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[On the day, Tommy was too ill to deliver this speech.  Kevin Carroll did the honours instead.]

Merry Christmas Pegida!  It is good to be invited back to join your final demonstration for 2018.

Next year we will continue to push back against the Globalists and those who hate patriots and plan our destruction; they are found in places like the United Nations, the bureaucrats in Brussels, to Macron in France, Theresa May in the UK, and Angela Merkel here in Germany

They hate us because they hate ordinary people who have a love of their country; and yet this love of country is the best way to ensure peace, prosperity, and security.

Their policies of immigration – particularly Muslim immigrants - have facilitated just the opposite of peace, prosperity, and security.

The sad but stark reality is this: Because it is Christmas time – it is time for Muslims to attack and kill Christians.

The hatred of non-Muslims, which is endemic in Islam, seems to bubble to the surface during times of religious festivals.  Christmas proclaims Jesus as Lord, and celebrates the incarnation of God.  The idea that God became a human being is haram and a lie in Islam.  This message is offensive to all Muslims.

Terrorism is the gift which some of the devout Muslims living among us want to give us. 

Bullying and terrorism is the hallmark of Islam.

We see many examples of this.  From demands for the segregation of men and women in public venues all the way to the use of knives, guns and trucks to kill Christmas shoppers.

ISIS has called on lone-wolf militants to carry out atrocities at Christmas markets in the UK, Germany and France.  These lone-wolf attacks give security services an excuse to say that there is no conspiracy; that there is no larger organisational or material support; the make-believe theory is that so called lone-wolf terrorists are acting without support of other Muslims.

On the contrary all jihadists know they are supported by the Umma, the international Muslim community and their book of war called the Quran; they are also emulating the example of their leader Mohammed.  They follow a 1400 year tradition of imposing the Sharia on non-Muslims through domination, slavery and murder.

Indeed, Islam is an international conspiracy against our traditional beliefs and way of life.

The Sharia-pushers require that Christians and all non-Muslims submit to the rule of Muslims.  Just look up Quran 9:29.  The choices offered to us are conversion, slavery or war.  For Muslims, to live amongst us and not rule us is a constant irritation to them.  There are two ways for them to scratch this itch.

The first way is to have some patience and wait until they topple us by sheer numbers, either by invasion/immigration or increased birth rate.  These people believe that demography is destiny; and they are right - unless we stop them.

The second way is to impose the Sharia on us by violence.  Contemplate for a second that living among us are terrorists who have been invited into our neighbourhoods by our ignorant and globalist leaders.  What should we actually call these leaders?

The invaders are welcomed here and given every means of support but gratitude is not part of their vocabulary, true integration is not part of their agenda because Islam teaches them the exact opposite.  They are destined to rule and that is it.

The world knows the sense of guilt felt by Germans due to wars of the last century -- but that is the past.  I plead with you to break asunder those shackles!  In the same way that I say, do not submit to Islam, I also say: do not submit to your leaders who tell you that open borders and open coffers for invaders will make up for past sins.

In order to preserve what is good and wholesome in Germany do not allow into your country those who would destroy it all.  Some things are irreversible.  There will be no future recovery from some mistakes that your Nation makes today. 

And as Germany is strongest country in continental Europe, be aware that by saving your country you will also save Europe.

Let us note some progress.  You and Pegida have started a conversation and political movement unlike any before in Germany.  On 21 October 2018 I said:

By this time next year, because of a future that you will forge, we will only talk about Angela Merkel as a matter of history, as the former Chancellor.

On 29 October, she announced that she would step down as leader of the Christian Democratic Union.  And last week she did just that.  Pat yourselves on the back!  There is more good news to come in 2019 and you will make it happen!

I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas.

God bless Deutschland, God bless Dresden, and God bless Pegida!

Tommy Robinson

16 December 2018

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Nice, succinct and to the point.


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