and integrated into the Israeli Defense Forces on 31 May 1948, Benjamin Netanyahu was born October 21, 1949

I think you are mixing him up with Yitzhak Shamir became Prime Minister of Israel in 1983.

Reply by Morrigan Emaleth on October 17, 2011 at 8:15am

This is the most sickening thing I have heard today. Natanyahu APOLOGISING to a muzzrat and saying the "Jewish people" have respect and erm.. admiration for Islam and its founder? WTF???? No we don't! We hate Islam and we hate Muhammad. He does not speak for the Jewish people any longer. Natanyahu is a dhimmi and a KAPO. He has to go and be done for treason!!!!


You do not seem to be clued up to what is happening in Israel, since he made this rather diplomatic remark 14 years ago he has been re-elected as Prime Minister for Israel, also In 2005, he was voted the 18th-greatest Israeli of all time, in a poll by the Israeli news website Ynet to determine whom the general public considered the 200 Greatest Israelis. Not bad for a kapo.


Israel Resource Review 1st December, 1997


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