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The document is called Draft Preliminary Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on Slavery of the United Nations 1951.  The report is 122 pages long, and I have a photocopy of it.  No authorship is stated, nor is the membership of the Committee of Experts given. The Report contains 7 pages devoted to slavery in Arabia.

Section 136 (p. 83) states that it is estimated that in 1950 5% of the entire population of Arabia were slaves.  The report talks up the "relative humaneness" of slavery under islam.  The report was clearly written by an arabic speaker (some arabic quotes are avowedly translated by some writer[s] of the Report). It is clear that muslim states were still trading in slaves, and capturing slaves, right through the 1940s.  The only impediment to the 1400 years of slave-taking and slave-trading was coming from the pressure and control of european countries.

The Report claims that Mohammed was opposed to slavery and never took slaves himself.  "The founder of islam...was clearly a resolute opponent of slavery, is held to have had no slaves himself..." (§124; p.77)  Clearly the Report authors had either never read Ibn Ishaq, or were knowingly engaged in propagandising a sanitised version of the biography of Mohammed.  Yet they state that under islamic law slavery is not prohibited. It is clear from the history of islam, from the Sira, and from books on sharia law that not only is slavery "not prohibited", but slave-taking is explicitly permitted.

The Report claims that if muslims had followed the true version of islam, then slavery would not have existed in islamic countries throughout the preceding 14 centuries.  They are clearly purporting that slavery is anti-islamic.  Yet Sultan Tabandeh's Commentary on the UN Declaration (1967) states the opposite.

The Muslim World Congress was a construction of the League of Nations.  In their first meeting in Mecca in 1926, the Report claims that the MWC "adopted a resolution denouncing slavery" (§126; p.78)  It is clear that this version of "enlightened islam" is a western construct.  The only soverign state with a majority muslim populations in the League of Nations in 1926 was Persia.  All other majority muslim countries which were members were colonies of european countries.

The Report quotes from a book of a traveller in Saudi Arabia and Yemen from 1934, where the author states that slaves are bred in those countries like cattle, so that their children can be sold in slave markets.  The book was published in 1934 (p.80)

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I just hope more people learn about this topic.

The stories of 10 people freed from slavery in the Sudan.  How do those hypocrites in anti-slavery/anti-apartheid movement sleep??

Here is the key section from Sultan Tabandeh's A Muslim Commentary on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, 1967.  It is clear from this why the Cairo Declaration had to put sharia law above the criminalisation of slavery.

It is clear that, should conditions change (i.e. there is a new Caliph, jihad is declared) then muslims will have no trouble with re-instituting slavery.  Since we have 20 or so muslim organisations in Britain which support the re-introduction of the Caliphate, then we should look on that as our country having 20 muslim organisations that support the re-introduction of the enslavement of non-muslims.

I'm attaching the full scan of the 2 pages from which that section comes.


So here we are, less than 65 years after the UN report on slavery concluded that slavery was part of islam, and the UN is forced by the acts of devout muslims to talk about them taking women as slaves and raping them.

Women and Teens Suffer 'Barbaric Rape' by Islamic State Fighters

Two U.N. officials say they’ve received accounts of “barbaric acts” of sexual violence including “savage rapes” being used as weapons of war against women and teenage girls and boys belonging to the Yazidi, Christian, Turkomen and Shabak minority groups in Iraq. As many as 1,500 Yazidis and Christians may have been forced into sex slavery and human trafficking, the UN reports.

Note that the UN says the devout muslims are raping boys too.

It transpires that in 1931 & 1932 the League of Nations was already discussing the need for an international end to slavery.

I can't find the original report yet (they allude to it in the Annex to the above report).  In the above report, the Italian delegate comments on a recent treaty with an Arab state, and how slavery was legal there.  No other legal jurisdiction is mentioned where slavery is legal, except the unnamed Arab country.

The British delegate comments that it was Britain who was responsible for initiating a 1926 convention against slavery.  Of course, it was the racist, imperialist Britain that should oppose slavery; not one of those superior Islamic countries.

SOAS has a copy of the 1931 report.


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