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Written by Kinana and delivered by a member of the EDL to the rally in Bolton on Saturday 20 March 2010


Our fight is with those Muslims, and their allies, who would harm our society and exchange our current freedoms of democracy and liberties for the enslavement of the Sharia.

Our allies in this fight are all those who cherish freedom of speech, democracy, the right of assembly and the right to protest and bring grievances to the government of the day.

To the State and all the institutions of the State: the police, courts, civil service, military, government of the day, etc. we say: we hold you accountable and demand that you protect and defend these precious rights.

As a new and growing organization, the English Defence League has experienced a variety of reactions from the police, courts and local and national government bodies.

Despite our best efforts and without evidence, some media lazily resort to calling us Racist, bigoted, violent thugs.  Others expect a purity that could only possibly exist in a group that has existed far longer than we have.  Our shortcomings are being addressed by the leadership, for example, our increased use of stewards on our demonstrations.

Over the last nine months the police have responded in a mixed way also.  Some Forces have praised and protected our right to demonstrate and there has been a sense of cooperation which we seek to nurture.  But a low point was the arrest of members of the leadership of EDL just before the demonstration in Edinburgh on Feb 20th.  Before we were able to join in solidarity with the Scottish Defence League, EDL members were detained without cause and arrested for "incitement to cause a breach of the peace".


This intimidation by the police will not succeed!  Let the police carry through with the charge and defend their allegations in a court of law.  Our consciences are clear.  Our cause just.  To stand firm against the Islamisation of society is our duty.  The EDL will not cower from the exercise of our basic human rights. 


However, we agree on one point; we recognise that indeed ‘a breach of the peace’ has occurred.  It has occurred by those who call for Sharia and all its manifestations: for example, in the growth of Sharia courts throughout this land, in the imposition of halal foods in more and more eating places, in the call for the segregation of men and women and Muslims and non-Muslims in swimming pools and other public places, by the Muslim gangs who terrorise our neighbourhoods and in many prisons call the shots, etc., and with great cultural insensitivity and ignorance some Muslims have called for our Queen to embrace Islam!  All this and more is based on teachings found in the Qur'an which state that men are superior to women, Muslims are superior to non-Muslims, and non-Muslims are unclean.


But the greatest ‘breach of the peace’ by our enemies in this country occurred in London on 7 July 2005.  This murderous assault, inspired by the teachings of Islam, resulted in the death 52 people and 700 injuries.

Yes, we challenge the police to bring charges against us and prove that it is we, and not our enemies, who are inciting a breach of the peace.  We ask: What will the Government do about this breach of the peace which threatens to destroy our green and pleasant land?  The police forces in this country have choices to make.  For our part we have decided.  Our work is merely a response to, and exposes, the many breaches of peace committed by our enemies over many years. 

We challenge the State to intervene in this crisis on the side of British values and not be intimidated by political correctness, Saudi Arabian petrol dollars, or block-voting by Muslim refugees and immigrants imported by the Labour Party.

The many efforts to impose Sharia on the world has been going on for 1400 years, inspired by their leader Mohammed who has said: ‘I have been commanded to fight against people, till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah,…’ 

This push for Sharia will not go away; But neither will we.  No matter the difficulties, we will push back the forces of Sharia for as long as it takes.  

We will not submit!

Thank you for joining us in this struggle to preserve our precious heritage.

May God bless and guide our efforts,

God bless the Queen!


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Excellent speech Kinana
Nice one Kinana. Its such a shame that the PA systems used so far have fail to do it the justice it deserves. This should be resonating with a vast number in Dudley, if it can be heard that is :)


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