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For news and articles on Malaysia which record the rejection of the 4 Freedoms and discrimination against non-Muslims

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Comment by paul collings on March 13, 2015 at 21:01

Malaysian muslim group want action taken against girl who Petted a dog.

If Not Allah may bring more tornados. Well he's bound too.

Comment by Philip Smeeton on January 4, 2015 at 15:09

Churchill got it just about right.

"... there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live"

In their own countries they live in ignorant squalor. When they come to our countries they become dependent on us economically because they are dysfunctional. Envy causes them to hate our success and want to destroy us.

Free secular democracies encourage thought, inventiveness and enterprise. Islam by strictly regulating all thought and behaviour produces retrogressive societies.

Muslim culture should not be allowed to establish itself in any non-Muslim country.

Comment by paul collings on January 4, 2015 at 12:08

Malaysia may only be recently majority Muslim, but the demands that everyone follow the Sharia are starting already ...

Comment by Alan Lake on January 4, 2015 at 7:35

Malaysia is only recently a majority muslim country. I'm informed that muslims pay lower taxes (indirect jizya). Institutions discriminate against kafirs systematically.

Chinese constitute 30% of the population, but pay 90% of the taxes.  That's the typical Jizya exploitation by the Muslim master race, which we will eventually suffer from in the UK - given that the dumb kaffir won't wake up.

Comment by Paul Austin Murphy on April 26, 2014 at 15:36

"I was arrested on the 17th February 2014 at my home in Malaysia under the Malaysian penal code seditious and hatred speech act for criticising Islam and Malay Muslims and placed in police detention for 5 days in Shah Alam police station .I was Intentionally placed in a roaches infested cell ,slept in the concrete floor,ate tainted food and latter vomited and discharge blood after consuming the food. No baths were allowed and given smelly, old and ripped cloths with holes The plaintiff solicitor name Aidil managed the case from the legal firm Rahim,Aidil & Partners. My laptop and phone were confiscated by the police. Hence the no updated statues on my fb pages.

"My conclusion Muslim countries treatment of Jews and Christians are those like an animal and a beggar on the street. Enclosed the lawyer invoice for my blasphemy charge against Islam." - Just copied from Facebook, Mr Samuel

Comment by Paul Austin Murphy on April 25, 2014 at 13:42


Isn't Shiva from Malaysia... or is it Indonesia?

I only meant an economic mess. It seems that things are getting worse, politically and socially, in Malaysia. And, if Islam is applied more to the economy, then that will end up in a mess too. Perhaps it's the Chinese who've  saved Malaysia, I'm not sure, to be honest.

Comment by Kinana on April 25, 2014 at 13:19

Joe 20 
"Those few that aren’t in such a mess, including Malaysia"
A distant relative of mine wrote the Malaysian constitution. Another relative was there at the time, and warned us in the 70s of what islam would do to the west, based on her decades seeing what it did in Malaysia.

Malaysia is only recently a majority muslim country. I'm informed that muslims pay lower taxes (indirect jizya). Institutions discriminate against kafirs systematically. Any young kafir who can, leaves Malaysia (hence loads chinese Malaysians studying in US/UK/Oz).

What Brunei is doing now (death for gays), Malaysia will be doing within 30 years. Brunei has massive oil wealth. Watch Malaysia go down the tubes too.

I'm certain it is Malaysia which is covertly behind the genocide against Buddhists in Thailand.

I visited Singapore twice, and being gay, one can slot into the (nether world) of a society within hours. I used to ask Singaporean gays their views on Malaysia, war,e etc. They have the most demanding national service of any country (even gays do military service, every few months, up to about the age of 50).

When asked why they did this: "because we have Malaysia for a neighbour".

Comment by Alan Lake on October 16, 2013 at 21:29

Yes Philip, that is from the Apartheid country whose supremacist prime minister had the nerve to call the UK 'racist'.

(and thanks for re-posting)

Comment by Philip Smeeton on October 15, 2013 at 11:45

We are no longer allowed to use the term Allah.

I don't mind as long as people stop calling Allah God. Allah and God are not the same thing.

Comment by Joe on May 15, 2012 at 10:37

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Most prosperous Western societies are based on a model we call the Secular Democratic Marketplace (SDM). Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the principal agents exploiting these defects, is Islam. Therefore, this site pays particular attention to that threat.

Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks; nor to read them; nor even to record them. So 4F gives only a brief overview of how far it has advanced and by what methods.

We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow Muslims the possibility of escape from their totalitarian political system.

The 4 Freedoms

These 4 freedoms are designed to close the 4 vulnerabilities in the standard model of SDM, by making them Self-Protecting (SP) according to Hobbes's first law of nature.
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