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The Norwegian Defence League: A Creature of the PST?


The following article from Dagbladet reveals that the Norwegian Defence League was created and nurtured by the Norwegian Security Police (PST). During its early days, three of its six leaders were PST agents, and the man who initiated the creation of the NDL was an agent for multiple organizations — he infiltrated the leadership of “anti-racist” and communist organizations as well.

I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that Stalin was a double agent for the Okhrana, the Czar’s secret intelligence service, before the Bolshevik Revolution. The Okhrana thus unwittingly helped engineer the overthrow of the Russian state.

The PST in effect built the NDL, which Anders Behring Breivik later joined. The NDL then allegedly contributed to Mr. Breivik’s radicalization.

So I guess you might say the PST were “Breivik’s mentors”.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for the translation:

Spy-coup despite the lack of approval from the PST

Joined forces with those he was supposed to spy on

Dagbladet has information that confirms that the PST spy Christian Høibø took the initiative to create the anti-Islamic organization the Norwegian Defence League (NDL). Høibø also appointed the leaders of the organization on three separate occasions

The PST spy appointed:


  • Håvar Krane as the NDL’s first leader
  • Lena Andreassen as the successor
  • Recruit Ronny Alte to NDL

A planned ploy

The task of building up an enemy organization was performed by the PST spy Høibø in agreement with SOS Rasisme and the Marxist-Maoists in Tjen Folket (Serve the People).

“It was a assignment that he undertook without our knowing,” says Høibø’s case officer in the PST to Dagbladet.

Høibø reported back to the PST on his role in the NDL and he supplied the PST with inside information. The PST never attempted to stop him. He also supplied information to SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket.

This information has been confirmed by Bard Frantzen, former member of the leadership of SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket. Frantzen was unaware of Høibø’s status as a PST agent.

“In my opinion this means that the PST established NDL. Høibø built up the NDL in the period when Breivik joined and became radicalized. In that regard it appears that PST helped build the milieu where Breivik found his inspiration prior to executing the attack. That is pretty bad,” says Frantzen.

Dagbladet has previously reported that Høibø claims that it was he who excluded Anders Behring Breivik from the NDL.

NDL was founded at Lorry (bar in downtown Oslo)

The establishment of the NDL began at Lorry in 2010. The first meeting was initiated by Høibø. Present at the meeting were the PST agent and two members of SOS Rasisme.

Høibø told Frantzen that the poorly organized NDL Facebook network with approximately 500 members could be built into a functioning organization.

“I was one of those present at Lorry that day. Høibø’s plan was to establish a solid organizational structure, a workable membership register, and organize right-wing demonstrations,” says Frantzen.

“I was negative about the plans, because the methods that Høibø proposed were dangerous and could cause great damage to the anti-racist work.”


Asked to step aside

The plan, however, was put into action as several others members of SOS Rasisme supported it, says Franzen.

“It was a plan that he undertook without our initial knowledge. When we eventually found out about it, it was our opinion that he shouldn’t have such a prominent position in an organization like the NDL. We asked him to step aside,” says Høibøs case officer to Dagbladet.

But Høibø didn’t step aside. Instead he remained as the political leader of the NDL. He was not alone.

Three of the six people in the leadership of the NDL were Høibø’s accomplices.

Triple access

An organizational chart made by Høibø shows that Jon Hagen and ‘Sigve Ås’ are positioned alongside him in the top management. Hagen is Høibøs friend and, like Høibø, he also reported to the PST. Sigve Ås is the pseudonym of a prominent representative of SOS Rasisme.

“It became a challenge for us,” says Høibø’s case officer

In essence Høibø had access to current information for the PST in three different camps: he had his feet planted inside the Tjen Folket dominated SOS Rasisme, which meant that he could follow the activities of both Communists and anti-racists. The infiltration of the NDL gave Høibø access to information about the anti-Islamic extremist milieu.

It is also established that PST used Høibø to follow the activities of the communists in the organization Internationale Sosialister (IS).

As a result, on several occasions Høibø had himself established communities and organized events from which he could report back to the PST.

New threat

From the time the infiltration of the Facebook network began in 2010 until the summer of 2011, the NDL evolved itself from being a little-known group of hateful anti-Islamists and neo-Nazis to a new threat for the PST.

The PST was simultaneously fully aware of Høibø’s role as the driving force of the NDL.

In February 2011, the NDL was for the first time mentioned in PST’s annual threat report. The organization received extensive media coverage as a result

In March 2011 PST went on record saying that they feared that the NDL could become a violent organization.

“I feared that such an operation could strengthen the extreme right more than it would weaken it. The possibility that the NDL could evolve into a large and independent unit that we couldn’t control anymore was a real scenario. Today I know that the plan was right,” says Frantzen.

“Wrote NDL speech”

According to the former NDL leader Lena Andreassen and emails that Dagbladet have copies of, it was the PST infiltrator who wrote the speech she delivered during NDL’s controversial demonstration on Kontraskjæret in Oslo on April 9, 2011.

“It was Christian Høibø who wrote and sent me the speech that I held at the demonstration. I found the message of the speech to be quite radical, but I didn’t know quite what to say,” Andreassen previously stated to Dagbladet.

The rally was such a big flop that the leaders of the British EDL removed Andreassen as the NDL leader a few days later.

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More on this.

How Much Did The PST Know, And When Did It Know It?


Here’s a brief follow-up on the previous post from The Observer, who translated the article:

There are a couple of things worth pointing out in connection with the revelations presented in the article:

Assuming the the claims made in this article are true, did Høibø notify the PST about Breivik’s radicalism?

Did the SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket representatives involved in the NDL in any way influence Breivik ideologically — i.e. fire him up with anti-government/anti-Muslim rhetoric, the very thing that the Left has claimed that the conservative community in Norway were responsible for? And has this been investigated by the PST?

Håvar Krane was egged on to make the infamous death threats against leading Norwegian politicians by the same left-wing agitators within the NDL who then secretly recorded it and leaked it to the press.

If the PST was made aware of Breivik, then why did they claim that Breivik flew under the radar during the court case? There are now three known incidents that should have made the alarm bells go off at the PST in regards to Breivik, and they are as follows:


1. A male person called the government office in early 2011 claiming in a very calm voice that he was going to shoot and kill young AUF members.
2. Breivik was apparently kicked out of the NDL because he was too radical, but the PST wasn’t notified by the infiltrator whose job it was to notify the PST of potential radical elements within the organization, and who kicked Breivik out of the organization because of his radicalism.
3. In Poland Breivik bought chemicals that were on the PST list of interest and which should have automatically triggered an investigation, but the PST failed to do so.

This doesn’t paint the PST in a very flattering light, and it does raise some very interesting questions about SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket and their role in building up an organization that is now on the PST’s threat list.

! ! !

We must expect this sort of thing from th intelligence? services. They serve  their masters and themselves and have a political bias. Best to be aware, but we can't let it stop us. I am very grateful to those that expose this sort of farse.

This story is astonishing.  Is there no organsation in society that takes the long-term view of things and work accordingly?

Perhaps their long-term view is not our long-term view?  Those in power are very different from the rest of us.

Kinana said:

This story is astonishing.  Is there no organsation in society that takes the long-term view of things and work accordingly?

so to combine your reply with Phillip's we cannot assume that those who are there to protect society will do so in a manner and towards a goal that matches our own, or indeed is traditional in any sense of the word.  'we can't let it stop us' but we cannot be blind to the obstacles in our way which appears to include those who we pay to 'protect and serve.'  I like to believe that behind the closed doors of power there is a raging argument over how to deal the threats to the 4 Freedoms.

Anyone who thinks that govenments havn't got their people working in all and any organisations that 'threaten' long term political plans are wrong.

Its funny how people all agree that the main political parties are all pretty much the same. In Britian theres three parties that may argue over how we get to a point, but the point they are aiming for will be pretty much the same. Our parliment takes most of its orders from Brussels. Treaties have been signed that guide thinking and set policy for the future. So a plan must be being played out.

Our govenment (lib/lab/con) is following the Euro plan, they want to move at a different speed, but all parties are moving in the same direction. What the people want is irrelevant.  It will be the same in all countries. long term plans must be in place or when new govenments are voted in by the sheep, things would rock backwards and forwards wildly.

Govenments and the civil sevices that keep everything stable will not allow groups to spring up that could interupt their plans. Can you imagine if NDL was allowed to dictate to their govenment on imigration.What would countries like saudi-arabia, pakistan and all the Islamic countries do if a small band of 'right wing extremists' were allowed to force a govenment to stop people from one religion from entering their country. What would happen if govenments not only stopped people from one religion building a house of whorship, but started pulling them down.

Govenments speed billions on intelligence agencies. It can't all be spent lightbulbs. Look at the amount of people who infiltrated the green movement.   

A bit off the original topic, but I think the main reason why Cameroon slagged off UKIP and other patriot type groups as "racist" is because of their anti-EU policy, rather than sour grapes over rivalry or because he cares about race relations, they can then be set up for ostracism,ridicule,harassment,spying,disruption..or even banning or violence by leftists, islamists and black racists.

I take that further.  LibLabCon are on record as colluding with the media to ensure the BNP only ever get negative publicity.  If these actions don't shock people (collusion between all 3 main parties, political collusion between them an all the MSM), then their minds have already been badly contaminated.

But I think it goes further.  I think the BNP was setup (or comandeered) with the sole purpose of making nationalism and/or opposition to the EU unthinkable to the vast majority of the electorate.  LibLabCon only need to ensure that they offer a menu that (collectively) is 96% the same, and it looks like voters have a choice.  Provided that the (deliberately) toxic BNP is the party that offers the policies LibLabCon don't want chosen, LibLabCon get their way at every turn.

And it all looks like it is open and democratic.

This means the BNP needs to exist as this toxic asset, but it must be held in check, and is constantly kept under observation to check that it doesn't escape and become a really popular party.  Before taking over the National Socialist party, Hitler was a secret police agent infiltrating the party.  The Bolsheviks were originally a party created by the secret police.

Antony said:

A bit off the original topic, but I think the main reason why Cameroon slagged off UKIP and other patriot type groups as "racist" is because of their anti-EU policy, rather than sour grapes over rivalry or because he cares about race relations, they can then be set up for ostracism,ridicule,harassment,spying,disruption..or even banning or violence by leftists, islamists and black racists.

It is international cooperation and treaties that are messing everything up. We are being forced to accept things that are not in our national interest. We have to get back to independent national states and try to get them to stop going to war with each other. The problem is that left-wing theoreticians are doing all that they can to deconstruct nations and patriotism.

Beware of conspriracy theories they are designed to split us. I don't see infiltration of nationalist organisations as a problem if we openly express our aims and opinions. The Norwegian intelligence services pulled the plug on the NDL because they were afraid that it would attract so many sincere members that they would lose control of it and have inadvertently created a viable nationalist movement that might actually attain political power.

"I don't see infiltration of nationalist organisations as a problem if we openly express our aims and opinions."

Are you an active member of any counter-jihad organisation in the real world?  

I don't see infiltration of nationalist organisations as a problem if we openly express our aims and opinions.

I wish that were true.  You are speaking from a position there which is something like:

In the end the truth will shine through, and it will become obvious to everyone that those who behave in a righteous and decent way are on the side of freedom,equality and truth, and they will consequently prevail.

Unfortunately, that is not true.  In modern times, it is now obvious, that its possible to suppress and waylay the truth, forever.   Its also possible to paint Mother Teresa as the 'bad guy', if you want, and forever.  I would go further than that and say that if it weren't for the intervention of the ruthless totalitarian tyrant Stalin, the Nazis would have beaten us (prior to the Atom Bomb, anyway).

Perhaps what you were trying to say was that if we haven't got any secret agendas, like to blow up building, then infiltration isn't a problem.  Sadly that too, is not true. As you know, every small group of humans, on any part of the planet, is subject to constant bickering, squabbling and eventually, splitting, and that happens when all of them have it in their own interests to stay together!  Therefore, if one of them has the express intent of breaking the group up, how easy do you think its going to be?


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