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I tried copying in the embedded link from the Vlad Tepes article (in case the post on VT disappears at some point), but going to that link on the MRC TV site says it's not found.  So here's the link to VT.

The videos shows that the police found a marina (from which they could presumably hear gunshots, and could see people in the water), but then decided to waste 18 minutes by driving to a different marina.

The article on VT says that this is a reflection of how public safety officials in some countries now put their own safety above that of those they are supposed to be protecting.  The same thing could be said for the police in the recent riots in Britain (there were numerous reports of people waiting for 3 hours before police responded to emergency calls).

The Norwegian police and security services come out of the Brievik massacre very badly.  I have no expectation that any public enquiry would ever make that judgement - they seem to be entirely cover-up operations.



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I agree, Kinana.  And Breivik did far more than "lose his cool".  That suggests his actions were done in anger, when clearly his behaviour on the day was cool and calculating (those are not the actions of an insane person).

There are many of us struggling to bring about legal and democratic change, and in a country without proportional representation, and we don't think that going off and killing people is the right way to do things.  Breivik stood far more chance of bringing about civilised change in Norway than we do here, yet he decided to take a path which he admits he hopes will bring about rapid change or further ratchet up the violence on both sides.  Whether or not he remains a "black swan" only time will tell.  The proportion of muslims in many European countries is far higher than in Norway, but there's no-one in those countries doing what Breivik did.

And as for the politicians being insane in encouraging mass immigration and islamisation, perhaps they are not.  Perhaps such civil disorder that Breivik wants is also precisely what they want.  My view is that the power elite who want globalisation are also going to want to keep the masses from demanding a share of their vast billions.  And the best way to do that is to keep the mass of people busy in sectarian strife, too busy to start to question the massive inequalities in wealth.

One thing is for sure: europe is continuing down a dark road.  Breivik is just another milestone on that road.  But earlier milestones are all the failed muslim terrorist plots, and the successful ones like 7/7 and Madrid.  

Is there hypocrisy and cant in the reporting of this trial?  Sure.  But the same hypocrisy and cant are to be seen in the reporting of all the muslim terrorists - the invention of a term like "moderate muslim" and "extremist muslim", when we know that there is no such distinction in the islamic world.  The name of the man who re-introduced political assassination into Dutch history after an absence of almost 350 years is unknown to most of us freedom fighters.  And that killer's trial only lasted 3 days.  I expect the Norwegian judicial process is fairly similar to that of Holland, so why does this trial take 3 months?  They hypocrisy is there for us to lay out in all these cases.  But it is ignored, so why should this trial be any different?

Think of all the time that has been wasted looking for those who were in cahoots with Breivik or were his supposed mentors. Think of all the time that was spent on the court case. And yet the one thing that the Norwegians could do to make sure there was not another Breivik would be to investigate why Norway's finest behaved like the Keystone Kops on the day. Perhaps the Kops don't want it to come out that it was 2 lesbians who were more effective than Norway's finest. Perhaps the Socialist Party does not want people raking over the fact that the leader of the party ran off with the only boat, trapping the teenagers on the island with their killer.

Anger as police drop Breivik response probe

Published: 11 Jan 2013 14:11 GMT+01:00

"Apparently, no one will ever learn from the grave mistakes that were made on July 22nd, not the police nor anyone else," lamented Alf Vederhus who lost his son Haavard in Breivik's mass shooting on the island of Utøya.

The Norwegian police's internal affairs unit said in a statement on Thursday that while there were serious shortcomings in the police's response, it had dropped its investigation into complaints filed by the families of two victims because there was no evidence police had broken the law.

"I think internal affairs looked too lightly on the mistakes that were made," Vederhus told the daily Dagsavisen.

Breivik, a right-wing extremist, detonated a bomb outside the centre-left government's headquarters and then went on the rampage at a Labour Party youth camp on the island of Utøya, killing a total of 77 people, many of them teenagers.

He was in August 2012 found sane and sentenced to Norway's maximum sentence of 21 years in prison, a sentence that can be extended indefinitely if he is deemed a continued threat to society.

Breivik confessed to the attacks, calling them "cruel but necessary" to protect his country from the multiculturalism his victims embraced and which he hates.

Less than two weeks before the verdict was rendered, a commission tasked with learning lessons from the attacks harshly criticized the Norwegian authorities, saying the bombing could have been prevented and Breivik's killing spree could have been stopped earlier.

Being a coward and running away are not crimes, even if it is your responsibility to be brave and take responsability. That just about sums up  'How the west is run'.

It might also be worth noting, that with the weight of all the police forces and press agency's of europe, not 1 person attributed with being Brevik's inspiration has been charged. They treated many from the counter jihad like mad nazis, putting their lives under intense scutiny, and danger.  How brave of them. Medals all round!


Except they had been playing "war games", where they were breaking the Israeli/Egyptian blockade of Gaza.  To lead people to falsely believe they are being warriors/soldiers when there is no risk of being shot (because the Israelis would always treat such Norwegian "warriors" with kid gloves), and then to run away when real gunshot starts, shows cowardice and hypocrisy.

Not only did the media keep quiet about the coward of Ottoya Island (and what the young socialists were up to that day), they also kept quiet about the real heroes: the two lesbians who had not been playing war-games, but got into their own small boat and went to pull people from the water, with bullets whizzing by their boat.

The Norwegian socialists and police are clearly only too happy to hide their failures on that day. I'd like to see those two women praised around the world for their bravery and self-sacrifice.  But I've never even met someone gay who knows about their bravery that day.

paul collings said:

Being a coward and running away are not crimes, even if it is your responsibility to be brave and take responsability. That just about sums up  'How the west is run'.


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