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The Norwegian Defence League: A Creature of the PST?


The following article from Dagbladet reveals that the Norwegian Defence League was created and nurtured by the Norwegian Security Police (PST). During its early days, three of its six leaders were PST agents, and the man who initiated the creation of the NDL was an agent for multiple organizations — he infiltrated the leadership of “anti-racist” and communist organizations as well.

I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that Stalin was a double agent for the Okhrana, the Czar’s secret intelligence service, before the Bolshevik Revolution. The Okhrana thus unwittingly helped engineer the overthrow of the Russian state.

The PST in effect built the NDL, which Anders Behring Breivik later joined. The NDL then allegedly contributed to Mr. Breivik’s radicalization.

So I guess you might say the PST were “Breivik’s mentors”.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for the translation:

Spy-coup despite the lack of approval from the PST

Joined forces with those he was supposed to spy on

Dagbladet has information that confirms that the PST spy Christian Høibø took the initiative to create the anti-Islamic organization the Norwegian Defence League (NDL). Høibø also appointed the leaders of the organization on three separate occasions

The PST spy appointed:


  • Håvar Krane as the NDL’s first leader
  • Lena Andreassen as the successor
  • Recruit Ronny Alte to NDL

A planned ploy

The task of building up an enemy organization was performed by the PST spy Høibø in agreement with SOS Rasisme and the Marxist-Maoists in Tjen Folket (Serve the People).

“It was a assignment that he undertook without our knowing,” says Høibø’s case officer in the PST to Dagbladet.

Høibø reported back to the PST on his role in the NDL and he supplied the PST with inside information. The PST never attempted to stop him. He also supplied information to SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket.

This information has been confirmed by Bard Frantzen, former member of the leadership of SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket. Frantzen was unaware of Høibø’s status as a PST agent.

“In my opinion this means that the PST established NDL. Høibø built up the NDL in the period when Breivik joined and became radicalized. In that regard it appears that PST helped build the milieu where Breivik found his inspiration prior to executing the attack. That is pretty bad,” says Frantzen.

Dagbladet has previously reported that Høibø claims that it was he who excluded Anders Behring Breivik from the NDL.

NDL was founded at Lorry (bar in downtown Oslo)

The establishment of the NDL began at Lorry in 2010. The first meeting was initiated by Høibø. Present at the meeting were the PST agent and two members of SOS Rasisme.

Høibø told Frantzen that the poorly organized NDL Facebook network with approximately 500 members could be built into a functioning organization.

“I was one of those present at Lorry that day. Høibø’s plan was to establish a solid organizational structure, a workable membership register, and organize right-wing demonstrations,” says Frantzen.

“I was negative about the plans, because the methods that Høibø proposed were dangerous and could cause great damage to the anti-racist work.”


Asked to step aside

The plan, however, was put into action as several others members of SOS Rasisme supported it, says Franzen.

“It was a plan that he undertook without our initial knowledge. When we eventually found out about it, it was our opinion that he shouldn’t have such a prominent position in an organization like the NDL. We asked him to step aside,” says Høibøs case officer to Dagbladet.

But Høibø didn’t step aside. Instead he remained as the political leader of the NDL. He was not alone.

Three of the six people in the leadership of the NDL were Høibø’s accomplices.

Triple access

An organizational chart made by Høibø shows that Jon Hagen and ‘Sigve Ås’ are positioned alongside him in the top management. Hagen is Høibøs friend and, like Høibø, he also reported to the PST. Sigve Ås is the pseudonym of a prominent representative of SOS Rasisme.

“It became a challenge for us,” says Høibø’s case officer

In essence Høibø had access to current information for the PST in three different camps: he had his feet planted inside the Tjen Folket dominated SOS Rasisme, which meant that he could follow the activities of both Communists and anti-racists. The infiltration of the NDL gave Høibø access to information about the anti-Islamic extremist milieu.

It is also established that PST used Høibø to follow the activities of the communists in the organization Internationale Sosialister (IS).

As a result, on several occasions Høibø had himself established communities and organized events from which he could report back to the PST.

New threat

From the time the infiltration of the Facebook network began in 2010 until the summer of 2011, the NDL evolved itself from being a little-known group of hateful anti-Islamists and neo-Nazis to a new threat for the PST.

The PST was simultaneously fully aware of Høibø’s role as the driving force of the NDL.

In February 2011, the NDL was for the first time mentioned in PST’s annual threat report. The organization received extensive media coverage as a result

In March 2011 PST went on record saying that they feared that the NDL could become a violent organization.

“I feared that such an operation could strengthen the extreme right more than it would weaken it. The possibility that the NDL could evolve into a large and independent unit that we couldn’t control anymore was a real scenario. Today I know that the plan was right,” says Frantzen.

“Wrote NDL speech”

According to the former NDL leader Lena Andreassen and emails that Dagbladet have copies of, it was the PST infiltrator who wrote the speech she delivered during NDL’s controversial demonstration on Kontraskjæret in Oslo on April 9, 2011.

“It was Christian Høibø who wrote and sent me the speech that I held at the demonstration. I found the message of the speech to be quite radical, but I didn’t know quite what to say,” Andreassen previously stated to Dagbladet.

The rally was such a big flop that the leaders of the British EDL removed Andreassen as the NDL leader a few days later.

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Svar til denne diskusjonen

I think small groups are more vulnerable to infiltration. The task is more difficult in large well organised democratic political parties. As you say there will be infighting but this in large groups is part of the political process. I feel that democracy and freedom of expression are worth the effort.

Much of what we now accept as truth has not existed before, I'm sure I would have been content and of good conscience if I had been a slave owner a couple of hundred years ago.

I don't think there is any such beast as the truth, there is only feeling. I feel that it is wrong to kill a girl for wanting an education and for wanting to be treated as an equal by men. Emancipation is not a truth, we choose to accept it as a value based on emotion.

Some of the things I think I do not expect anyone to agree with, but that doesn't bother me, I keep them to myself.

We are brainwashed, educated and influenced, but sometimes some of us make up our own minds about something and if are we lucky can we find someone to agree with us

I admit that I am naive and that we have to be aware that there are those that want to silence us, but I do not intend to be shut up.  

An excerpt from Asle Toje's book: Red, White and Blue- On Democracy in Europe.

RØDT, HVITT & BLÅTT- Om demokratiet i Europa. Dreyers Forlag, Oslo, 2012.

Translated by me.

On Another Planet.

Bergsjon, Sweden. The district now has a ninety-three percent population of immigrants and is Gothenburg's poorest area, with the highest unemployment and the lowest income per capita. Bergsjon has also the lowest election turn-out in the city.

In the grey autumn air the district does not resemble a social pressure cooker, it looks rather boring. The apartment blocks are reasonably well-kept. There is no more garbage and tagging here than in any other area of the city. Though the balcony flower boxes, the traditional window sill lights and the typically white curtains blowing in the summer breeze from open windows, that witness the Swede's love of their homes, are absent.

For unknown reasons all of the street names are dedicated to space research. Zenith Way, Telescope Street, Space Place- as if fragments of the collapse of the Soviet Union had crash landed in a Swedish forest. In Comet Square I came into conversation with Linda Karlsson, a talkative 60 year old woman that has herself moved out of Bergsjon, but that is on a Friday visit to her mother. She claims that it was the resourceful Swedes that moved out first, led by the families with children. This because, she says, of the fall in quality of school education, a result of that fewer and fewer pupils were fluent in Swedish.

She claims that it is weakness by the authorities with regard to the rights of the original population that has made people unwilling to fight to preserve their local culture. « it was the incident with the teacher that was stabbed that was the final straw that made us decide to move out of town». After a lot of searching I finally found an article about the incident I presume that she meant.

Teachers Journal nr. 17/1999 tells of the teacher Greger Mossberg at Bergsjo School who witnessed the theft of a flat screen TV from the school premises. As he recognised the pupils that carried off the TV he reported them to the police the next day. The thieves got wind of this and that evening rang his doorbell. He opened the door and recognised one of the youths from the night before. The boy had taken three friends with him. Greger is beaten and stabbed. Two of the boys that showed up at Mossberg's home are charged in court for theft or fencing, assault and causing grievous bodily harm. But all that the court accepts as proven is that Greger Mosseberg was attacked the night after he reported the theft to the police. The two young men he pointed out are given alibis by their girlfriends and parents. The court chooses to believe them. Greger Mosseberg's claim for compensation and justice is rejected.«wild jubilation broke out among the youths present in the courtroom when the verdict was read out».

What the official explanations have in common is that they see immigrants as passive participants, clients that haven't received the help they have a right to expect from a Social-Democracy. I ring Hakan D. He was a DJ in a nightclub in Hissingen, in the early 1990's when I myself was in the scene down there. H voices an opinion you often meet on the internet, but seldom in the newspapers in Sweden, that parts of the immigrant population do not want to be included. With the sincerity that Gothenburgers are known for in Sweden he adds- yes, he talks about the Muslims. He means that behind all of the talk about racism lies the fact that many immigrants have not bothered to learn the professional and cultural skills needed in order to function in the Swedish job market.

«A stupid-kind welfare state finances this chosen self-exclusion that is marked by a growing hostility towards the host nation».

He is not willing to put his name to his opinion because such public statements invariably lead to becoming labelled racist. And in Sweden racists lose their jobs.

The Swedish researcher Maria Backman has described how Swedes that come into a minority situation experience mobbing because of their culture and religion. Backman has done research at a further-education school where talented Swedish students transfer to less conflicted schools. In spite of her findings this converse racism remains a non-topic. Other researchers have wrongly concluded that this form of racism is limited. Debating such topics is considered beneficial to far-right political parties such as the Swedish Democrats- and no decent citizen would lend aid to any such party. Those that are victims of this racism are outraged by this offhandedness. That journalists have decided that their experiences are are not worthy a mention only worsens matters.

Asle Toje's book reflects my own experience of the situation in Europe. I have witnessed, in Norway, a teacher threatened with a pistol by a refugee from Afghanistan and a pupil robbed in the schoolyard by a Somali that held a knife to the boy's throat. I have also been threatened with violence in the classroom and experienced the lack of will to receive an education that the Muslims demonstrate. European children deserved better than to have criminals forced upon them by Left-Wing theoreticians and to be denied an adequate education due to the undermining of the education system by mass-immigration.


I have to return you to Joe's question.  Your statements about large groups and a healthy functioning democratic methods within them are very nice, but in real world situations, its just not like that at all. I simply can't relate what you are saying to what I've witnessed in organisations in the UK, where a few determined individuals are able to destroy the whole thing.

And what experience do you have of police and government agitators?  Do you have any idea of the kinds of things they can do to cause harm?

Let me try put this another way.  Do you know any couple that have children and got divorced?  Then were you able to witness either of those parents poisoning the minds of their children with regard to the other parent, by subtle statements and deprecatory remarks, or even by sighing or raising an eyebrow?  I'm sorry, do you know what I'm getting at here? because I'm giving up on the topic now.

P.S.1 none of this is about stopping speaking out as an individual or otherwise.  We should all continue to speak out.  We are talking about the logistics of trying to run an organisation and stop it from being destroyed by agent provocateurs.

P.S.2 I used the term "truth" tongue in cheek. Its too deep a subject to go into here, but hopefully it cast light on what I intended to mean. 

Joe said:

"I don't see infiltration of nationalist organisations as a problem if we openly express our aims and opinions."

Are you an active member of any counter-jihad organisation in the real world?  

Sorry to have been boring Alan. I am very angry about what has been allowed to happen to our England. There must be a way to harness the discontent that large numbers of Britons feel. I hope it is true to say that governments that ignore the will of the people will fall, however much they resort to becoming a police state.

Yes, you'd think there would be a way to harness that discontent ... but its surprisingly difficult!

History repeats itself: the first time as tragedy,  the second time as farce.

- Karl Marx

If people read anything by Marx, they should read The 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon.

We are in a re-run of the 1930s.  It is farcical. It is Weimar Germany, only the fascists are going round proclaiming themselves to be anti-fascists. All the rest will follow.  Hyper-inflation, economic collapse, war, genocide.

Perhaps war will be declared on Holocaust Memorial Day, when Iran will launch a nuclear strike on the greatest concentration of jews on earth.  The InterNational Socialists will applaud their fascist allies from the country named Aryan (that is what "Iran" means).


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