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by Chris English

21 May 2016

First of all I’d just like to say what a complete joke those clowns from the UAF really are! Yet again we’ve had threats to stop us. Yet again we have had threats of violence made against us and yet again they have failed to stop us from marching through Coventry today! They can continue to waste police time and money trying to protect Muslim groomers, paedophiles and terrorists while the English Defence League continue with the job in hand, which is to give a voice to the silent majority of this country and to lead the counter-jihad fight against radical Islam!

We are here in Coventry today to lift the lid on what has been happening in this once proud Cathedral city and to give heart to the English people who feel forgotten and often intimidated into silence by the establishment, who are too busy appeasing and keeping the Muslim community happy!

Like in many areas across the country, Coventry is on the ever growing list of cities affected by the teachings of Mohammed, and many of our youth have been molested here by his loyal followers.

Police came close to pinning rape, assault and trafficking charges on 10 members of a gang in 2013 but after a huge investigation all charges were dropped. Convictions were recorderd for other offences though, which are often associated with Muslim grooming gangs. The convictions were for;

  • Witness intimidation
  • Drug offences
  • Breaching a suspended sentence
  • And assault

With convictions like this it’s obvious why the original charges were dropped. People are afraid of the backlash from the Muslim community if they dare speak out against what’s going on. Even as we speak, Muslim paedophile gangs are operating in Coventry and more of our English girls are being groomed and raped by Muslim men. More lives are being destroyed while the police and other authority’s continue to turn a blind eye. When the police do act, they fail to pin evidence on the perpetrators, thanks largely to a huge cover up from within the Muslim community. How else are these mass incidents of grooming, rape and trafficking going unnoticed?

As revealed by Trevor Phillips in Channel 4’s recent documentary on what British Muslims really think, 23 % of Muslims do not believe that their fellow Muslims should answer to English Law and instead should only be answerable to sharia law. 17% also believe that Muslims should lead separate lives away from mainstream Britain.

This is exactly why the Muslim community maintain a wall of silence when our girls are being groomed and raped. This is exactly why potential witnesses are intimidated and made to keep quiet with threats of violence. They do not want to see their fellow Muslims dealt with under man made English law.

With the Koran teaching that Muslims can take non-Muslim girls as sex slaves and the fact that their holy prophet Mohammed married a 6 year old girl and had sex with her when she was just nine years old, is it any wonder that these men feel that it’s OK to rape and abuse underage English girls here in Coventry? Under English law this would make Mohammed a pedophile but Islamic law makes him a hero!

Along with the obvious Muslim community cover up of grooming gangs, there is also a huge cover up from the police with these cases.  The West Midlands police chief inspector Sue Holder is on record as saying that protecting young people from harm is a West Midlands Police priority.  Are you sure about that inspector?

Is this the same West Midlands Police who were part of a huge investigation in 2015 when it emerged that they deliberately withheld information that up to 150 non-Muslim, predominantly white English girls were at huge risk of exploitation in 2010? Is this the same West Midlands Police force who decided that due to the predominant offender profile being Pakistani Muslim men that it was best to cover this up as they believed this would cause community tensions?
The report found that the victims were aged between 13 and 15, yet West Midlands Police chose to ignore these girls as they were more concerned about a public backlash than they were about saving the lives of 150 innocent victims!

It seems to me that the real priority here is to protect Muslim paedophile gangs while keeping the British public in the dark!  While our girls are being molested you felt it necessary to hide this due to a general election coming up thst year? Shame on you West Midlands Police!

Well I have a message for you – the English Defence League will not stand by and allow this cover up to happen. Our girls are not halal meat!

Coventry is also well and truly on the map of ISIS. In 2014, three teenage boys left Coventry to fight alongside ISIS in Syria. The family of one of the boys, Ali Kalantar, say that before he started attending the mosque, he was a normal A level student. He was only attending for 1 month before the Imam running the local Madrassa helped radicalise him and his mates into joining ISIS.

Despite denial form local Muslim leaders , sky news have discovered thousands of ISIS recruitment files earlier this year proving that these lads were radicalised in Coventry. With the Muslim population here at around 24 thousand as of a 2011 census, how many more are being radicalised across the 12 mosques in Coventry? What are West Midlands police doing to prevent this?

The chair of Coventry Muslim forum was quick to deny any links between the mosque and terrorism saying that if there are ‘’one or two incidents it doesn’t mean that Islam is to blame’’!

Well we strongly disagree! One incident is one too many! Remember it only takes a small number to cause carnage;

  • Just 4 Muslims killed 52 and injured over 700 in the july 7 bombings
  • Just 1 Muslim killed 38 people on a beach in Tunisia
  • Just 9 Muslims killed 130 and injured 368 in Paris
  • Just 3 Muslims killed 32 and injured over 300 in Brussels

The list continues!

How many more ‘’one or two incidents’’ need to happen before people wake up to what’s going on around them? How many more girls will raped?

While our police and government continue to appease Islam by turning a blind eye to Muslim paedophile gangs, Muslim terrorists and the blatant radicalisation and cover up from mosques and community leaders, there will only be more attacks on our people and will be more lives shattered and destroyed. We want to assure the silent majority of Coventry that the EDL are here to give you a voice and to fight your corner. Despite our weak politicians and our spineless police forces, The English Defence League will never ever surrender to militant Islam!

You may have noticed that there is one terror attack missing from the list I have just read out. Tomorrow marks the 3 year anniversary of the death of Drummer Lee Rigby who was brutally butchered on the streets of London on the 22nd May 2013. I would like to round off this speech by dedicating a minutes silence in memory of Lee Rigby. Please can we now respect a full minute silence for our fallen hero?

Thank you! I just want to finish by reiterating this message loud and clear to the people of Coventry.  Muslim groomers, Muslim paedophiles and anyone who supports them are not welcome on the streets of the English Defence League!

Thanks for listening,

Who’s Streets?!

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