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With the story of one of these unicorns opening in Cape Town, and another in Paris a couple of years ago, it sounds like it might be a reform movement sweeping across muslims in the West.  Not so.  It seems they may be the work of one man.

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed opened a "secretive" gay-friendly mosque in Paris two years ago.  Inside a buddhist centre.  And the location is kept secret to stop it being attacked by muslims.

Zahed has moved to Cape Town to live with his husband, commenting that life is less stressful for him there than in Paris.  I wonder where that stress was coming from in Paris?  From other muslims who want to kill him, perhaps?

Last week a gay-friendly mosque in Cape Town.  It has now been closed down.

Whether or not the Paris "gay friendly" mosque is still open is another matter.  Considering it is effectively a covert prayer-room inside an unnamed buddhist centre makes one question in what sense it is "open".

The media are happy to describe Zahed as a "renowned scholar", when he is nothing of the sort (he's certainly not any islamic scholar recognised by musilms).  The media also describe him as an "imam", but it is almost certain that he is no more than the imam of one of these "mosques" he has opened.  The media act as if being an imam required qualifications, when in islam any one can be an imam: there is no priesthood, no training.

If Zahed is an imam of some typical mosque, they never state where this mosque is.  Considering that the ex-imam associated with Quilliam was forced to leave the mosque where he worked (a scientist who tentatively stated that evolution might be consonant with islam), it seems certain that Zahed could never be an imam in a typical mosque and be propounding equality for gay people.

The Libtards seem to think that if they keep on prattling their delusions/deceits, then reality will start to conform to their fantasies.

Taj Hargey was also involved with this "open mosque" in Cape Town.  He's received death threats because of it.

Of course, the media had fairly prominent stories about the "gay friendly mosque opening in Cape Town".  They are largely ignoring that it has been closed down within a week.

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Yes Joe its the Libtards promoting their moderate fantasy version of Islam. While the West has achieved what might be called sexual tolerance and freedom, Islam is unlikely to do so. Our principles require us to tolerate Muslims but they do not tolerate us. Homosexuality exists of course in Muslim countries, but admitting it will get you killed.

And not only in Muslim countries, Muslim gays are a legitimate target in free countries, along with the apostates, jews, critics of Islam, and now just about anyone, (people sitting at home watching TV are likely to suffer decapitation).

I'll believe the Quilliams when they renounce Islam and stop calling themselves Muslims.


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