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Military Victims of Kuffarphobia


Military Victims of Kuffarphobia

This room is to help protect Soldiers rights, who are vulnerable to particular forms of abuse by the government, by acts of both commission and omission.

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Many state employees are victims of abuse by modern Western governments which repudiate former values of discipline and respect for authority. So Teachers, Police and Firemen all receive unpunished abuse from students and the public. 

The position of the military is even worse however, in that they cannot even resign their position, they can only buy themselves out. Hence this room is to focus on their particularly vulnerable position.

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Comment by Philip Smeeton on September 13, 2015 at 18:09

In Memoriam.

I can remember and knew the men that fought in world war two.

They were rough men that you didn't want to get on the wrong side of.

Coal-miners and steel-workers and the like.

They would be ashamed to see how meekly their children and grandchildren surrendered to an enemy.

I did not think when I was young that some of my worst enemies would be my own countrymen.

A soldier.

Comment by Alan Lake on September 7, 2015 at 15:17

In the documentary film, That Which I Love Destroys Me, former Delta Force operator, Tyler Grey says,

“Take anyone in the world … no one can hold out forever.  Take enough things to happen to a person at one time—enough negative things—and anyone, and everyone, can be broken.”

These words need to sink into the brains of everyone who carries because if you do go to the trigger too fast and shoot an innocent person, you too might end up considering the coffin a welcome relief.

Comment by Alan Lake on August 29, 2015 at 17:44

Taliban capture key Helmand district of Musa Qala

UK forces led the counter-insurgency operations in Helmand during the protracted conflict with the Taliban and lost more than 400 soldiers there in the process.

Was it really worth the sacrifice of 400 British soldier's lives, for that God forsaken piece of land?  People have memories, and our politicians are going to find that the army are far less keen to sacrifice themselves for our leader's narrow political aims, in future.

Comment by Alan Lake on February 8, 2015 at 12:03

Teenage army cadets threatened with beheading, barracks security tightened

Published time: February 06, 2015 16:00 

Police are upping security after two girls were allegedly threatened with beheading as they left an army reserve center in Northumbria.

The girls were verbally threatened by two men in a Vauxhall Zafira, who were said to have shouted ‘graphic’ and ‘nasty’ statements as they left the center in Gateshead.

“The men made no attempt to make any physical contact with the girls or get out of the car, and shouted the comments while driving away from the scene,” said Gateshead superintendent Richie Jackson.

The incident took place on January 21 at 2115 GMT. Northumbria police are thought to have increased patrols around other army barracks in the area.

“Inquiries are ongoing to establish the exact nature of what was said during the incident and we have spoken to the two teenage girls, viewed CCTV footage from the area and have identified the vehicle and inquiries are ongoing to trace the driver,” a spokesperson from Northumbria Police said.

“As a precaution we have notified staff at other Army Reserve centers in the area and have had extra officers on patrol in Alexandra Road to reassure residents.”

The verbal attacks come weeks after British police and military officers were warned not to wear their uniforms publicly while off duty, in case lone wolf terrorists attack them.

Attacks have been encouraged by Islamist extremist groups such as the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), similar to those carried out by terrorists in Paris last month.

Police warn attacks on British military personnel could happen imminently, echoing the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May 2013.

“We are aware of an incident allegedly involving members of the Army Cadet Force – this is a matter for the police and we cannot comment further. Any witnesses are urged to contact the police,” said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

“We understand the girls were not in uniform at the time of the incident and that the suspects asked them ‘Are you in the Army?’ before issuing the threats,” they added.

Comment by Alan Lake on November 17, 2014 at 8:20

​‘Anyone with a pulse’: British Army to recruit over 50s as reserves dwindle — RT UK

I know this is from the RT news site, but look at the comments.  There is, from apparently Western posters, widespread disillusionment with the prostitution of our armed forces and governments search for suckers to fill the gap, just as bad as my own!

The very expensive recruitment drive only netted an increase of 20, when its 10,000 that's needed.  And you have to wonder, if they'd spent that advertising money instead on bullet proof vests for the first troops that went to Afghanistan (yes, we haven't forgotten), would there be a more friendly attitude to this campaign?  Its a joke, a bad joke.

Comment by Antony on November 4, 2014 at 6:21

Saw both episodes of a Lion's Roar - good programme - did none of parliament and the media ask why, if we have thousands of troops, we only sent 500 ?!, nor why the materials for the dam project that cost millions were just being left to rust to this day ?

I also recall seeing a very brief interview with some soldiers based in Afghanistan a few years back in which they said their food & water supplies were so short that they had to go out into the countryside and forage for food !

I think there are still quite a few tales to come out of both Iraq and Afghanistan concerning both mismanagement and war profiteering ..... and the ongoing question as to why our great leaders allowed themselves to get taken for a ride by Pakistan.

Comment by Alan Lake on November 4, 2014 at 4:27

Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar?

An excellent documentary about the British campaign in Afghanistan, and questioning if Britain will/can ever again mount a serious overseas operation.

Two things become clear.  The prostitution of the land forces is even worse than we ever thought.  Sent with inadequate equipment, lack of backup, woefully few men, and total confusion from the government about the strategic goal - men were just sacrificed (450 dead) on the alter of political expediency.

Secondly, it is also clear that this is the last overseas campaign.  We are now finished as a global power.  The seeds of that were shown in the Falklands, where again men were sacrificed to cover up for deprivation of funds, foreign office muddle, and even Margaret Thatcher's pride.  We won, but it was a close thing, and with an unnecessarily high cost in men's lives.  

Well, consider that since the Falklands there have been 2 major reductions in the armed forces, with the current one taking us from 100,000 down to 80,000 men.  We simply don't have the attack and transport helicopters to properly back up even the smaller number; which is why we constantly have to turn to the Americans.  

I'm struggling to put this into words, because we are fed a constant stream of myths from the media that our armed forces are amongst the best in the world, totally ignoring the numbers involved.  We just don't have the men or the machines, in sufficient number, to be able to mount a serious campaign.  You have to de-indoctrinate yourself of that pervasive myth, even spouted by the Guardian aristocracy.

In the documentary above, after 9 years in Afghanistan, Cameron makes the historic announcement in parliament that he is boosting troop numbers by 500.  Yes, you heard that right.  Not 50,000, which could have controlled the country, not 5000 which is a quarter of the extra needed for our province (Helmand) alone, no, it was 500, of which combat troops would probably number 150.  Parliament should have laughed him down, not debated the issue!  But then, that is testament to the modern baby man, with no military training or even grasp of military history, given positions of power for which he is not equiped.

Comment by Joe on May 21, 2014 at 12:37

"Well, here's a story unearthed about Muslim rebellion in the British Forces, and about Muslim co-operation with enemy forces.  I wonder if this was a factor in the British collapse?"

Japanese who were living in Malaysia were serving as spies for Japan. They were secretly cycling round the country mapping out invasion routes, troop positions, etc.

The documentary I watched about the fall of Singapore did not mention muslim traitors in the British army.  That documentary claimed it was Sikhs who were fighting as part of the British army. They went over to the side of the Japanese. The Japs promised that once Britain lost the war, India would gain independence.

Comment by Antony on May 21, 2014 at 11:22
Comment by Alan Lake on April 24, 2014 at 7:49

You know the very odd 'worst defeat in British History' with the fall of Singapore to Japanese forces?  Even with the guns pointing in the wrong direction (at the sea), and the troops being raw recruits, it still doesn't make sense that the British surrendered their fortified encampment to a force 1/4 the size of their own.

Well, here's a story unearthed about Muslim rebellion in the British Forces, and about Muslim co-operation with enemy forces.  I wonder if this was a factor in the British collapse?


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