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Tommy Robinson at Cologne Germany

Pegida rally

09 January 2016

'We are accused of being right-wing.  What is right-wing about this demonstration?!  We are not right-wing we are just right!' 

(The speech below is Tommy's prepared speech.  He modified it slightly while speaking on the platform.  The context of this rally follows on from mass sexual assaults on women during a New Year's Eve celebration.  see:  )


This is a sad and angry time for all of us here.  I bring heartfelt greetings of sympathy and solidary from England to patriots of Germany.

In Dresden on 19 October I said 

‘Your current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, seems to be handing out the birth-right of German citizens like she is handing out candy to children.’

This is what Angela Merkel’s policies of befriending the invaders who masquerade as ‘poor immigrants’ have achieved.  This city will never forgive her for exposing our girls and women to the viscous barbarity of a people who follow Mohammed, the founder of Islam.  Islam permits the rape of women who are prisoners of war and under control of Muslims.  

In terms of theology and geography Islam divides the world in two.  In one half, there is the house of Islam or ‘the House of Peace’ as Muslims call it; and in the other half, there is the ‘House of War.’  

This latest mass assault makes it very clear where Germany is located in the minds of the many Muslims Ms Merkel have allowed into your country.  They are at war with your country, my country and with all of non-Muslim Europe.  Their targets, initially, are easy targets: our girls and women.  Some of the assailants have already identified themselves as Syrian ‘refugees.’  The greater proportion of Muslims in any country the greater will be their confidence to act as want toward non-Muslims.  The Sharia-pushers are here and their confidence is growing.

History will not forgive Ms Merkel for her traitorous policies resulting in the social and cultural destruction of a beautiful city and country. 

When Government losses control and can no longer defend its citizens and their property then people have a duty to protect themselves, particularly their women and children. 

That is what men do.  They protect their families.  They protect their communities and country.  This is the natural, God-given right and duty of men.

Those who promoted this assault are laughing at the men of Europe for allowing this to happen.  The countries where these assailants and rapists come from are laughing at Germany and every country in Europe, including my own country England, for allowing the mass rape gangs to flourish on our soil for years and years.

It is ludicrous to expect men from a different culture and religion to behave like normal civilised European men just because they cross a border.  Geography does not make a man a civilised human being.  There is nothing magical about crossing a border that will change someone.  Many come with frame of mind that does not fit into European traditions and cultures, as we have so clearly seen last week.

The mind-set they come with is one that is contrary to the prevailing one that is in Europe.  Their mind-set is of course Islam.  Their so-called holy book allows for more than one wife, and allows the husband to beat his wives should they even 'suspect disobedience.'

During a news program this week in the UK about the mass sexual assaults here in Cologne, the reporter said that there was going to be a 'right-wing demonstration' here on Saturday.  

We are accused of being right-wing.  What is right-wing about this demonstration?!  We are not right-wing we are just right! 

How dare the biased media elites call this demonstration ‘right-wing’, as if to do what is right is simple political posturing on our part?  It is the right thing to do to shout out about these assaults.  We have a right to work for a society in which this does not happen again.

Who dare imply that it is wrong to be here?  Who dare say that it is simply a ‘right-wing’ demonstration?

Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, said "What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chatrooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women."

So words on the internet are equally bad as physical assaults on women.

This is a man who has lost touch with reality.  I imagine he is good friends with Chancellor Merkel.  They both have a fantasy of what life is like without the close security protection they themselves receive from the State.

Those two politicians and their colleagues need to hear from the people of Germany loud and clear.  We will respond and not let the pain of our daughters, sisters and mothers be for nothing or forgotten.  Pegida will not forgive Merkel for what she has done to this country. 

We must unite and grow in confidence and strength because it is clear that most of our current political leaders are not up to the job of defending our people and countries.  Join us on 6 February under this banner:

Save our culture, save our country, save our future.  Unite to build a better future for our children!

God bless you all

Tommy Robinson

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Tommy's speech in Cologne


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