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Youth worker out celebrating her birthday egged on pack of thugs as they beat and stabbed young soldier leaving him partially disembowelled

  • Jasmine Nassif, 21, spurred on gang attack after 'taking offence' 
  • Off duty soldier Alfred Kyei-Baffour, 21, stabbed twice during brawl 
  • Nassif jailed for two years for her part in assault outside London's Guildhall


Guilty: Jasmine Nassif, 21, was jailed for two years at the Old Bailey for her part in a gang attack which left an off duty British soldier with life-threatening injuries

A council youth worker who took part in a gang attack which left a soldier partially disembowelled was jailed for two years today.

Jasmine Nassif, who had been out celebrating her 21st birthday, was one of a gang which attacked four clubbers, including on-leave British squaddie Alfred Kyei-Baffour outside London's Guildhall.

The attackers had taken offence after one of the other party started chatting up girls in their group.

The violence was captured on CCTV and showed Mr Kyei-Baffour and his friends being chased by at least ten people while being punched and kicked before a baseball bat appears and is used to hit on their the heads and body.

During the melee the British Army squaddie was stabbed twice causing deep wounds and his 'intestines to hang out' leaving him with life threatening injuries last July. He has made a recovery and has returned to his regiment.

Although no-one was convicted of the stabbing, seven people in court today, including Nassif, who had spurred the gang on, were jailed for violent disorder.

Mr Kyei-Baffour's party had been to one club and were returning to their car when they came across crowds outside another club closing opposite Wood Street police station.

Jasmine Nassif who had been celebrating her 21st birthday 'took offence' when one of Mr Kyei-Baffour's party started chatting up some girls but police quickly separated the two sides.

Mr Kyei-Baffour and his party returned to their car while Nassif's group waited for two cabs. But as Nassif and her boyfriend Ishmael Francis, 22, headed towards their own car they came across Mr Kyei-Baffour and his friends in their BMW and another row erupted.

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Savage: CCTV image shows Ismail Francis (right), holding a baseball bat and running at Mr Kyei-Baffour, 21, who is standing at the rear of the car. The soldier was later stabbed twice

Savage: CCTV image shows a gang member (right), holding a baseball bat and running at Mr Kyei-Baffour, 21, who is standing at the rear of the car outside The Guildhall in London. The soldier was later stabbed twice

Threats: The man and Nassif, (in pink) approach the car as the victim stands by the door. He would later need life saving treatment

Threats: The man and Nassif, (in pink) approach the car as the victim stands by the door. He would later need life saving treatment

Francis then flagged down the cabs and they were joined by eight or nine of their friends who attacked the four with fists and feet. Nassif was seen to stride into the fray and egged the others on before sprinting to the boot of her car with Francis.

Judge Wendy Joseph QC said: 'Immediately she was joined by Francis who seconds later ran to the fight now armed with a baseball bat. 

'That bat then to some extent superseded the physical violence that was taking place without weapons. There was some pushing, punches and kicking but the bat took central stage. 

Jailed: Nassif (left) - who wept in court during the trial - was criticised by the judge for egging on the gang. She was sentenced to two years in prison. Her boyfriend Francis (right) was jailed for 22 months 

'It was used with extreme violence, it was directed certainly by some at the head and bodies of more than one person from the BMW. The scene was described as chaos and mayhem.'

She added in the course of the incident Mr Kyei-Baffour 'suffered two deep wounds the injuries, one that left the intestines hanging out.'

The prosecution could not say who stabbed Mr Kyei-Baffour, a Ghanaian serving in the Royal Logistics Corps, and causing GBH charges were dropped during the trial.

Judge Joseph told them none were to be sentenced 'for inflicting or participating in inflicting these wounds.

'The violent disorder of itself is not, in light of the Crown's putting its case, to be treated as involving the stabbing.

Thugs: Marlon Brown (left) and Leonel Streete (right) were both sentenced to two years in prison for there part in the brutal attack

Prison: Rowan Lopez, 25, (left) was sentenced to 18 months in jail, while fellow gang member Riquelle Peterson, 24, (right) was sentenced to two years in prison

But each of these defendants by participating in such violent disorder as they did, played in part in the scene against which the stabbing occurred. Without their group conduct, I am quite satisfied this stabbing would not have occurred.'

Nassif, of Alma Road Enfield who has convictions for robbery, assault and threatening behaviour when she was aged 15 and 16, was sentenced to two years behind bars.

Judge Joseph said: 'I am satisfied she was striding into the crowd egging and encouraging it from the beginning and played a part in the bat being produced from the boot of the car. 

'It was her verbal aggression that caused the initial confrontation. She has wept her way through this trial presenting a pitiful spectacle.'

Francis, of of Hadrians Ride, Enfield, who has a convictions for knife possession was jailed for 22 months.

Sentenced: Colin Mbagwu, 27, (left) was jailed for 27 months for his part in the attack. Streete, (right) was pictured grinning as he left court during the trial. He was later jailed

Marlon Brown, 27, of Tottenham; Leonel Streete, 23, of Wood Green, and Riquelle Peterson, 24, of Holloway; were jailed for two years each while Colin Mbagwu, 27 of Hornsey was jailed for 27 months and Rowan Lopez, 25, of Muswell Hill was jailed for 18 months.

Mr Kyei-Baffour has since recovered and returned to active service.

Commander Wayne Chance of City of London Police said: 'We will not tolerate this kind of violent behaviour in the City of London. I am pleased that the officers in the case were able to bring it to a swift and satisfying conclusion and would like to highlight the good work done in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police. 

'Anyone coming to the City of London with the intention of being violent should know that they will be dealt with so that those wishing to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the City can do so without fear.'
DS John Ellis, who led the investigation said: 'I hope the sentences passed will act a deterrent to those involved.'

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