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The 2001 Census showed the muslim population of the UK to be around 1.6 million, 3% of the population.  However, according to some of the rare prison statistics to leak out, muslims are 13% of the prison population.

If you are a racist, you will think muslims are 3-4x more criminal than the average Briton.  If you are not a racist, you will assume that the government's population statistics are woefully inadequate, meaning muslims are 13% of the population.

So, why do you think the government is abandoning the Census?  Could it be that it when population statistics are derived by obscure and unofficial means, it is much easier to deceive the electorate about the state of the country?  After all, they keep the statistics about the muslim prison population fairly quiet.  Throughout all the arguments about the threat of islamisation in Britain, those enabling islamisation have referred to the Census statistics - there is no other real source of official statistics.  Without those figures, all arguments will be about an unquantifiable threat.

£300 million is a drop in the ocean considering government spending.

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, said the Census, which takes place every 10 years, was an expensive and inaccurate way of measuring the number of people in Britain.

Instead, the Government is examining different and cheaper ways to count the population more regularly, using existing public and private databases, including credit reference agencies.

It will represent a historic shift in the way that information about the nation’s population, religion and social habits is gathered.

The suggestion is likely to be approved by Cabinet next week. It will be too late to prevent the next Census on March 27, 2011 from going ahead, although Mr Maude said he was looking at ways of reducing the £482million cost.

Britain has carried out a Census every decade since 1801, with the exception of 1941 during the Second World War.

It is the only time that everybody in the country is counted, and is used by the Government to determine spending priorities and track population movements.

Academics, charities and religious organisations all rely on information gathered in the Census as it asks wide-ranging questions relating to people’s households, nationality, faith and marital status.

The information is also a significant source of research for future generations. The online publication last year of the 1911 Census proved hugely popular, with three million people accessing the database within its first few months.

Mr Maude, who has responsibility for the Census, told The Daily Telegraph that the Government was looking for a “fundamentally” better way of doing it. “There are, I believe, ways of doing this which will provide better, quicker information, more frequently and cheaper,” he said.

Mr Maude said Britain needed a new way to keep track of the population because the Census was often inaccurate and out of date. About 1.5million households failed to fill in their forms in 2001.

The information from the 2011 Census will not be published until the middle of the following year, at the earliest. By that time, many of the people whom the Census had counted would have moved or died.

Mr Maude said the Census was “out of date almost before it has been done” and was looking at ways to count the population more frequently — perhaps every five years — using databases held by credit checking firms, Royal Mail, councils and Government.

“This would give you more accurate, much more timely data in real time. There is a load of data out there in loads of different places,” he said.

Mr Maude said he hoped that the new way of counting the population would be less intrusive. Questions for next year include the name, sex and date of birth of any visitors staying overnight.

He was also examining ways to save money on the 2011 Census, which will be organised by the Office for National Statistics. However, Labour had already spent £300million on the project.

It is common practice around the world for governments to carry out a census and the Government is required by European Union law to count the population regularly.

Geoffrey Robertson QC, a constitutional barrister, said the news was “regrettable” since some sort of count had been carried out by the monarch or government for almost 1,000 years.

“Future historians will be less able to interpret Britain in the Cameron/Clegg era as a result of this decision — maybe that is the reason for it,” he said.

David Green, a director of the Civitas think tank, said the decision was “a terrible mistake”. “It is a question of whether the alternatives are reliable,” he said. “The Census is expensive but I think it is worth the money for the historic continuity.”

Under the 1920 Census Act, citizens can be cautioned under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and fined £1,000 for failing to answer questions. However, the powers have not been properly enforced previously. In 2001 just 38 people were fined for not filling in forms.

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Illegals don't fill in census forms. so the census dosn't help when it comes to a straight population count. But the census tells us many things that left wing groups wouldn't want us to know. And also a dishonest govenment might like to keep certain facts from the public. Every fact in future will be argued as having no proof. As for muslims being 2.5% of the population, if anyone believes that they're blind to the glearingly obvious. Take a look around the country, in everytown, in every city. What do you see.

Well the census results are in, and as suspected no one believes ther're reliable. with an estimated 1 in 20, (thats about 3 million) thought not to have filled in the form, we are left wondering who the 3 million are?

the population has gone up because of immigration, and a baby boom. That'll be an immigrant baby boom, and that still doesn't tell us what we know to be true, and thats theres far more here than we have been lead to believe. The great influx the labour party said wouldn't happen, did!! theres way more illegals here than we can prove, and theres not a lot we can do about it.

Those people that thought this would all end well have got shit for brains, theres no way this country is anywhere near able, or ready for this level of population increase. We don't have the housing, or  the schools, or a health service that can cope.  And no one is going to admit it. 



Frosty Wooldridge

It happened to the Romans.  It happened to the American Indians.  It happened to the Incas of South America.  It happened to the aborigines of Australia.  It happened to South Africans.  It’s happening to Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain.

It is happening to the United States of America.

What is “it”?

All those ancient civilizations experienced migration of other civilizations so great in numbers that “it” changed their languages, religions, cultures and ways of life.

The Romans lost their empire.  The American Indians lost everything and found themselves stuck on internment camps better known as  “reservations.”  Today, they cope with alcohol, domestic violence, poverty and purposelessness.  The Spaniard Pizarro, using his guns, degraded the  Inca nation into oblivion.  The Australian aboriginals, like the American Indians, lost their continent to the British invasion. The same happened with South Africa.

Today, Great Britain, by its own hand, watches itself change from “British” to Middle Eastern Islamic right before its eyes.  The same goes for Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia and Spain.

While academics and social elites call it “multiculturalism and diversity”, such numbers of humanity racing into first world countries—flood host countries with incompatible cultures, religions and sheer numbers.

But today, another aspect of mass migration percolates to the surface, but nobody wants to talk about it much less deal with it.  Top leaders of every country avoid addressing it at all costs.  Average citizens don’t know it exists much less understand its growing ramifications.

For example, Great Britain today, already crowded beyond sustainability, houses 61 million people on its tiny islands with a sum total landmass smaller than the State of Oregon.  Nonetheless, they continue importing people that will add a projected 11 million additions within two decades.  No one will whisper a word about it and no one knows when the additions will stop or if Britain will choose to or be able to stop them.  Since the third world adds 80 million people annually, there is no end of the line for the numbers of desperate humanity.

Great Britain provides a 21st century rendition of Easter Island’s legendary population debacle back in the 1800s.

Holland provides another rendition in that it houses 18 million people in a tiny landmass about 90 miles wide by 180 miles long.  They must import everything into their country in order to feed, warm, house and transport themselves.  They cannot sustain 18 million people on such a tiny landmass without total dependence on the outside world.

Today, China, adding 8.1 million net gain annually, buys farmland in Africa and South America in order to feed its projected addition of 300 million by 2050—a scant 38 years.

Can America withstand the coming transformation of itself?

In the past 40 years, America endured immigration that added 100 million people by October of 2008 to the lower 48 states.  This country, at present rates of mass migration, will add another 100 million people by 2035.We will add another 38 million on top of that by 2050.  Total: 438 million from our current 315 million.  (Sources: PEW Hispanic Center, “US Population Projections” Fogel/Martin, US Census Bureau)

On July 11, 2012, ABC’s anchor Diane Sawyer reported on New York adding two to five million more residents in the coming decades.  She said that 300 square foot apartments would be the norm of the future. A 300 square foot apartment equals the size of two car parking spaces.  Is this the kind of transformation we want as individuals and communities?  Do we want to repeat Rome’s path?  Great Britain’s? China’s? India’s? Mexico’s?

How will adding another 100 million people within 38 years help our water, energy, resources, standard of living and quality of life?

If allowed to proceed, this transformation will affect every aspect of our freedom, quality of life, environment and the planet itself.  None of it positive!

Bradford is fastest growing population in Yorkshire ;

I spent a number of years utilising my archaeological ethnographic expertise, quantifying population statistics in whole areas across the country, especially inner cities. I did this by counting the numbers of obviously alien individuals within a given area as opposed to white indigenes. The figures for Birmingham alone but also Leeds and most of London, preclude beyond reasonable doubt, that there are perhaps three times as many migrants in the country, especially Moslems as officially admitted. A town near me, called Feltham has changed into a nearly fully migrant town in just three to five years.

...I would say we have a population around 80,000,000 and perhaps 20,000,000 migrants- or 14,000,000 more than the 6,000,000 admitted to.

Migration Watch UK Press Comment on Immigration Under Labour

28th February, 2014

The ONS have today adjusted the net migration statistics between 2001 and 2011 to reflect the results of the 2011 Census. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

"Having discovered that the Census found nearly half a million more East Europeans in Britain than the immigration figures had suggested, the ONS have at last adjusted the official statistics in today’s release. As a result, we can now see that net immigration under Labour peaked at 320,000 in 2004/5 and that total net foreign migration came to nearly 4 million during their period in office"

See Table 1 of today's ONS Migration Statistics Quarterly Report which can be found here: 

So, there were 500,000 more eastern Europeans in Britain than the Census said.  If it can be that far wrong on them, why can't it be that far wrong on every other immigrant group in Britain?

2011 Census underestimates muslim population by as much as 100%

By the next census Muslims may even double again and make up 10% of the population. These statistics encourage us to think more carefully about the provisions made for British Muslims ...

In other words, give us what we want, or you know what happens, and we'll be twice as big in 10 years time.


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