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Kuffarphobia in Sweden


Kuffarphobia in Sweden

Att organisera kampen för medborgerliga rättigheter och sekulär lag i Sverige

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Swedish woman gang raped until she is disabled by Afghan refugees.This is how asylum seekers reward those that try help them.


Sweden: Death by Immigration

Startad av Herman Van Keer. Senaste svar av Alan Lake 9 Jan. 1 Svar

Sweden Descends into Anarchy

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av Alan Lake Aug 30, 2022. 7 Svar

Sweden - the Nation with No Voice

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av Joe Mar 1, 2021. 5 Svar

Will Someone fight back?

Startad av Indoeuropean. Senaste svar av paul collings Jul 21, 2017. 2 Svar

Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av paul collings Mar 12, 2017. 2 Svar

On- The Muslim Brotherhood Of Sweden. Magnus Norell.

Startad av Philip Smeeton. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Jul 10, 2016. 1 Svar


Startad av OldWarDog. Senaste svar av Alan Lake Mar 21, 2016. 6 Svar

Sweden's suicide

Startad av Herman Van Keer. Senaste svar av Antony Jan 22, 2016. 1 Svar

Protecting a you girl, boy murdered by rapefugee

Startad av Herman Van Keer Jan 20, 2016. 0 Svar

Sweden's lie "refugee children"

Startad av Herman Van Keer. Senaste svar av Herman Van Keer Jan 20, 2016. 1 Svar

Julia Caesar in English

Startad av Oscar Friberg. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Okt 6, 2015. 3 Svar

Kuffarphobes target Lars Vilks

Startad av paul collings. Senaste svar av paul collings Sep 5, 2013. 12 Svar

They should be Hung.

Startad av shiva Jul 3, 2012. 0 Svar



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Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 8 Maj 2023 kl. 9.05

Pathetic Swedes.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 8 Maj 2023 kl. 1.26

Syrian migrant who tortured pregnant girlfriend will not be deported after court reverses ruling

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 8 Maj 2023 kl. 1.25

After 9-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Luna was strangled into a coma by Ethiopian migrant teen, her family faces a 'black hole' with 'no bottom'

Kommentar av Antony den 8 Februari 2023 kl. 15.03

Sweden focuses on NATO as economy, law and order declines ;

Kommentar av Antony den 30 Januari 2023 kl. 13.39

Koran burning in Sweden - they should do the same thing in Finland ! ;

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 21 September 2022 kl. 14.20

A young Iranian woman living in Norway said ,with regard to a woman recently being beaten to death by the morality police in Iran, for wearing her hijab incorrectly, that the Norwegian government and feminists betrayed abused muslim women by not protesting strongly enough,

She said they were afraid to criticize Islam for fear of increasing racism against Muslims.

(If there is racism against Muslims in Norway it is well hidden I seldom hear of it).

The point is that the politicians are terrified of Islam, because if they react there will be terror on the streets of Oslo and massive protests against Norway across the entire Muslim world. As happened when Mohammed cartoons were published in a minor Christian newspaper.

Kommentar av Kinana den 20 September 2022 kl. 17.19

I share one of the comments from this site:

Wilfred Davis
5 days ago
Reply to Ian Barton
"The blatant disregard of links between immigration and crime data in countries such as the U.K. can only backfire."

In Sweden, it’s more than just disregard. Researchers publishing factual statistics on the correlation between immigrants and crime (such as rape) can face prosecution. If I recall correctly, several years ago someone actually received a criminal conviction for doing this.

Saying something factually true, but contrary to the official narrative, can literally make you a criminal. How can any society prosper under such conditions?

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 17 September 2022 kl. 10.27
The Sweden Democrats have been rendered to a toothless watchdog. They will be outvoted on every single one of their issues.
They have been excluded from government.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 16 September 2022 kl. 12.10
Swedish election: what we know so far about the influence the nationalist right will have in the new government
Published: September 15, 2022 4.46pm BST
alian elections later this month are expected to deliver perhaps the most emphatic victory for a European far-right party: The Brothers of Italy, which draws its origins from Italy’s neofascist movement, is currently leading in the polls and its leader, the charismatic Giorgia Meloni, is poised to be become prime minister with the backing of a number of other right-wing parties.

Akesson doesn’t have the political alliances that Meloni does but shares an antipathy toward migration, Islam and the spectral “globalist” establishment that far-right campaigners across the West have harnessed in their bids for power. “They don’t include Islam in Swedishness,” said Andrej Kokkonen, a professor of politics at the University of Gothenburg, to my colleagues. “You don’t get to be a Swede and a Muslim at the same time.”

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 15 September 2022 kl. 18.56

With a total lack of respect for democracy and the will of the people, the leader of the Social Democrats has offered to go into a political agreement with the Moderates in order to keep the Sweden Democrats out of power. 

They really do not understand that they are destroying Sweden by doing nothing to defend it from the growing internal threat.


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