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Tommy Robinson in Prague, Czechia (aka Czech Republic)

A rally against Islam, 28 September 2016

[Below is the message Tommy prepared for this occasion. The video may be slightly different due to unforeseen circumstances.]

Hello Prague, hello Czechia, and greetings from England!

One of your old social media pages was entitled "We do not want Islam in the Czech Republic." Well, we do not want Islam in England either!

I want Islam to lose its power over people and disappear in history in the same way as the mythical Greek and Roman gods.  

It is our human right to disagree with ideas and express ourselves.  And we shall not be deterred from doing so.

Since the time of Mohammed, Islam has had Europe in its sights.

Through the recent invasion of so-called refugees, they are trying again to conquer that which they cannot build for themselves.

Though Europe is not perfect, and much is yet to be done, it is the origin of Western civilisation and the envy of the world.

I applaud your movement in defence of your country. I am sure Úsvit will continue to play a crucial role. It will have a domino effect throughout Europe.

In many ways you are on the front line in this crisis and we look to you for guidance and inspiration.

The resistance is growing! To love your country is commendable and worthy of praise.

You will have heard that in June my country has voted to leave the European Union. But I assure you that in our hearts we are not leaving Europe or Europeans! On the contrary we are preserving what is best in Europe.

However, the EU, as a political entity, has proven itself to be a facilitator of the destruction of all that is good in each of our countries.

Only just last month, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said: ‘Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.’

It must be clear to everyone now: Juncker and the EU want to destroy national identity and values.

Our vote to leave the EU was a vote against Islam and for regaining control of our own borders, economy, and laws, for our own benefit.

As any proud and mature nation should, we will soon take responsibility for our own destiny.

This vote was our way to stand up to the traitorous bureaucrats in Brussels. And whatever way your beautiful country decides to defend itself please know that we remain in solidarity.

For Islam is our common enemy.

It is an international force dedicated to the destruction of ALL traditional values that we hold dear and want to pass onto our children; values of religion, history, culture, law and art.

The Sharia-pushers have no other agenda but destruction and domination.

Whether they use our own tolerance and democratic processes against us, or they use violent, murderous jihad, ALL Muslims are encouraged to work for the rule of Allah alone, and the political supremacy of Islam in every country.

And if you are a non-Muslim it will be: ‘Get to the back of the bus mate.’

But we can stop this if we remember, and are proud of, who we are and the many sacrifices of those who have gone before us.

In all demonstrations I have participated in, the political elites, the Leftists, Muslim organizations, and many in the Media accuse us of promoting division within the community.

But by its very nature, Islam is the great divider.

And it needs to be said: we do not promote racism or violence of any kind. I have been clear from the beginning that we are a movement that is resolutely free from Jew-hatred and racism.

Throughout Europe, we need only one banner: save our culture, save our country, save our future.

If we the people lead, the politicians will follow.

Do not doubt the rightness of your cause. Your children will thank you for your efforts.

God bless you.

Tommy Robinson

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