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The nazi ghost from Germany

Posted by SIOE admin on March 28, 2012

In the last week SIAD, SIOE and Anders Gravers has been attacked by a person from the organisation Pax Europa. It is not first time that SIOE has been attacked by a person from Pax Europa. First time it was Udo Ulfkotte who on Belgian TV cancelled an international SIOE demonstration in Bruxelles without informing the SIOE leadership. The demonstration never became as big as planned because of Udo Ulfkotte’s treason.

Now a big international demonstration is planned in Århus, Denmark organised by DDL (Danish Defence League) and just a little more than a week before the demonstration is taking place another Pax Europa guy is trying to destroy this international demonstration. His name is Norbert Gehrig. He has got information from a net-newspaper that allows bloggers to put up posts on their own blog on the newspaper. Norbert Gehrig has found an article from the far-left intelligence group called Redox that tries to connect us with different persons and tells lies about them. The blog post is from 2009 and they have tried to spread it all over to different newspapers blogs and fora. The group who has spread the lies is now under charge for murder attempt, fire attack on the Danish Police Intelligence’ data-central, threats, violence and hacking. Nice people mr. Norbert Gehrig trust and refer to.

If there had been any meat on this story SIAD and Anders Gravers would have been slaughtered publicly by the Danish media who will grab any chance to destroy the group and its leader. But not one newspaper, radio or TV has brought the story because it is extreme leftwing propaganda. We will now bring some pictures that say it all.

Anders Gravers attacked by nazies in Aalborg at a SIAD demonstration. They tried to spoil the demonstration by raising a nazi-flag. Anders Gravers stepped on the flag and got attacked by the nazies

Anders Gravers after the nazis have attcked him. The nazis have joined AntiFa and the muslims and are now screaming: "dirty jew pig" and "we wanna see Anders with crutches".

SIAD guard demonized as a nazi and beaten with iron bars in a vicious ambush by the new times real nazies - AFA

73 years old SIAD member demonized as a nazi by our time's real nazies - AFA. Two men with hoods ran after her and beat her down with an iron bar in a parking garage

Young SIAD member demonized as a nazi and hit in her head of a filled soda bottle thrown by our time's nazies - AFA.

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So we are attacked by the leftwards, because we are nazis :-) We are attacked by nazis because we opposes them and support Israel.

I wish Anders would get a bit more organized with his site, as we can see above, it is a bit of mess,


The next three images are from an earlier attack in 2007 here

FROM SIAD’s website:

The undemocratic forces working together – the Nazis, Communists and Muslims together.
To SIAD and SIOEs demonstration against the mosque in Aalborg and genital mutilation was Anders Gravers field demonstration was initiated attacked by Nazis.

A group of 8-9 pieces seemed as if they were a part of the demonstration but suddenly they tried to raise a Nazi banner. Anders Gravers so the flag that was before they came to fold it out and swung his feet up over the banner, so it was trampled and was then attacked by the Nazis shouting “Zionist pig”. Battle did not develop further when Siad security men got control of the situation and the police detained the three most violent Nazis.

This was the first time we saw all three anti-democratic ideologies work together in Denmark.

Antifa, like the Nazis prepared to raw violence. They had filed a charge iron pipes in a backyard, but Siad security could tell police where they could get weapons. So it was only yelling and screaming when SIOE and SIAD passed the mosque. The Muslims were hanging out the windows in the mosque in several layers as SIAD and SIOE delivered their battle cry: “No mosques in our streets.” “No genital mutilation in our country.” Those who advocate genital mutilation to be out of our country.”

As the demonstration moved away from Frederick’s Square and up the bell-founder Street, jumped the Nazis in front of the demonstration and tried to grab Anders Gravers, but were again pushed to the wall and the demonstration continued up to its end point.

At Frederick’s Square so we say so for the first time all three totalitarian forces in Denmark work together against SIAD and SIOE and democracy. Muslims Antifa (Communists) and the Nazis stood almost hand in hand, shouted slogans and threats after the demonstration.
It was a demonstration which obtained it would, focusing on the mosque and genital mutilation, and we can now see that there are politicians like the radical Councillor Daniel Nyboe Andersen, who advocate genital mutilation. He had referred to an organized counter-demonstrations against those who oppose genital mutilation and the simple logic may indeed be so that he is in favor of genital mutilation.

After the demonstration ran a few hundred Muslims and the Antifa around Cape Town and was looking for demonstration participants, but so far as is known they did not grab anyone. To police the benefit must be said they were good at helping demonstration participants safely from site. It is obviously necessary in today’s Denmark with the totalitarian forces advance as not tolerate democracy and freedom and are prepared to resort to violence to stop the free vote.


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