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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Nigeria (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Asaba massacre 7 October 1967 Asaba, Delta Up to 500 men[1] Occurred during Biafran Civil War[2][3]
Odi massacre 20 November 1999 Odi, Bayelsa State 43[4]-2,500[5] Nigerian military attacked the village of Odi, as part of the Conflict in the Niger Delta.
2000 Kaduna riots 21 February-23 May, 2000 Kaduna 2,000[6][7]–5,000[8] Religious riots between Christians and Muslims over the introduction of sharia law in Kaduna State, start of the religious riots phase of the Sharia Conflict in Nigeria.
2001 Jos riots 7-17 September, 2001 Jos 500–5000[9] Religious riots between Christians and Muslims.
Miss World riots November 22, 2002 Kaduna 200+[10] Inter-religious riots that started on 22 November in Kaduna, along with many houses of worship being burned by religious zealots. Cause: article in Thisday about the 2002 Miss World beauty contest (to be held in Abuja), in which Muslims took offence.
Yelwa massacre February-May 2004 Yelwa, Shendam and Kano c. 975[11] Religiously motivated killings between Christians and Muslims.
Muhammad cartoons crisis 18 February 2006 Maiduguri 50+[12] The international crisis reached the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, in which over 50 people were killed and many buildings destroyed or damaged by rioting Muslims, outraged because of cartoons about Muhammad in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
2008 Jos riots 28-29 November 2008 Jos 381[13] Religious riots between Christians and Muslims over the result of a local election.
2009 Boko Haram Uprising July 2009 Maiduguri, Bauchi, Potiskum, Wudil 1,000+[14] Islamic militants killed over a thousand people between 26 and 29 July; during the violence, Christians were killed for refusing to convert to Islam[15]
2010 Jos massacre 2010 Jos 992 Religious rioting; victims were mostly Christians killed by Muslims[16]
2011 Abuja United Nations bombing 26 August 2011 Abuja 21[17] 73 injured; Boko Haram attacked a United Nations compound[17]
2011 Damaturu attacks 4 November 2011 Damaturu 100-150[18] Islamic militants associated with Boko Haram attacked police stations, churches, and banks
December 2011 Nigeria clashes December 2011 Maiduguri and Damaturu 68+[19] Islamic militants associated with Boko Haram clashed with security forces between 22 and 23 December
December 2011 Nigeria bombings 25 December 2011 Madalla 41+[20] 73 injured; Muslim militants bombed a Catholic church during Christmas mass
January 5-6, 2012 Nigeria attacks January 2012 Mubi, Yola, Gombi, and Maiduguri 37+[21] Islamic terrorists attacked churches and Christian businesses; Boko Haram claimed responsibility
January 20, 2012 Nigeria attacks 20 January 2012 Kano 185[22] Islamic terrorists attacked churches and Christian businesses; Boko Haram claimed responsibility
April 2012 Kaduna massacre 8 April 2012 Kaduna 38[23] Islamic terrorists bombed a church on Easter[23]
June 2012 Kaduna church bombings 17 June 2012 Kaduna, Wusasa, and Sabon Gari 12[24]-19[25] 80 injured; Islamic terrorists bombed three churches
July 2012 massacre 7 July 2012 Multiple northern Nigerian villages 100+[26] Islamic militants attacked Christian villages
Deeper Life Church shooting 7 August 2012 Okene 19[27] Islamic militants attacked a church; the pastor was among the dead
December 2012 shootings in Nigeria 25 December 2012 Maiduguri, Potiskum 27[28][29] Islamic militants attacked a church on Christmas Day; afterwards the church was set on fire
2013 Baga massacre 19-20 April 2013 Baga, Borno 228+[30] Identity of the perpetrators remains unclear; some blame the Nigerian military while others blame the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram[31]
Yobe State school shooting 6 July 2013 Mamudo government secondary school 30[32] Suspected Boko Haram terrorists killed at least 41 children and one teacher[33]
Gujba college massacre 29 September 2013 Gujba Yobe school 50[34] At 1:00 a.m. suspected gunmen from Boko Haram entered the male dormitory in the College of Agriculture in Gujba, Yobe State, Nigeria, killing at least forty-four students and teachers.[32]
Kawuri massacre 11 January 2014 Konduga Local Government, Borno State 85[35] Attack by Boko Haram
Borno Massacre 11 February 2014 Konduga, Borno State 39 About 39 people are believed to have been killed in an attack by Islamist militants on a Nigerian town.

Local residents said the attack on Konduga, in the north-east Borno state, lasted several hours, beginning shortly before sundown on Tuesday night with the arrival of gunmen in 4x4 trucks. A mosque and more than 1,000 homes were razed to the ground, residents said.[36]

Federal Government College Buni Yadi attack 25 February 2014 Federal Government College Buni Yadi, Yobe State 59 Islamist gunmen killed 59 students at a boarding school in Yobe State.[37]
April 2014 Abuja attacks 14 April 2014 Bus Stand, Abuja, Nigeria 71 Two bombs exploded in a crowded bus station in the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria.[38]
May 2014 Gamboru attacks 6 May 2014 Gamboru, Borno, Nigeria 300+[39] Militants attacked at night and set houses ablaze. When people tried to escape, they were shot dead.[40]
Gwoza massacre 2 June 2014 Gwoza, Borno, Nigeria 200-300[41] Boko Haram attack on Christian villagers
2014 Kano bombing 23 June 2014 Kano, Nigeria 200+ Dozens of people were killed in a bomb blast at Kano State School of Hygiene. The blast was attributed to militant group Boko Haram by the locals.[42]
2015 Baga massacre 3–7 January 2015 Baga, Borno At least 100, over 2,000 "unaccounted for"

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The above is from Wikipedia.  I heard about the earlier "Religious riots between Christians and Muslims" from 2000 onwards, on the Muslim controlled BBC.  But what they didn't tell me (so I'm finding out 15 years later) was that it was due to the imposition of Sharia Law in the Northern states.  Now the Kaffir in those Northern states are fully "subdued' to use the Islamic phrase, and you don't hear any more protests from the poor Christians, except when another bunch of them are killed for some reason (they're so easy to get offended, these Muslims).

Is it any wonder the Christians protested at the imposition of Sharia Law, making them 2nd class citizens? Did you hear any Lefturds protesting about this new system of Apartheid, one even more discriminatory and cruel than the South African one,  being imposed?  Of course not.  The fascist Left know how to protect their cowardly necks.


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

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1. SP Freedom of Speech
Any speech is allowed - except that advocating the end of these freedoms
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