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Dresden 30 November 2015

Call for European demos on 6 February 2016


Hello Dresden!  Hello Pegida!  We meet again!

It is great to return to this beautiful city which is so full of promise for the future of Europe.  The weekly gatherings of Pegida are an inspiration and encouragement to the people of Europe.  When people look around and wonder what can be done they see this and that they also can do this.

Since my last visit I have been in discussions with other Pegida and patriot groups throughout Europe.  We agreed, and I have been authorised to make an important announcement today.  We are calling for and will plan the first European-wide series of demonstrations for 2016 on Saturday, 6 February.

Dresden and Germany was and still is an inspiration for this movement.  So it is appropriate to announce here this new unity for the saving of Europe.

Pegida and other patriot groups in solidarity with Pegida have agreed to demonstrate with one voice on 6 February.  The countries involved so far include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland; and also Australia.

We will unite in common cause and under one banner:

Save our culture, save our country, save our future.  Unite to build a better future for all of our children!

People throughout Europe and the world are inspired by the people of Dresden.  I too have been inspired.  You have re-ignited the ‘fire in my belly,’ and you have encouraged me to step back into this fight.

From within our own resources we call forth a European Union of ‘We the People.’  We do not rely on the politicians and bureaucrats who brought us into this situation in the first place.  They have brought Europe close to destruction.  They are responsible for it and many of them continue to act in a way that brings us closer to the edge. 

The carnage we saw in Paris on 13 November is just one extreme outcome of this politically directed transformation.  Who doubts that more carnage is on its way?  In Europe now there are thousands of jihadists, sharpening their swords, making ready their guns, their bombs, and planning the next attack.  Islam is never asleep to the possibility of terror.

We unite to oppose the Sharia-pushers, the murdering jihadists and the Islamification of all of our countries.  We want a Europe free from fear. 

  • free from terrorists who shout Allah u Akbar,
  • free from roaming Muslim rape gangs who target our young girls and women,
  • free from the dark shadows and visual scars of minarets,
  • free from the sounds of the ‘call to prayer’,
  • free from the genital mutilation of girls,
  • free from the Quranic sanction of wife beating,
  • free from Halal foods which are often imposed on us without our knowledge,
  • free from the covering of faces, and people who walk around our streets and refuse to integrate,
  • free from the constant push for special privileges in our communities,
  • free from death threats we all face for daring to speak out against the Quran and against Islam.

We must ask a simple question: why are we sowing the seeds of our own destruction; why are we importing millions of Muslims into Europe?

We must emphasise a few principles of our movement.  As long as I am involved in this movement and everyone here we are a movement that is free from Jew-hatred; a movement that is free from racism.  As to the charge of racism we ask: what race is Islam; what race are Muslims? 

We are also a movement that is non-violent.  And we will use all legal means to demand, and shout out with passion and urgency, that the State authorities respond to, and solve, the problems we are highlighting.

Last time I was here I said: ‘Every country has a right to defend itself;’ and of course, so too does every continent.  The European heritage is the envy of the world and is too precious to see it destroyed right before our eyes and within our own life time.  But one country in Europe cannot stand alone and win.  Our connections by geography, history and culture, urge us to work together on this crisis.

The Sharia-pushers and jihadists amongst us are increasing in numbers and confidence.  They must, and can, be matched by an overwhelming number of people who are awake to the dangers of Islam and committed to the defence of traditional values of Europe.

Wherever you are reading or hearing this message, in whatever country you are in, I am speaking to you.  I urge you to join with your national group, join your people and stand with us.

Time is running. But let us make 2016 the year that will be remembered in Europe for turning the tide against an ideology and a people who seek our utter destruction and enslavement.

Spread the word, be safe, and prepare for 6 February!

In solidarity,

God bless you all -- England prepare too!

God bless

Tommy Robinson

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Tommy starts his speech at 14:34

Thursday 03 Dec 2015

Tommy Robinson is back – but what’s changed?

Pegida to relaunch in Britain under ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson returned to Dresden tonight and gave a speech that also served as an announcement of a Europe-wide movement to resist Islamization. The new transnational alliance is planning simultaneous demonstrations in a number of countries on February 6, 2016.

The video below shows Tommy speaking, with pauses to allow Lutz Bachmann to read the same text in German. According to the notes accompanying the video, the two men were speaking to an estimated 25,000 people who had gathered in Theater Square on a rainy Monday evening for the weekly PEGIDA rally in Dresden:

In 2015, Tommy Robinson, former leader of the far-right English Defence League, was scheduled to give a speech at the University of Edinburgh. His appearance was cancelled, however, after he gave a speech to an anti-Islam rally in Germany, spewing hate toward immigrants in a very white nationalist fashion.

When The Tab published this under the headline ‘But who wants to listen to Tommy Robinson anyway?’, comments on the post were in agreement that Edinburgh was limiting free speech, and that many people wanted to go see Tommy Robinson speak.

Maybe he should have been allowed to come because students want to hear him. But we should also let many other people come to the university to speak. We should hear the stories of refugees, have experts come to talk to us about white fragility, and have speakers showing love to marginalised groups. We forget that the best and most effective way to stop hate is to out the haters, and drown their voices with our own.


Freedom of speech for speakers you agree with.

We do not want to upset those university students now do we. 

Plus, you can tell that those students really understood what the speech was about, as they are so clever.

The cretin also wrote this:

  • Banning certain speakers can just make these people feel even more entitled to whine about nothing. Drowning out their hate, making them scared to take off their hoods, is what must be done in the long run, so let’s make a better effort at our institutions of higher learning.

So he's talking about antifa? Fascist! 

Or is he talking about Muslims? Wacist!


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