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Kuffarphobia in Spain


Kuffarphobia in Spain

Para todos aquellos que luchan por España -

Un Pais, Un Idioma y Una Ley para todos.

For all those who would fight for Spain -

One Land, One language and One law for all.

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Sami Aldeeb

The residents of the town of Salt protest against Islamist terror backed by the leftist town council

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The expulsion of muslims from Spain.

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The myth of an Islamic Andalusian paradise

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Comentario por John Sobieski el enero 29, 2011 a las 7:36pm

Hi Alan - just picked up the video - most scrapes in spain are settled with knives - standard practice. Spanish rarely fight but when they do they mean it.

Love the video - great martial artist - great spirit - good job he had the knife - he would have been dead or disabled for sure.

Great stuff - anybody that witters on about knife crime have never been in that situation. I would have been looking for a gun!!!

I would have thought that 50 to 1 would have been mitigating circumstances but since we've had that left wing Zapetero the boy was lucky he didn't get hanged. Left wing governments are so anti the people - strange that!!

Thanks for the link.


John Sobieski

Comentario por Indoeuropean el octubre 26, 2010 a las 9:12pm
Dear Alan, you're very kind, as usual! I understand what you mean. Seeing the Boy I just remembered some Russians (Army) and some Balkans (Immigrants), that attacked unarmed People, therefore I feared the Boy on the Train was one of them, one like them. It is very good, that you go forward explaining (me), which DIFFERENCE is there between a Criminal/Thug and a ... Samurai ...; we have anyway to cope with the Problem in a modern and democratic Way, this means, politically. Otherwise we will have a civil War (with Knives and worst) - I'm personally not ready to it, and I would spare it to our Kids. Dear Alan, I send you kindest Regards. A beautiful Life to you.
Comentario por Alan Lake el octubre 26, 2010 a las 3:26pm
Ahh yes, it could be seen that way couldn't it? Good point. Actually there are many other interesting aspects to that video though. For example, if you were holding a knife or even a gun or even a submachine gun, I'm sure you would be terrified of 50 people and would end up succumbing to their attack. But far from beeing terrified, he was actively moving up and down the carriage, outflanking them, attacking them, etc. He is not a normal fighter, and he's definately not a cheap street thug with a knife - and of course, I would have all those street thugs put away.

The second interesting aspect is that he is now in prison, apparently. According to what frame of reference was his defence unreasonable? They still attacked him even after he'd showed the weapon and that he's prepared to use it, so without defending himself its clear that he would have been severely beaten and possibly killed by that 50-against-1 cowardly mob.

So the court apparently believes that if you are attacked by a 50-strong mob, your choices are then either:
(a) let them kill you or possibly cripple/blind you for life, or
(b) go to prison (after defending yourself)

What we need to do is have a recreation of that scene in the courtroom, and each judge (or juror) has to undergo that attack before coming to a decision about what is a "reasonable" course of action in such circumstances.

Its lovely talking with you as always, Indo :-)
Comentario por Indoeuropean el octubre 26, 2010 a las 6:51am
Sorry Alan, but I won't encourage People to use Knives. Do you know why? We do already have a quite huge Load of ... Immigrants ... who are used to such "Things", and are actually (usually) quite agressive, and even dangerous. They consider themselves the best Example of their Nation/Culture (which is, by the way, not ours). Thank you for informing us about Miyamoto Musashi: interesting! I did not know about him. I think there is an enormous Difference between him and most of "Knivers" (those who uses Knives nowadays). Best Regards and all the Best.
Comentario por Alan Lake el octubre 26, 2010 a las 4:21am
One Nationalist v. 50 AFA Thugs - and the Nationalist Wins!
This man is a veritable Miyamoto Musashi of the modern world.

Comentario por Indoeuropean el marzo 21, 2010 a las 8:35am

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