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You have to read this article carefully to uncover what has really gone on.

  1. English is the 2nd language in the school.  So English schoolgirls are understandably doing badly.  Were their parents asked about the subjugation of their native language to a foreign one?  (And one that has little commercial value, unlike German or Mandarin, at that).
  2. The majority of the pupils are Muslim, and have no respect for the staff and headmistress.  Does that derive perhaps, from the fact that she's a dumb Kafir, the lowest of creatures?  Does it derive from her being an equal ranked piece of property, and true authority only comes from the female's owners, the men?
  3. The headmistress looks like a complete idiot, and is definitely a complete failure.  Is she perhaps, clinging like a drowning woman to the mantras of multi-cultural tolerance and political correctness, even when they are failing in front of her very eyes?

It took an Ofsted investigation with 3 inspectors to bring this travesty to account.  One wonders how many years it has been going on, and those schoolgirls suffering, in order to flatter the conceit of the Fascist Left.


Head suspended as 'dangerous' pupils run riot

A headmistress has been suspended after her girls school was branded a "real life St Trinian's" at which unruly pupils engaged in mass brawls, smoked and played truant.

Mrs Thain, who had been in post for four years, will remain off work pending an investigation by the school governors.
Mrs Thain, who had been in post for four years, will remain off work pending an investigation by the school governors.  Photo: ANTHONY MOSS/CAVENDISH PRESS

Amanda Thain, 54, was sent home on full pay from her £60,000 a year job after a damning report warned that a core group of students had become so “disruptive and dangerous" that others felt unsafe.

A snap Ofsted inspection found there had been a "rapid deterioration" in behaviour within just a few months and that reports of fighting, swearing, smoking and truancy went unchecked.

One girl was thrown out of class more than 80 times, others were sent out 30 times and there was a race-fuelled mass brawl between two gangs.

One large group of girls gathered in the playground only dispersed once a police officer had been called to stand amongst them.

Inspectors found there had been eight expulsions in less than a year at the 924 pupil Levenshulme High School for Girls in Manchester, where the motto is: "More Opportunities to Succeed."

The investigation, which was carried out after a complaint from a parent, came after the school announced plans it was spending £220,000 buying iPads for every pupil to help with homework and "engage" with teachers.

Earlier this year, Mrs Thain had been praised by council bosses by saving the local library from closure by offering to use it for the part of each day as a "'satellite school" for youngsters who need extra teaching – and pay for the upkeep.

However, the school has now been placed in special measures after the sudden surge in bad behaviour led parents to compare it to St Trinian's, the fictional girls' boarding school originally created by cartoonist Ronald Searle in the 1940s which later became the subject of several films.

Ofsted gave it the lowest Grade 4 rating and branded it "inadequate" and "requiring improvement."

One parent said: "We're absolutely astounded at what happened to Levenshulme because until recently it had been doing so well. It had got good grades in previous Ofsted reports and for all intents and purposes looked as if it was improving all the time.

"But something has gone wrong and now it's like something out of the St Trinian's movies. We've heard all sorts of reports of small group girls running wild at the school and it’s impacted on everybody else.

"Some of the youngsters said they didn't even fell safe going there any more. No one knows how it has got to this. Maybe the head has simply taken her eye off the ball."

Ofsted called the unannounced inspection on July 3. Three inspectors spoke to 100 girls and observed lessons and break times.

Its report said: “A core group of students has disengaged from their education and show no respect for teachers or their fellow students.

"They cause widespread disruption to learning and an unsafe learning environment resulting in eight permanent exclusions in the academic year to date.

"Many students feel unsafe in school due to a wide variety of intolerable behaviours including, fighting, congestion and pushing on the stairs, teachers leaving classes unattended, teachers behaving aggressively towards students; and food and drinks being thrown.

"The majority of students behaved well in front of inspectors. Other students were observed at lunchtime, throwing drinks, congregating in a big group, swearing, talking and filming on mobile phones.

Levenshulme High School for Girls in Manchester. (ANTHONY MOSS)

The report said most senior leaders at the school were “unaware” of the scale of the bullying and had "an over generous" view of the quality of teaching due to inaccurate feedback from staff.

Inspectors also warned white British girls were "underachieving" at the school, where pupils are predominantly Pakistani and speak English as a second language.

Mrs Thain, who had been in post for four years, will remain off work pending an investigation by the school governors.

In a recent message to parents she said: "Our school is characterised by high expectations for both achievement and behaviour and our expectations of the quality of teaching in the classroom are as high as our expectations of our students' work."

Patsy Kane, the head teacher at neighbouring Whalley Range High who has been appointed executive head at Levenshulme, said: "A thorough review has been carried out of the school's behaviour and safeguarding policies.

"These have been updated, clarified and strengthened and all staff have been given additional training in safeguarding. Nobody will be in any doubt about the standards of behaviour which are expected from them. They will also know who to speak to if they do have any concerns and can be reassured that these will be dealt with appropriately.

"We are committed to listening to students, having already sought their views, and will be carrying out online surveys on a regular basis to ensure things have improved."

John Edwards, Manchester council's director of education and skills, said: "Swift and decisive measures were taken as soon as the failures came to light.

"We are working with the governing body to ensure that strengthened and robust governance is in place to help the school move forwards."

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"We are committed to listening to students, having already sought their views, and will be carrying out online surveys on a regular basis to ensure things have improved."

If its necessary to consult with students (they mean pupils) to know how the school should be organised, why did they go to University / Teacher Training College?  What did they learn there, if they, even now, don't know how to organise a school with discipline and character training?

God help us from these people.

Comment by Paul Collings

It won't matter what they do. If Labour or a lib/lab coalition is running Britian/England wales, or whatever this Island becomes in a couple of years, it will all get over turned.

Although I don't think kids will be little shits if socialism really takes hold of Europe. I bet no one mis behaved in a Russian school. And if we end up with a more Islamised country, girls will be lucky to get an Education.

As you say, if no one from the education authority knows  how to run a School, may as well pack it in now.

I had friends living in Levenshulme in the early 1980s.  Last time I was there I was astonished to see how it had declined. It was nothing but muslims, betting shops, takeaways, pawn shops.  But it's not just Levenshulme, this story indicates how most urban schools are fighting a losing battle to not decline into chaos and violence.

A teacher friend was telling me yesterday, that vast numbers of newly-qualified teachers leave the job within 3 years.  Most of the people I knew who trained as teachers got out of the job asap, usually within 3 years.  These were all politically-correct people, who will repeat the lies of PC and multiculturalism.  If they can't stand it when they are "true believers", how could anyone who is critical of PC/MC or the way schools are run ever persist and thrive and bring about change in such environments?

It's no surprise to me, that PC lefties go out of their way to get their kids into schools with the best reputations. All my friends who live in Walthamstow (all of them politically correct), have got their kids into schools as far away as Edmonton and Woodford.  One even went so far as to claim jewish ancestry from one side of her family to get her child into a jewish school in another area.  My friend had never been to a synagogue in her life: her kids are wearing yamulkas to school, when they had never worn them before in their lives or even knew what they were before they went to that school.  Yet they all believe in and advocate PC/MC, even when their very actions show they know that it has led to a situation where they don't even want their own kids to go to their local schools.

I would bet that less than 10% of schools in most urban areas are what we would recognise as schools.  My local school in London was run like a prison camp.  Just before I left London, I saw the school plant 12 foot trees all round the perimeter. The perimeter was already surrounded by 10 foot high pointed railings. I presume that drugs/violence were going on, so the school decided they needed to conceal students from other criminals who would visit the school. I also noticed in the last 10 years, that outside every school in that area at 3pm, there would be police cars parked outside the school.  And this was an area of London where I felt far, far safer at night than many other areas.  I can only imagine things are much worse in those areas. I don't remember ever seeing a police car outside a school when I was a teenager (and I went to a rough school).

As we've seen with Kids Company, grooming gangs, etc. schools/unions/government/media are very good at concealing what is going on, even when it's been reported that at KC drugs were openly being sold/taken outside the "charity".


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